5on1 ; Gang rape part II


"Holy shit!" I exclaimed, "You guys wanted me to sleep with an underage girl and didn't think I would notice?"
"It worked so far," Melody spoke plainly.   "I'm Jane.   I'm fourteen years old.   Maria is fourteen; she's fifteen and . . . oh, yeah!  You like Trixie, do you?  She's only thirteen years old. "  As she named and pointed out everyone and their ages I got a little ill but no less horney.   "So are you gonna keep your word?  'Cause you can believe that we will. "
Is she Joking?  She didn't sound like it.   Were they all that young?  They looked so ripe and mature and sexy right down to the youngest.   And Trixie was the youngest!  My heart sank realizing my growing dream of taking her as a lover was being dashed against the rocks.   I has so much enjoyed the sex that night I was really looking forward to doing all of them again.   If it was good for Trixie I might continue to fuck all of them from time to time.   But now that I know how old they are how could I risk being caught sleeping with any of them - even Trixie, especially Trixie.   "My god, woman!  What have you done to me?  You all better talk.

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"Don't tell him any more, Jane.   He knows too much already. "
"We better let him go; the gig's up. "
"No," said Jane, or Melody as I had come to know her.   "It doesn't matter what he knows.   He knows he still can't leave until we let him go.   And we won't let him go until we are done with him. "  So they told me everything: how they were at a slumber party next door and came over to Trixie's house for something.   Trixie's parents were away for a few days and the only adult at the house next door thought nothing of them coming over here and had gone to bed even as I was having sex with his teenage daughter in the next house.   None of them had a boyfriend but Trixie had been crushing on me for months.   They were all talking and not too seriously about seducing a boy to crash their slumber party and losing their virginity together the same night with the same boy.   When someone saw me coming down the way they whimsically desided to do it for real, for Trixie.   It was a secret silent pact.   I somehow belonged to Trixie but she was willing to share me with her girlfriends for the chance to have sex with me.   There would be no chance to have me any other way; she was too shy.

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"Wait a minute," I protested.   "You all are virgins?"
"Not anymore - well, Harmony is. "  Actually they used her real name I think.   By now I was confused by all the names and hardly knew who was who.
"So at least I know you're not carrying any diseases. "  They all swore it was so.   "What if someone gets pregnant?  Is anyone on any kind of birth control?  or using any kind of contraception?"  Nobody was but I was told that they menstrated together and wouldn't ovulate for at least ten days, probably fourteen.   They assured me that noone was getting pregnant tonight while still insisting I do another round with everyone before they let me go.   Of course I really wanted to fuck them all in the worst way but I knew I was already in violation of the law and could go away for a while.   "All I need is for one of you to get pregnant and all this will come out and I'm facing multiple counts of statutory and maybe lose my job and my standing in the community. "
"What about us?  We can't let out that we did this; we'd be grounded forever.   You didn't rape us; if anything you's get off while we went away to juvie for conspiracy, kidnapping, sexual assault even rape - some would call it 'gang rape'. "
All this time Harmony had quietly sat up a bit to fondle my nut sack and cock that was maxed out and dying to fuck already.   "We might get by with some community service but we could be confined till we are old enough to drink.   Even so think of our reputations and community standing - Andrea's Dad is a deacon.

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  "  (By now I had no idea who that was. )
Little by little I was beginning to understand them and trust them.   I believed that they wouldn't name me if one or more of them did get pregnant.   But mostly I was persuaded by Harmony stroking and squeezing my happy tool.   As concerned about the situation as I was and eager to find an exit I could not make myself stop her.   The more she played with my penis the more crazed I got until I could hardly think.   It was very likely that the others were encouraging her to continue.   If anyone said anything more I didn't comprehend it, I don't think.   I cirtainly don't remember any more.
What I do remember is Harmony rolling over on here belly and rubbing her ass on my pole.   As her cheeks enveloped my rod I gasped and sighed.   In a moment I not only forgot what my inhibitions were but also that I had had any inhibitions at all in the first place.   With a cheek in each hand I spread open her crack and lay my sausage firmly along the bottom of it and squeezed her sexy glutes around my large horney rod massaging dick and ass together.   She gasped and cringed at once in a paradoxical mixture of pain and extacy when I penetrated her box with my medically assisted, hyper-rigid, hole-boring stud tool.   I reamed out her pussy a good long doggy drilling.

