A dance to remember


Let me give you some background before I jump into the actuall story.   I had known Matt for over a year now and I thought he was a pretty cool guy.   We're in the same grade, have alot of the same interests, and he's just a couple months younger than me.   I'd never really thought about dating him untill we were lab partners in biology.   There was always alot a flirting and touching going on at our table.   Then one day we were going to lunch and sudenly we were dating.
So here we were dating for a couple of weeks and the Dance Showcase at our school was Friday.   Matt and I decided we would go because alot of our friends were preforming and we hadn't been on a date for awhile.   We met up after class and hung around the school untill the preformance was starting.   We made our way into the auditorium and sat in the front row to watch the show.   When that was over we headed out to the hall to congratulate our friends on a great show.
"When our your parents comming?" I asked him in the hall way, looking at my phone.
"When ever I call them," he told me, "Yours?"
"Same," I answered.
"Lets get outa here then. "
So we slipped out the back door and walked around the parking lot hand in hand.   Eventually we got tired of walking so we sat on a grassy hill that hid the parking lot from the road.

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    At first we sat there just talking and cudeling then the next instant we were laying back on the grass making out.   He had one hand on my chest while the other one was behind my neck.   I had one hand trapped under him and the other one I rested on his side.   Then all of a sudden I found my hand under his shirt, my fingers wiggling into the top of his pants.   He broke the kiss and looked at me, I looked back at him and what we were going to do was understood.   I slipped my hand out of his pants long enough to unzip them then dove right back in.   It was dark so I couldn't see well, but as we pushed down his pants he was streight and hard and wide.   I slowly ran my fingertips up and down him, then slid my hand around the base.   I felt his body shiver and I knew that I'd made that happen.   I was more excited than I think I'd ever been, but this was my first time and I didn't quite know what to do.   I relied on his instructions untill he came
And just as we were getting up and cleaning up my moms truck pulled into the parking lot.

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