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<!--[if a single man I can tend to get a little horny sometimes and when I do I like to watch really filthy porn. My favourite subject is young (18+ so legal!) girls being treated like sluts by guys with huge dicks. I don’t like to boast, but I have a long, heavy, thick cock and when I see porn where the guy’s dick is smaller than mine it doesn’t really turn me on as much- that and I really love watching filthy sluts. My ex wife was a filthy slut and we did all sorts of things you wouldn’t believe but in the end she turned out to be too much of a good thing as she ran off with some rich fuck. My porn watching and even my wife running off wouldn’t be such a problem if it weren’t for the fact that she left me with our daughter. Not that I consider my daughter a problem, I love her dearly and wouldn’t ever want to loose her, but it is difficult to watch filthy porn when you have an inquisitive fifteen year old running around the The story I am about to relate to you happened because one night I was feeling particularly nasty and all evening I had been struggling to contain my impatience as my daughter Jess and her best friend Amber, who was staying the weekend, dithered and procrastinated over going to bed. I had a new DVD that I wanted to watch and it promised to be Finally, after what seemed like an age, they went to bed, and after another eternity or two the light in my daughters room went off. I waited for about half an hour, reading a novel and trying to ignore the images from the DVD box that kept flashing up in my brain (specifically the cover shot of a girl with bunches and the cutest, wide-eyed expression on her face sucking just the tip of a massive, veined Then it was simply too much and I couldn’t wait any longer, as excited as a kid at Christmas I went to the hiding place and got out the DVD, while I waited for the main menu to load I made myself comfortable and got out my dick. Something I should explain here- often I laze about the house in nothing but a pair of shorts or boxers because I find it comfortable, my daughter doesn’t think anything of it as she grew up with that sort of attitude and often wanders around in underwear herself, Amber for her part has been around our place enough times so she doesn’t even blink an eye at our ‘casual dress’. It didn’t take me long to get hard as I watched the opening credits, the girls were cute and the guys were hung, it was promising to be a great one. The first scene was with the cover girl who had haunted my imaginings and resolved itself into one of those ones where an older woman is making a young girl do nasty shit to her husband, all the wile admonishing her with dirty words for her whorish ways. It was first class. The video was showing a POV shot of the man using the girls bunches as handles to fuck her sweet mouth while, over her shoulder the older woman was fingering the girl up the ass and telling her what a nasty bitch she was for wanting a cock up her ass. I was as hard as a rock and slowly stroking my hand up and down my shaft to prolong the enjoyment until the money shot when suddenly I heard the stairs Lightning speed I had switched the TV to a movie that was playing on the history channel (got to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong) with one hand and pushed my hard dick in through the slot in the baggy boxers that I was wearing, drawing my legs up and covering my lap with my T-shirt to cover the tent. To get into the kitchen in our house one must go through the lounge door and back into it as the two rooms adjoin. The door to the lounge opened slowly and the head that peeped around it was “Hey Mr.

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   McKay. ” She said. She calls me that, my name is James McKalister and I had tried to get her to stop addressing me as “Mr. McKalister” and call me James for a long time and eventually we settled on this as a middle ground. I secretly loved it, finding it cute and “Hi Amber, what’s up? Couldn’t “No I’m okay, I just wanted to get a drink of “Okay, just go through and help yourself sweetie,” I said. Inside I sighed with relief, she was acting normal so she couldn’t have overheard the porn I watched her as she walked away from me to the counter of and as sometimes happens with me I took some time to get in a harmless look. Now I am not a pervert and I don’t have designs on my daughter or any of her friends, but I have occasionally checked her out with more than a fatherly I should probably take this opportunity to describe her so you can have some idea of what I am looking at. She is a short petite girl, no more than 4’8” tall with long blond hair that went most of the way down her back and a remarkably mature slight curve to her figure, which allowed her ass to sway seductively as she walked away from me. Her tits were A-cup and perky- often around our house she didn’t wear a bra (as not, clearly) and two of the pointiest nipples in the world showed themselves at such times. Her hair was up in a high pony-tail tonight and she was wearing a T-shirt that came a quarter of the way down over her round little bum. Underneath she was only wearing panties, which was her normal attire for sleeping. But what panties! The light that the lounge cast into the kitchen revealed them to be classic cut cotton in a very light pink/off-white with a big dark pink heart right in the middle, covering most of her luscious fifteen-year-old butt. I was ashamed to feel my cock throb at the sight. I took the opportunity to further disguise my aroused state by tucking my cock into the waistband of my She went to the kitchen and raised herself up on tiptoes, leaning over the counter to grab a glass and as she did so her t-shirt rode up, uncovering not just her ass but the curve of her waist. She couldn’t reach the “Can you give me a hand Mr.

