The Vibrotine


She wondered what GSP stood for and remembered she had read something about greatest sexual pleasures (GSP) in one of the brochures that VibroCom, the company that made the VibrotineTM was handing out in the shopping centers. Vicky quickly drank the rest of her coffee and got dressed. She couldn’t wait to get her fingers on that device. She loved David very much and he must have loved her a lot as well to buy her such an expensive gift. She considered herself the luckiest girl in the world. She had a VibrotineTM, her own personal VibrotineTM! Vicky was ecstatic. She immediately rang her friends to tell them the news. “Hi Caroline, guess what?” “Hey, you’re alive. Thought you went the gutters. ” “Haha, I wasn’t that drunk. ” “You sure did look that way last night. ” “Anyway, guess what?” “What?” “I got a Vibrotine!” “No way!” “Yes, way. David gave it to me for my birthday. ” “Oh, you’re so lucky. Why do you always have all the luck?” “I’m a born winner. ” “Where is it? Can I have a look at it?” “I’ll pick it up later with David. 

   Do you wanna come over later on and have a look?” “You bet. When will it be ready?” “Come to my place after dinner. And bring Julie. I’m sure she would love to see it as well. ” “She certainly would. You wouldn’t mind us playing a bit with it would ya?” “Course not. We’ll have fun playing with it tonight. ” “Yeah. It’s gonna be great. ” “Well, I gotta call David and pick up the thing. See ya later tonight. ” “Ok, see ya tonight. ” Vicky immediately called David once she hung up on Caroline and told him to pick her up so they could go and get the Vibrotine. When David arrived with his Porsche, Vicky was already waiting at the doorstep anxiously awaiting his arrival and immediately ran towards his car as soon as she saw him. Vicky almost ripped open the door in her rush and planted a hot wet kiss on David and sucked on his tongue until the honking of his car interrupted her.

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   “Gee, it gave me a fright”, she cursed when she realized that she had accidentally leaned too much over the steering wheel. Then she fastened the seatbelt and told him to get to the shop quickly. She could hardly wait to get her hands and later on her neck on the wonderful Vibrotine. Luckily there was only a light traffic and they arrived at the shop in no time. The shop assistant, an oriental looking lady in her early thirties greeted her at the counter when she showed her the voucher. She glanced at her and gave her a knowing wink. Then she had a closer look at the voucher and looked a bit worried. “I am so sorry miss, but it seems like you are a bit out of luck. You see, this model is very popular and we ran out of stock. Someone else just picked up the last one from our shop a few minutes ago. I have already ordered new ones and they should be here in about a week. I am terribly sorry miss” Vicky could not believe it. She felt like someone had just stabbed her in the back. How could that be happening to her? She had just felt so full of live and happy before just only a few seconds ago and suddenly she felt very disappointed. “Don’t you do have anything else in stock?” David inquired with a concerned voice seeing his girlfriend almost break out in tears with disappointment.


   “Well, we do have another model the VibrotineTM 6100 GSP which just came out yesterday. It hasn’t been advertised yet. ” “So this is a newer model?” David asked curiously. “Yes, its an improved version of the VibrotineTM 6000 GSP…” she answered. “Can I get that one instead?” Vicky interrupted with a sparkle in her eyes and was almost begging. “Sure you do, darling” David reassured her. “What’s the difference between the two models?” he inquired. “The 6100 features a dual dildo for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration. The 6000 model only has a single dildo. ,” the shop keeper answered in a factual manner. “Oh wow, I’d love that even more” Vicky exclaimed and looked at David for confirmation that she would be getting it. “I’ll pay for the difference” he said and gave the shopkeeper his credit card. Then he wrote down the delivery address for same day delivery. While David was completing the paper work for the transaction, Vicky was already at the side of the Vibrotine admiring her most precious present. She touched it hesitantly in disbelief, breathing deeply, hardly believing that this magnificent construct of human genius now belonged to her.

