01 Secrets: In Paradise


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In Paradise

James has lived in a small farm town in Missouri with only his mother, Kathy, while growing up knowing practically everyone in town. While this had its benefits it also had its flaws, mainly when it came to establishing a relationship, and he knew his shyness also played a part. At the age of 17, he has never had a girlfriend even though he yearned for the female attention. James wasn't bad looking, standing at just about 5' 9" with deep brown eyes and dark brown hair with an average muscle tone, not too muscular but also not too lanky.

James sighed as he sat down at his usual lunch table outside, alone as usual. He picked up his fork and started to play with his food, not really hungry that day. He looked at his watch and thought to himself, "Damn, only two more hours till the weekend and my much needed Spring vacation. " He sighed again as the bell rang, he was hoping to enjoy the nice weather just a bit longer. The rest of the school day he spent in a fog with the only thing he could think about was his upcoming trip to Cancun.

"Hopefully he'll be able to go off on his own this year," he thought, since all the times he went on vacation with his mother they went off sightseeing.

"Ah, I can't wai-," startled by massive cheers and locker slams he looked at his watch. "Oh, it's time to go," unaware that time past as fast as it did without him noticing.

Once home, James quickly packed his bags and sat down on his computer to check his e-mails one last time before he left.

"Are ya ready James?" his mother called out from down the stairs.

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"Yeah, I'm just checking my e-mail real quick," he answered.

"Well, hurry up. We have to get to the airport on time in case they overbook it again. "

"Alright, I'm coming," he says, picking up his suitcase and book bag.

James checked his book bag, making sure he has is passport and plane ticket before closing and locking to door behind him.

"Alrighty, lets go Mom," he says as he jumps into the passenger seat of their van.

Throughout their 45-minute drive to the Kansas City Airport they made idle chat, mostly about their social lives and work.

When they finally arrived, parked in the parking structure and made their way inside the airport they had only an hour to get through security and make their way to their plane. As they turned the corner to the security they observed a huge line and quickly made their way to the shortest line.

"Empty out your pockets before we get up there, James," Kathy told him. He nodded.

James looked at his watch as he got closer and closer to the metal detectors.

"Shit," he said to himself, doing a little impatient dance, "30-minutes till we miss our flight. "

few minutes later it was his turn to walk through the metal detectors. .

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  . . . BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!

"Sir, your watch," the TSA guard said.

"Damnit," he said in a hush manner as he unbuckles his watch and sends it down the X-Ray machine. He walks through the detector again. . . . clear. He sighed in relief as he went to pick up his belongings as well as his mothers. He quickly snaps back on his watch and looks at the time. He looks back up to see his mother and hands her belongings to her as he tells her they have 15-minutes.

They quickly realize the urgency of this and started to speed walk as James is looking up at the signs, trying to find their way. He doesn't pay attention in front of him and accidentally pushes over someone.

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"I am so sorry, are you OK?" he asks her while helping her up.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she giggles a little at what just happened, "Thanks for the hand up," she smiles at him.

"I apologize again," he says as he tries to catch up with his mother, who is already waiting for him by the entrance of the plane.

"C'mon!" she yells at him.

"I'm coming!" he responds as he looks back to see her still watching him with a smile.

They finally made it into the plane and found their seats, placed their baggages in their overhead storage and sat in their seats. "Whew, we made it," they said as they high-fived each other. As soon as the plane hit cruising elevation they both decided to take a nap, waking up when the captain announced they were descending into Tampa Bay. Once they landed and grabbed their bags they walked towards where their connector flight was. Since it wasn't supposed to land for another hour they had plenty of time to find comfortable seats that looked out onto the airstrip.

"You hungry," Kathy asks.

"Yeah, a little bit," he lied, he was starving.

"Alright, I'll go get us some sandwiches," she said as she got up. James watched his mother walk towards the sandwich shop for a few seconds before turning his attention back to the airstrip. Out of his peripherals he noticed someone was now sitting next him.

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   He jumped a little as he was startled at who it was.

"Hi," she said in a cheery voice.

Chapter 2. . . . . . Coming SoonSorry for the slow character developement chapter.


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