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   McKay?” she asked with out turning round or changing her Now I got up to help her reach a glass and I know what you are thinking but at this point I was simply hoping that she wouldn’t turn round to and nothing would happen to reveal my aroused I walked up behind her and placed my left hand on the counter beside where hers was placed to push herself up while I reached up with my right hand to grab a glass, mimicking the pose she was making but making sure that I didn’t press against her while I did it. I knew that any such act was a stupid one that would probably sound good in a porn film but end me in prison in This was the point that disaster struck. Stretching up made my boxers shift position and my cock slid out from my waistband, it slid straight down and out the slit in my boxers and landed with a firm bounce right on the upturned ass of my daughter’s fifteen-year-old best friend. Smack bang in the middle of the big, pink Oh We stood frozen like that for what seemed like an age, as motionless as insects trapped in amber, (ha-ha!) me with my hand up holding a glass like the fucking statue of fucking liberty and Amber on tiptoes, bending forward over the counter slightly and stretching up to take the glass from my hand as soon as it came into reach- and me with my fully hard cock balanced right in the middle of her taunt panties at the point they bridged her butt crack. I could not for the life of me think what to do about “Mr McKay?” Amber said in a “Uh… yeah?” I barely breathed in reply. And for all my life, I swear I was not even remotely prepared for what she said Still in a whisper: “Is that… Is that your big hard cock resting right in the middle of my fifteen-year-old ass “Uh… yeah?” I whispered once again. This was weird, where was the fear in her voice, the disgust? And there was definitely something wrong with her choice of She turned her head round and glanced over her shoulder at her own bum, putting her right hand down on the counter edge and arching her back, pushing her ass out even further in the process. Making it appear even more Now my brain may not have known what the hell was going on but my cock and balls certainly did. My cock (of course I’ve measured it, everyone does) is a shade under ten inches long and really thick and veiny. My balls are really big and hang nearly four inches below in a roomy scrotum. My dick is the reason my wife married me. Right now a good couple of inches of it rested on this little sweethearts ass and started to “Oh God Mr. McKay! Your dick is really fucking big!” she The pressure in my dick seemed to push the whispered words out of me without conscious thought, “Do you like it “It is so long and thick, I could never take it up my little-girl cunt!” She paused, “would you be angry if I said that I had seen it before?”
“I won’t be angry. Tell me. ” My whispered tone had taken on a gruff throaty edge.

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“Once, when I was nine I peeped into the bathroom while you were shaving and saw you naked. Your cock and balls hung there all big and soft- but firm too… and you looked so brave and strong and that night when I was at home I rubbed my little cunt and even poked a finger in and thought of how brave you looked and imagined you holding me in your strong arms as I rubbed myself… And came. ” At this point she started to move her butt in small circles, almost imperceptibly, it was intoxicating.
“Was that the first time you diddled you cunt Amber?”
“No,” she breathed, “I’ve done it as long as I can remember, I used to hump my teddy bear. ” Her ass was moving in slightly bigger circles now.
Taking courage I leaned forwards so my mouth was right by her ear.
“Do you finger-fuck yourself a lot Amber?”
“Oh God Mr. McKay! I need to do it nearly every day, sometimes twice! I am always wet,” She was looking over her shoulder at me as she said this.
I began to thrust ever so slightly and slowly, running my cock underside up and down the material that bridged her ass chasm.
“What do you think about when you finger that juicy teenage cunt of yours?” I loved talking dirty and with every step we took I was gaining confidence, my fears dissipating as my brain filled with horny thoughts.
“Nasty words, fucking big cocks, dirty little bitches- taking it rough from behind, little ass-lickers! Little girls licking each other’s assholes! Men! Big-cocked, hairy man cock! Sweaty men fucking girls up their sweaty anal fuck-holes!” The words spilled out of her, the most enticing stream of filth that I had ever heard. She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily.
My lips brushed her ear as I asked “And where did you learn to talk like a filthy little cock-slut?”
“Me and Jess watch your porn when you’re out, we finger our cunt’s while we watch it, you like those young girls don’t you Mr. McKay?”
“I do like little girls, yes. Do you touch each other little girl?
“No, but sometimes we stick our fingers up our cute little assholes while we do it… is that naughty Mr.