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   It was her very own private Vibrotine and she was going to play with it this same evening with her friends. The thought excited and aroused her tremendously and she became very wet between her legs while she lovingly caressed the Vibrotine. Suddenly David hugged her from behind and she immediately turned around and gave him a passionate kiss, rubbing her hot and aroused body all over his. He smartly pulled himself from her tight embrace and quickly let her to the parked car where they immediately tore off their clothes and made passionate love filled with so much lust it lasted till the late evening until they finished and lay breathlessly next to each other. Then they went to a quick snack at a pizza place and quickly returned home. They were just in time to see the delivery van arrive in front of Vicky’s apartment when they arrived. Vicky dashed out to the van driver and let the way to her apartment and opening the door so they could bring her Vibrotine in. Four muscular men came out of the van carrying her Vibrotine from the van to her front door. It was compacted together so it could fit in the van and easily carried through her door. When they were inside her apartment she lead them to her living room where she wanted it to be placed. They then reassembled it; rather they let it reassemble itself. When they laid it down on the position Vicky indicated to them on the floor, one of the men pressed a button and the Vibrotine automatically unfolded itself until it stood tall and proud just like it had been earlier today when Vicky was admiring it at the shop. Then she signed the receipt of the Vibrotine and the men left her and David alone with the Vibrotine. Vicky immediately stripped the second the men left and caressed the Vibrotine, running her breasts over the steel bars of the Vibrotine as if making love to the machine. David watched the whole thing with a broad grin across his face.

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   He knew he would be pleasantly entertained tonight. Soon after the doorbell rang feverishly and David had to open the door since Vicky was still very occupied. When he opened the door he was almost run over by two voluptuous beauties. “Hi Caroline and Julie”, he greeted them. “What are you two doing here?” he asked them innocently. “Hey David”, Caroline responded. “As if you did not know, you pervert. And stop grinning” she commanded. David just could not stop himself grinning and he also immediately got a boner as well looking at the two beauties standing in front of him. Caroline was a large brunette, tall and quite muscular with a set of equally as magnificent pair of tits. She had the looks comparable to Xena the warrior princess. Julie on the other hand was much smaller in comparison to her, but she also had a pair of equally astonishing set of tits, firm and round standing up like a pair of pin cushions ready to be pinched. “Hey, how about letting us in?” Julie complained. David was still standing at the door’s entrance, leaning against it and thus blocking their way in. He was still staring at their tits.

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   “Oh yeah, sorry, please come in. Vicky is in the living room. ” He told them, but they just dashed straight to the living room without paying much attention to him. Obviously they were no strangers to Vicky’s apartment having been over on many occasions. They stormed into the living room and watched in awe as Vicky humped herself on the double dildo that was mounted on the Vibrotine while caressing the steel support frame. “Oh boy, this is so exciting”, Julie exclaimed. “Shit, I’m next”, Caroline said. David chuckled watching the three women chit chatting in the living room. He knew that the night was going to be fun. Quickly, he went into the kitchen and got a bottle of champagne out of the fridge and fetched four glasses. He then played the warm and friendly host telling the women to relax and enjoy themselves while he will serve them. The three women did not pay much attention to him since they were preoccupied with something else, namely playing with the Vibrotine. They each rode the huge dildo on the Vibrotine in turns but accepted the champagne when David offered it to them. After about two hours when they had gotten themselves off several times and they finished the bottle of champagne, David started to feel neglected and very horny. He desperately needed some relief from watching the three hot women riding the double dildo, which completely filled each of their holes.

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   However, when he saw them all drenched in sweet and exhausted from their fun, he suddenly got the odd feeling that they had enough satisfaction for the day and wouldn’t be needing his service anymore. He silently slipped into the bathroom where he wanked himself off. When he was finished and somehow a bit relieved, he returned to the living room where he found all three women sitting in the cough smiling seductively and mischievously at him. “David”, Vicky addressed him, her eyes filled with fire and lust. “Would you be a darling and dispatch each of us?” David, even though he had just jerked off immediately recovered at this invitation to snuff them and his cock was stiff again in no time. “It’ll be my pleasure”, he replied gentlemen-like. “Well, let’s get started. We’ve been building up to this moment for a few hours now. I can hardly wait for it anymore”, Vicky exclaimed. “Yeah, same here”, Caroline agreed. “Ditto” was all that Julie said who was too busy rubbing her clit again already. David quickly walked the few steps over to the Vibrotine, standing next to it, ready to give the ladies the pleasure of their lifetime. He quickly pulled on the lever and pulled up the sharp blade so that it was in position high above the lunette, its razor sharp metal blade was proudly shining in the moonlight that had replaced the sun light. David breathed in slowly, enjoying the moment and also trying to calm down a bit. His heart was racing with excitement, but outwardly, he was able to convincingly remain calm and a bit cold, which seemed menacingly enough to thrill the girls.