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    Thousands of nerve endings in my penis tingled at every thrust.   I paused briefly to feel her ass against my belly but soon continued to probe her deep.   When she started to orgasm Trixie was laying there next to her with her ass in the air ready to take me doggy style.   They lined up for me on the bed and on the futon so I fucked them one after the other.
The viagra pill ensured that looking at any of these sexy young nudes or engaging in sex with any of them maintained the highest level of rigidity, stiffness and pleasure while I doggie fucked them all to orgasm one after the other.   When I was done with one I was inside the next a mere few seconds later.   A natural consequence of the super stiff boner was the intense, almost irresistable desire to use it.   I couldn't stop myself and no one else tried to stop me - only to keep me going.   They all played with their vibrators as I played musical pussies, stuffing my cock into this one and that one, trying to be inside each of them when they peaked.   My favorite time to be inside a woman is when she is having a strong orgasm - there's nothing like it and nothing better.
All the girls were dripping wet inside and left their fluid on me when I moved on to the next girl.   For the next hour I moved from one to the other very quickly and often.   Surely I must've moved from each girl to every other girl at least once spreading her juices along to the others.   Trixie got more than her fair share as I returned to fuck her more often than the rest.   They all must've noticed this but no one complained or even said a word.

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    Between my souped up hot rod and the box of vibrators everyone recieved many orgasms, some a great deal many.
They made me stop and stand on a short step while two girls licked and kissed and sucked my balls and scrotum and the areas around where they hung.   Two more girls licked and kissed and sucked along my shaft on either side while Trixie licked and kissed and sucked my cock right on the head.   I don't know how they all got their faces into that tiny space but it was so fantastic!  It was probably the most memorable sexual experience I have ever had.
So it took an hour or more to doggie fuck everyone even ninety minutes.   And then another hour or so moving from pussy to pussy to pussy.   And now they mouthed my genitals a good fifteen to twenty minutes before I jizzed into Trixies hungry mouth.   She sucked hard, milking every last drop, swishing it in her mouth before swallowing it all.   I then spent the next hour or so eating one pussy after another once again leaving each of them screaming with many wild orgasms and once again servicing Trixie more often than the rest, well more than her fair share.   I've heard of people getting tired from going down on a woman, getting a crick in the neck, but these girls were so beautiful, so delicious, so horney that I never got sore or tired from giving oral.   I felt like a kid in a candy shoppe or like I was on a shopping spree or an all-you-can-eat buffet.   After a couple of hours of licking clit and eating cunt though I did get hard again - very, very hard and just as horney.
This time two naked girls lay down on the bed face up and side by side with their legs open a bit.   I lay face up on top of them half on one and half on the other with each of my legs between theirs.   Two more girls lay on the other two facing me and leaning on me all our legs wrapped up in each other.

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    Trixie then lay on top of me face down and mounted my dick to fuck me.   It was late now; we had had many hours of wild orgy.   I lay there tired and relaxed with the legs of many hot girls tangled up in mine, with each of their soft breasts pressing my flesh as well as each of their genitals.   They sort of locked their arms together or hugged one another at the shoulders kinda locking me in.   I was overwhelmed by my bliss and good fortune as Trixie worked her sex trap, even her whole body over me talking my stiff dick deep.   She paused to orgasm once more breifly but worked her hard, hot body over mine and my horney tool.   It took over half an hour to get my happily overworked, semen-spent, drug-induced, party toy to climax inside Trixie's warm, wet love muffin.   We had all realaxed but no one moved.   We all fell asleep just like that - Trixie lay on top ofme with my dick in her cunt and I surrounded by four more gorgeous naked girls.   After that I only have a vague recollection of waking once or twice in the same situation (except my limp penis was outside Trixie's box now but still close to her body) and nodding off again inmy cocoon of the bare flesh of naked girls.
When I awoke the sun was up, I can't say for sure for how long.   At first it seemed I was still smothered in a pile with naked teens but I soon realized it was just one.   Trixie still lay on top of me both of us still wearing what we were born with.   The other girls had all gone but must've wrapped up up in wa warm blanket to keep us comfortable which worked well for me.   My arms still encircled her body and her arms and legs both held me tightly to her.

