The Trouble With Alana


I first met Larry and Amanda five years ago when I moved next door to them. Alana, their daughter, was eight then. I could tell Alana was going to be something special. Alana was one of those eight year olds with pronounced breasts. It was weird to see a girl, not yet four feet tall, with apricot sized breasts.
Alana took to me right away as Larry and Amanda adopted me as their special friend. I was invited over frequently for dinners and outdoor barbecues. Comfortable with me, Alana sometimes whizzed past me without her top on. It took effort not to stare at the fast developing little girl.
Two years after I met them, Larry and Amanda suddenly split when Amanda ran off with one of those self help gurus. Larry became an unhappy drunken mess and Alana grew closer to me, calling me "Uncle Carl". I put up with the six months of crying and drinking before Larry cleaned up his act. During this time, Alana was a frequent overnight visitor at my house. On at least half a dozen occasions, she fell asleep in my arms, in my bed with me, or on top of me as I watched TV. Naturally, I resisted the temptation to do more than cop the occasional feel.
Alana also developed an exhibtionist streak.

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   Once at the beach, the now B cup bearing preteen 11 year old spotted a couple of other 11 year olds at the beach with their tops off. Alana dropped her top, which enraged several mothers who grabbed Alana and dragged her to her father to complain to him about the blossoming girl. It took some doing to explain to Alana that because of her gift, she had to be more cautious than other little girls. Alana accepted the scolding, but never passed up an opportunity to show both me and her father how she was developing.
Alana kept right on developing, and booming. By the time she was thirteen, Alana had developed into a D cup. It was about then that Larry developed an idea to turn Alana's gift into some money. He maxed out a credit card to set up a website that featured his very busty daughter. Larry showed me the first three photosets he took of Alana. Larry is a better idea guy than photographer. I took over taking pictures of Alana.
About six weeks after the website launched, Larry made back his investment. It was about then that some federal agents visited Larry. Larry never admitted a lot of what the agents said, but it was enough that he pulled the website down. I had made sure that when Alana was posing that nothing popped out.


   I didn't want any of us to be arrested, but I think the agents told Larry they were going to drag his name through the mud.
Even after the website shut down, several customers persisted, asking for any new pics of Alana. Alana loved the attention, and a month after the website went down, we shot two photosets for Bob and Jason. Both men happily forked out the fifty bucks for the custom sets, in which Alana appeared fully clothed.
As the months went on, we shot three more photosets for the pair of fans who begged for a dinner date with Alana. Using caution, I had both men give me enough information so that I could run background checks on both of them. Bob turned out to be a DMV supervisor and Jason was a manager at a nude club.
Both men traveled to make the dinner date and both men were polite during the dinner. Alana was loving the attention. Their line of work came up the dinner date. Jason admitted that he admired Alana's bustline because most of his dancers were small in the chest area. Jason also suggested that Alana should see him at the club, but not until she turned eighteen.
A month later, during another dinner date, Bob suggested that he could easily make Alana a state I. D. card that said she was eighteen.

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   I then saw a glint in the eyes of Larry and Alana that made me wonder. There must have been some discussion at home because two days later Larry and Alana announced that Alana would make a one time appearance at Jason's club. Apparently, Jason had admitted that the local vice cops didn't come around on Monday evenings. Alana could slip in, do a four hour shift, and slip out without much notice.
Three weeks later, with the illegal card in hand, the three of us made the trip down the road to Jason's place. Larry, knowing that strange men were about to see his daughter display her nude body for strangers, began drinking from a large bottle of Jack Daniel's. He had a buzz on seventy five minutes later when we arrived at Jason's.
Inside the club, Jason gave Alana a quick run down on the dos and don'ts. She was onstage fifteen minutes later. The club was running a three songs per dancer rotation, but Alana decided to get naked on the first song. For the first time since she was eleven, I saw her in the altogether. The five foot tall, soon to be fourteen year old, had hair that hung to her shoulders framing a cute face. Her now double DD rack had tiny brown nipples, and of course, she was hairless between her legs.
The customers flocked to Alana beseiging her with dollar bills and requests for private dances. She spent the next three and a half hours in the VIP room giving private dance after private dance.

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   By the time she finished her shift though. her father was a drunken mess. Alana and I helped him to the van and loaded him into the backseat.
When we pulled away from the parking lot, Alana proudly showed the wad of twenties she had made during the private dances. "So, how did it go?" I asked.
"I wasn't supposed to let anyone touch me", she answered, but Bob was so nice to me that I let him put his finger in me. I was so turned on though. I loved having those men look at me. It made me so hot, and. . . . so wet"
"Really?" I asked.
"Yes" she admitted as she pulled up her skirt. I could see she wasn't wearing any panties.

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She placed her hand on her clit and began to make circular motions. She hissed as she tilted her head back and spread her legs, placing her knees on the dashboard. She moaned once, then looked over at me. "Would you like to touch me Uncle Carl?" she asked as she reached out and grabbed my right hand. She placed my hand on her bare pussy. She was sopping wet. She squealed as I ran a finger along her slit. I found her opening and slipped half my finger in.
"Yessssssss" she hissed as I worked my hand back and forth.
I could feel wetness in my own pants as my dick strained against my jeans. I also noticed that we had passed fromn the city into the less populated county. There was a dirt road on the right. I drastically slowed and pulled several hundred yards off the highway. Alana gave me a quizzical look, then noticed me open my zipper as I stopped. She swiveled to her left to give me better access.

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I jumped between her legs and entered her. Alana was digging her heels into the back of my thighs and grabbing my waist with her hands. "Oh yes!" the teen blurted out, "fuck me Uncle Carl, fuck me".
I pounded her pussy, but I was so excited that it only took me five minutes to cum. Alana wrapped me in a bear hug and gave me a long passionate kiss. With blood returning to my brain, I told her we should wait until we got home to continue. I pulled my zipper up and returned behind the wheel. Just then I saw the unmistakeable silhouette of a Police car as it pulled off the highway to check on us. Thinking fast, I told Alana to tell the Police that we pulled off to see if her father was still breathing. The cop did buy the story, but not until after he ran a make on my license.
We giggled to each other after the cop left and we pulled back on the highway. Half an hour later we were home. We took Larry out and carried him to his bed. We then went to Alana's room. I stood her in front of her bed.

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   "Have you ever fucked a girl in her room before?" Alana asked. I shook my head no, then told her I was going to make love to her as I lifted off her sweater, freeing her giant jugs. Slipping her skirt off, I lifted her then carefully placed her on the bed.
Starting slowly at her head, I started kissing her, spending time on her ears, lips, and chin before moving to her neck. I moved slowly down her body until I reached ger once again sopping wet pussy. She was squirming as I used my tongue to make love to her clit. She started moaning, tossing, and bucking as I used my fingers in her and worked her clit. She then stiffened and had her first intense orgasm. I gave her several seconds then worked her into multi orgasmic bliss. It was then that I finally entered her.
Our love making was intense, varying between slow strokes and fast making sure she had at least two more orgasms before I set her up for my orgasm. For the second time that night, I shot my load into her.
Laying next to her in the afterglow, Alana admitted she had wanted to do me for the past two years, then asked if a girl was supposed to do her uncle. I reminded her that I wasn't her uncle by blood. She smiled and gave me a smoldering kiss, then talked me into taking her back to the club next week.

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   I don't know how I'm going to tell Larry.
(P. S. -there's a part two-let me know if you're interested)
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