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   Caroline was the first one to jump onto the Vibrotine before the other girls were even able to move. She immediately impaled herself on the huge dildo like she had done before with both her pussy and asshole filled with the huge dildo. This time however, she placed her head into the lunette with the shining blade above her neck ready to chop it off. Then she blew a kiss at her two waiting friends and finally looked back at David and wiggled her ass to signal him that she was ready. David grabbed the release handle with trembling hands. He was so very excited. The girls had been teasing him all afternoon and finally it was his turn to have fun. He looked Caroline into her sultry face and that was it. He could not hold it any longer and released the blade. It came crushing down shaking and vibrating the frame that was holding it in place violently. The ripple effect in turn shook the dildo that was deeply embedded inside Caroline giving her the wildest orgasm of her lifetime, the best one she had ever had and ever will have. Caroline moaned loudly without any shame as the sharp blade came down and just a split second before it hit her neck, she had her final and most tremendous orgasm ever. The blade sliced through her neck like a knife through soft butter. Her head fell off and the remaining stump of her neck became a geyser of red blood spurting bright red blood with such a force that it still soaked David who had already stepped back in order to avoid being splashed. “Wow, that was so fantastic.

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   It’s my turn now. ” Vicky exclaimed. “Sure thing honey. It’ll be my pleasure to grant you this wish. ” David said lovingly. “Don’t forget about me”, Julie interjected while David was pulling the blade back up. “You can give me some head first before you give your head. ” David said jokingly while stroking his hard on. Julie grinned at it and immediately knelt down in front of David and took his huge member into her mouth. Vicky ran over to David and hugged him one last time and they kissed passionately. Then she pushed Caroline who was still squirting like a fountain off the Vibrotine and took her place. She slowly grinded her pussy and ass over the wet dildo and humped it for a few seconds before leaning forward placing her head into the lunette. “Do me now”, she whispered to David while he was feverishly pumping his rigid cock into Julie’s mouth and moaning loudly. “Oh yeah”, he responded and quickly pulled the lever while he filled Julie’s mouth with his hot semen. Meanwhile, the blade was falling rapidly and shaking the frame of the very foundation it was seated in.

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   The whole Vibrotine shook in unison giving the double dildo the inertia to vibrate like it had never vibrated before. The vibration drove Vicky to the edge and she screamed with pleasure just before the blade hit her lovely white neck and separated it from her perfect body, which did not want to stop in its violent shaking, and spasm filled orgasm. Eventually, Vicky’s body calmed down and her newly formed geyser neck stump also slowed down in its display of dark red love liquids. “Wow, that was great!” exclaimed Julie while she wiped David’s spunk from her face with her fingers and sucked on them for the last drops of his cum. “Now let’s do you”, David whispered into her ear. “Oh yes”, she exclaimed happily, “please do me” David bends over and picked up Vicky’s blood covered head and placed it onto the small table in front of the TV. He would have it mounted later on. He tipped his fingers on her nose to wipe off the blood and thought that she was still so cute. Then he went back to the Vibrotine and with the help of Julie lifted Vicky’s body off the Vibrotine. Together they carried it into the kitchen and carefully placed her on the large chopping block. Next they also got Caroline’s body and placed it next to Vicky’s. “Phew, that was hard work”, Julie complained. “Hey, you don’t have to clean up the whole mess afterwards”, David reminded her. “Oh yeah”, she smiled sheepishly, “I guess you’re right. Thanks David”, she said and kissed in on the cheek.


   “Let’s get some refreshments first and then do you”, David suggested. “Good idea”, Julie agreed. Then they went to the fridge and got some orange juice. After they finished a glass each, they went back to the Vibrotine. Julie looked at it in amazement. It was covered with blood everywhere. What a real mess it was. David grabbed the handle to the lever and pulled the blade back up. Its blade was still razor sharp. It was made of the finest steel and provides plenty of women with pleasure before requiring maintenance and sharpening. When David was ready he was surprised to find Julie lying on her back, her face facing up towards the blade. He could see her fingering herself while she awaited him to release the blade. David immediately had another idea to please his cock since both Julie’s holes were fully filled by the dildo. He straddled her breasts, slipping his proud member between the two mountains of flesh and pushing them tightly together to wrap around his cock with both his hands and tit fucked her. Julie moved her hips in rhythm to her tits being fucked until he could feel hot semen shooting up onto her face. 

   David moaned loudly as he shot his love juices onto Julie’s face. At the same time, he reached forward and released the blade, which came crashing down towards Julie’s neck. Julie orgasmed violently and buckled with such a force she almost threw David off while the blade sliced down and severed her head from the rest of her body. David climbed off Julie and wiped the sweat from his forehead. Then he dragged Julie’s body to the kitchen as well and had a shower before going to the pub to pick up some girls. .
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