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    Her belly lay on mine, her breasts on mine, her pelvis on mine.   Her bare skin felt so soft and smooth and devinely comfortable next to mine.   I groped her and caressed her ceaslessly mostly for my own enjoyment because it was the obvious thing to do but also because I could hardly move otherwise.   The blankets were so tight around us that I could not release my hold on her nor hers on me even if we had wanted to.
We kinda woke up together, smiling at each other, enjoying the others warm body and the physical closeness.   Naturally, we started to become aroused again sexually.   We kissed deeply and passionately, our tongues licked out each others mouth until our morning breath was gone.   I don't know how much kissing she did before but she was very good now and I think getting better every minute.   We necked and frisked each other a good half hour and I got a monster stiff boner but it couldn't find her wet hole while we were wrapped up so tight.   (Although, it did rub her labia quite a bit. )
"We better get going," she said at last trying to pull the sheets off from around her but we were laying on it.   "Roll over, you're on the blanket," she instructed still pulling on them.   We rolled over until I lay on top of her.   I have to say that I was enjoying it all very, very much.   "Ow!" she jumped screaming.

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"What's wrong?" I asked.
"Something pricked me. "  But she instantly forgot about it in her single-minded efforts to unwrap our bed roll from our joint confinement which was meeting with no success at all whatsoever.   "That must be the wrong way; roll the other way. "  We rolled over again till she was on top again and then on the bottom but were still wrapped up tightly in the bed linen.   It was not letting us loose.   "What the . . . " she puzzled, "oh, very funny!"
"What ?" I asked.   I was not as anxious as she was to get out of there.   I was still a little tired and didn't want to get up yet and wanted her to stay next to me just like we were - naked.
"My friends wrapped up the blankets and pinned them together.   We're stuck here - together. "
"What do you mean?"
"Can you get out?"
"I can't even move really.

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"Great!  We're stuck here.   And my parents might be home any moment.   I really don't want them to find me like this. "
"Okay, relax," I tried to get her to calm down but she was in a sort of nervous panic.   She wiggled and squirmed and fought but to little or no change.   We tried to reach the pins to remove them even from inside the roll but we had a lot of difficulty first in finding them then in reaching them and finally trying to manipulate them through the thickness of the blankets.   Then of course the blankets were wrapped so tight they could hardly alow us to manipulate the pins to unfasten them.   Most of the pins were safety pins and very hard to loosen from inside the blankets.   In the end we loosened a couple but it didn't help us get out at all because it was pinned together so securely elsewhere where we could not reach.
Now my feet were wrapped up tight and there was no openning at our feet.   (Her feet were actually behind me because her legs encircled mine.   The sheets hugged my feet tightly so she couldn't even stretch her feet out near mine but had to keep them behind me with her knees on either side of me. )  Our heads though, poked out through a hole at the end just a little bigger than out two necks.
      She would try to squeeze her body through the openning for our heads and crawl out.   It seemed the only way.

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        Even I didn't want to be there forever just a few more hours.   But I especially didn't care for the prospect of being liberated by her parents and thus made to give account for who I was and why I was in a bed mutually nude with their daughter.
    She easily got one shoulder in but only after twenty minutes and a great deal of effort could she fit her second shoulder in when my head was there as well (there was really no way for me to draw my head in. )  Minutes passed by the score with Trixie making progress by the inch.   Once or twice she withdrew herself back into the cocoon to start over.
    I turned my head sharply to the side getting my chin out of the way and was stuck for some time unable to move my head as her chest crept slowly up the side of my face.   The narrow openning she was trying to crawl through got narrower as she tried to slip out pinning her elbows to her rib cage.   As she moved further she would drag some of the blankets looped around my neck pulling me tighter against her breasts.   Her pulling on the blankets caused it to creep up my neck and around my head.   She struggled to get through pressing her one boob to my ear.   The other was right in my face against my cheek.   Now she had stretched the hole in the sheets tight and couldn't move at all.   She had exhausted herself and stopped to take a rest.
    With my face plastered to her tits I basked in the smell of her skin and the sensation of her soft smooth breasts on my ear and cheek.   When I openned my mouth to speak her nipple would pop into it and I would have to be careful not to bite it.


