Topic: UNCLE EXPLORES,THEN WE'RE CAUGHT.  Uncle explores,then we're caught.
 Yes,following from 'Uncle explores somemore' I suppose it was inevitable we'd eventually get caught. But as that tale ended,we are fucking like rabbit's and this tale explains why! At sixteen we were oh so innocent in those uncle and me were very cautious when we were doing it,the inevitable happened and this was how. It was the outcome of it that really amazed us:
 We'd gotten a chance again to enjoy sex. I,while holding on to the table edge was all a quiver as my uncle with trembling hands gripped then pulled my school knickers slowly down from my bum cheeks. Each time he uttered excitedly, - Lovely! Lovely! Fuck I love your little ass as it wobbles as the cheeks come out of your knickers - I could feel my tingling pussy letting love juice dribble from its hidden not so small now hole. Uncle had certainly opened it a lot over the past few months.
 With trousers around ankles my uncles hot cock head dapped against my bum slit making my quim tingle and my heart pounded against my rib cage. Having already fingered me into an orgasm as always with me stretched out across his lap. I now waited for that huge cock of his to take us on our journey of lust and orgasmic excitement. His cock now slid then pulled away from my slit as he tormented both his penis and my little girl quim.
 WOW! The door flew open. "I knew it! I just knew it! I told you beware of that little vixen,but I never dreamed she'd go as far as to make you fuck her" I stood,still holding the table and uncle stood with his hardon just pressing into the crack of my pussy. Whoa sis' don't fly to high,we're just doing what comes naturally. - I nearly laughed as my uncle blatantly started to defend me, - but instead in pure panic I verbally attacked mum as in a flash I saw it as my only line of defence.

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 "You're just jealous just 'cause you can't get enough cock and I can" Mum was flabbergasted. "See! See what I have to put up with,that's her all over,I work my fingers to the bone for her and she just riddicules me,telling you I'm not being fucked enough and she is,just because you blokes like younger cunt" By now I'm shitting myself,I know I've gone over the top and expected to be murdered in the next few minutes. But no,mum put hands to eyes and broke down sobbing. Uncle and me gripped at her shaking body. Cuddling her now,Uncle said as his now half hard cock pressed against her legs, - He'd not pulled his trousers up,no point really,she had caught us and there was no denighing it - "Sis its not that bad,perhaps now its out in the open it will help you as well"
 This was lost on me as my mum snivelled into a handkerchief that had appeared in her hand. "How,my own brother fucking my not so young wanton daughter,how in hell can that help me in my predicament?" Then as he pulled her hand onto his penis,he said, "He can always help you as well" In that moment of realising her hand was holding her brothers cock she whipped it back and stood at arms length from uncle. "I can't believe the neck of it,having let that cheeky hussy fuck you,you're prepared to let your own sister fuck you as well" Uncle grinned,even I couldn't believe his cheek. "Well sis' a woman in need and all that malarky. I'll fuck you as well if you want too,but there'll be a price mind" - "A price? You fucking purve' WHAT PRICE?"
 I laughed at his answer and then tried to scoot out the way of mum's sinister look,expecting a slap, but in my haste I forgot my legs were trapped in partly lowered knickers and I sprawled head long down onto the settee with my ass facing mum and her brother. "See,she's a jezzabel,still offering her young goodies to you,how can I compare my pussy to hers?" - Then she broke out laughing. - It was then also,I realised I had smelt alcohol on mum's breath as we cuddled. - "Mum,why've you been drinking?" - "Because, just because" - She trailed off, - "Was it because you knew and was jealous? - I moved towards her, was it?" - "Bitch! You know it is,I'm not daft,I knew that stickiness in your school knickers was sperm,I've been worried sick you'd get pregnant until I realised only one cock could have put it there,HIS,your own uncle. So I kept checking and everytime I went off for any length of time your knickers was full of spunk,HIS SPUNK!"
 Mum suddenly calmed down as though she'd come to a conclusion. "Right you two,sit,you there and you here" That was me sitting opposite her and uncle sat next to her on the settee. "No leave your knickers where they are and you leave your cock out" How wierd is that? I felt really self conscious knowing mum could see my still juicy pussy.