        I became somewhat talkative new so that I could touch her nipple with my mouth.   I was basically using the whole situation to take advantage of her nudity and extreme closeness to me.   Since my hands couldn't really do anything else I mostly groped her primarily in the ass.   She was still strattling me chosing to climb over me rather than on top of me.   I think that she didn't want to put her knee down on my crotch or belly so she left them on either side of me under my arm pits.   With her arms immobilized her hands could do little except stroke my bicepts.   I gave up any resistance or pretense and licked and sucked her nipple until it hardened and then I licked and sucked some more.
    Her mood varied from confidence to worry about getting out, getting stuck and getting caught by her parents.   I think she tried to touch herself some but it was nearly impossible being pressed so tightly to me as she was.   I tried to be empathetic but it's hard to be anything but lecherous with your face smashed against young, sensuous, ripe mellons and being forced to smell the lusty sweat off of them.   But of course I didn't want to be caught by her parents either (or anyone else really. )  I finally asked if there wasn't anything I could do to help.   It didn't seem there was as I was in a very disadvantageous position.
    Now the narrowest part of the cloth tube we were in was the openning left for our heads to stick out.   She had managed to squeeze her shoulders through immobilizing her arms.

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        When she tried to slide forward she pulled the band of the blankets with her up my neck and it dug into my jaw and caught on my ear.   It wasn't straight around both of us but her end was pulled forward so that it looped us diagonally - a result of her dragging it with her as she tried to squeeze through.   This of course made it tighter disabling further movement.   With her arms stuck to her sides she couldn't do anything about it but she asked if I, with my arms behind her, could grab the blankets and pull them down her back.   They only moved a quarter inch but then she could advance another quarter inch and in a few minutes she had her elbow out freeing her entire arm.   This not only gave her more room to move but a free hand to manipulate the covers.
    She crawled a bit further aligning my head with her stomach.   Her two hands were free now and she was nearly free.   Her slender belly and waist easily slipped through the openning but it got caught up a bit on her hipps.   This wasn't a major hold up as she is only sexually curvey and well proportioned in the ass.   The major hold up was that she climbed out far enough that she was running into the headboard and didn't have any further to go.   My head had been turned for a long time and I found that I now had room to move so I straightened my head to stare at her navel with my chin at her bikini line.   She rolled over on her side to make more room taking me with her and climbed out another couple of inches before she again ran into the headboard.   She continued to roll over now on her back with her hips free and outside but now she was sitting and not able to crawl and still up against the headboard.   Besides that I was now on top of her legs sorta, which were still tangled up in the blankets a bit.

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        But my mouth was hovering over her crotch quickly evaporating any resistance to bear down and feast on her goodies.   My lips and tongue met her pussy and connected fast staying that way no brief moment.   She shook me loose only to kick her feet out of the blankets so she could open her knees wider to let me eat her cunt more easily, thouroughly, agressively, intensely.   Now she wasn't worried about being caught with me because we could run and hide things, whereas before we would have been caught stuck in the bed in the same bedroll next to each other naked.
    She was still nervous about me going down onher but obviously could not get enough of it, loving what I did to her and how it made her feel.   My nose nuzzled her clit getting high on the aroma as I passionately ate her out.   Her deep heavy breathing left no doubt that she was loving it.
    "Please tell me that we can do this again sometime," she begged.
    For the first time since last night I thought of how illegal this all was but still could barely pull my mouth off her pussy long enough to give her an answer.   "No, we can't.   I could go to jail. "
    "I don't mean have sex," she said but she was lying; that's exactly what she meant.   "I mean, could we see each other again like on a date or something?"  In spite of finding myself having to oppose her I couldn't keep my lips off her muff or my tongue out of her delicious hole.   How could I tell her that we could never see each other again?  I felt so hypocritical having to tell her that while I performed oral sex on her but was powerless to stop molesting.

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