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   "Look,only we know what's been going on here,anyway,with that offer,what did you mean ' a price' that sounds daft to me" - Uncle responded, "Anytime you want a fuck and that,I'll fuck you,but you still let me fuck her as well" Mum turned her head right round towards his face, "You will will you?" But she never said no.
 Then, "Well its true I know where your cock has been,so its sensible if I let you do me as well as her,but what about the boys? they may find out" - "No they won't trust me,I'll only do both of you when the coast is really clear,you know,they've gone away,they love my boat so I'll let them loose with that and then we can have fun and games" It now dawned on me,uncle wanted to fuck mum and me together. I wasn't so sure about that and no way was I going to ask uncle if that's what he meant in front of mum.
 Mum clearly still had drink in her and she exclaimed, "I need a pee" and disappeared to the loo. Uncle immediately moved on me, "come on she's gone off purposely to let us do it" I wasn't so sure, - "Uncle,what if she finds us doing it proper,just,now you weren't meaning doing me in front of mum and then her in front of me?" - "Course I was,that's why she made us keep our bits out so she could look at them,didn't you notice she kept looking at that - he poked at my pussy and didn't you see her touch my cock,that's why I'm so hard already" - Realisation dawned,yes I had noticed all of this but I was so integued at mum's conversation it just didn't register with me.
 I made to get away from uncle still dreading mum catching his big fat cock pounding inside of me. "No,I can't do it like this" To late,as I tried to get around the furniture to stop his big cock getting me my knickers stopped me from moving faster. "Got you,you horny little bitch, - uncles arm wrapped around my middle and he placed me over the back of the settee and with my legs dangling off the floor his fingers plunged then fingered my sopping wet hole. As I was still wriggling to get away his cock plunged deep inside me and all was lost. I managed to get my feet down and felt my knickers again pulled now to the floor. "Open your legs more" I did and uncle started to fuck me harder than at any other time. In moments I started an orgasm and lost all interest as to whether I was being watched.
 I knew now how my friend felt,she too couldn't careless who watched her when her brother got her like this. I knew mum was back and I knew she was watching uncle really screw my ass off. Then I came,boy did I cum,it was through this amazing misty feeling that I realised I'd cum harder knowing I was being watched,it didn't matter who was witnessing my fucking.

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   Mum's body came alongside mine still draped over the back of our settee. I knew she had very little on and her tits was hanging forward from the opening of her top. "A sultry voice said, "Now me,its my turn" Like a robot I stood up just in time to see uncle push his hard cock up mum,it still was dripping with his sperm and my love juice. Oh yes I'd seen mum's pussy,but only as a slit poking out the front or back at any time,this was different,mum's pussy was much more mature and bigger than mine,but the main difference was the large patch of fur and a larger than life pair of labia flaps being pressed together by a very excited pinky/tanned swollen outer labia. I tingled some more as I thought of my juices inside my mother's pussy - How kinky was that?
 Mum obviously was rampant as she took a grip on the back and started thrusting like a mad woman at her brother's cock. "Harder! More! Fuck me! -  F-U-C-K M-E-E-E! OW! OW! I'M C-U-M-M-I-N-G  Mum collapsed back against my uncles thrusts and he in turn held on to her by her tits as his jism pumped up her quim. "Fuck,I can't stop cumming" Mum certainly made me want some more. "Watch mum,come on unc' fuck me,let mum see us fucking" - I had changed in an instant,I wanted to be rude,crude and fucked rotten. Uncle stood against me his wet sticky cock trying to go again,but he was soft. Mum said, "Two fucks your limit is it?" Uncles reply was - "Two wonderful fucks from my own personal harem,what more can a man hope for?"
 Quick as a flash mum responded, "Two fucks and a tight little bum hole to fuck" For an instant this was lost on me until I,on seeing mum put her finger in her mouth and pulling it back out with lots of her spit on it,felt her hand spread my bum's cheeks and the spitalled finger go straight into my tight little sphincter. With her head against my ear, "Go on,get him to bum you" I'd never even thought of that but I knew of late uncle had fingered me in this orifice as he pounded my quim in an orgasm. - Mum's voice was back again, "I love it in there,do you want to see it being done?"
 I said nothing, "You into it? go on then show her" Uncle looked at me as he rose to the occasion and I watched facinated as what looked like a very tight orifice stretched gradually open to my uncle's large helmet and then it was gone deep,so deep up into mum. Gasping now, "I bet you think I'm filthy,just wait my girl till he gets yours,then y-o-u'll n-o-o-o why I like it. Gasp after gasp panted from mum as again she went into an orgasm. I realised now mum had waited a long time for this and I didn't begrudge her happy orgasmic happenings.

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 There,that's why uncle and me are still fucking like rabbits,mum as well but sometimes we share and sometimes we spend all night just one on one for obvious reasons. Uncle's girls! I like that.