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   McKay? Is it “Yes Amber, It is. It sound’s like you are being really bad, a bad little “A “Yes Amber, an anal loving slut, that is how you are She shuddered. I was openly grinding my dick up and down her ass crack as she pushed back, the warm cotton felt amazing on the underside of my “You are such a dirty old man Mr. McKay, rubbing your fuck-tool against a fifteen year old girl’s panty-covered “Your little ass feels good sweetie, really good, I want to fuck you,” I breathed into her ear heavily She moaned as I said this, but said “Oh Mr. McKay, I can’t let you, I don’t want to get Oh Jesus! Fuck! This was going to be hard to restrain myself but I know now that I am not a rapist, as I would have done it then if I had She pulled her top up to show her tits; her nipples were puffy and firm, pointing “Pinch my tits Mr. McKay, make them hurt nice. ” She whined to I reached around her and with my left hand and started to tug and twist and pinch on her lovely, girlish nipples, causing her to moan and rub her ass on my dick even harder. I used my other hand to tug down my Boxer shorts, freeing my whole length and my swinging balls. I then reached for her right hand and, still hurting her tit-flesh with my left, guided it to my ball sack and told her to stroke my balls with her “Oh, Mr. McKay, They’re so fucking big and hairy and I can feel your ball “You are very good at doing what you are told, little girl, a real well behaved little This time her whisper was barely even more than a breath, “Thank you…” She ran her hands up my sack to the shaft of my cock and rapped her little fingers around it, sliding the ample foreskin up and down with her hand. “Oh god it’s big, so fucking hard and hot, I love it! I could never take this monster in my fuck-slot! It would split me in half- Oh god it would “You want it to hurt don’t you?” I punctuated it with a hard twist on her nipple.
She Shuddered and, squeezing her eyes tight shut, nodded her head.
“Do you want it right now, do you want me to fuck my big cock up inside your tight, fifteen year old fuck box? I bet it is all wet and ready, it would hurt you really nice,” I said borrowing her phraseology. By this point she was bent over really far and her hand was actually rubbing my dick-tip over the peachy outline of her puffy slit-lips. They felt hot and slushy under my cock.

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“Oh, god, I can’t Mr. McKay! I can’t get pregnant!” She paused, rubbing my dick around more, jacking as she did so. “There is something I do want you to do though. ”
She took her hand off my dick, drawing both to the waistband of her panties. I took my hand off her and took a step back, flicking the light switch beside me to get a better look as she pushed her ass out and slowly peeled off her panties.
Her pussy had puffy outer lips, almost hairless, a really sweet mound. At the end a big, clit hood protruded. Her hole gaped ever so slightly and I could see the wet, pink interior- so inviting!
“Do you like little girls’ sphincters Mr. McKay?” She asked as she spread her ass cheeks, looking over her shoulder at me, I dropped my gaze to her pucker just in time to see it twitch.
“You really are a filthy anal slut!” I muttered, almost to myself as I stood entranced.
“Well how would you like to press the end of your massive, hairy dick against my ass, don’t fuck me, you are way too big, I’ll scream. But you can press it against my ass-opening while I finger-fuck myself to orgasm. ”
Without waiting for any further invitation, I stepped up to her and pulled her cheeks apart, pressing my dick against her anal fuck pipe opening, releasing her butt cheeks so that they squeezed lightly on the head of my dick. Straight away she straightened up slightly and slipped a hand between her thighs and began violently finger fucking herself with her two middle “Oh, you are such a good girl!” I “Oh god! So fucking big! I want you to rub your hairy sweaty balls all over my face and cum all over me and rub it in with you cock and balls and make me lick them clean! Oh! …. Big! ….

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   Hairy! …. Nasty! …. Cock! Jesus, she was really going for it! I couldn’t believe the filth that was spilling out of her mouth but I loved it! My dick tip had been leaking precum and her ass pucker was getting really wet and slippery, it felt really good and I was fisting my dick as she fingered “Have you ever pressed your dick against a little girls asshole before Mr. McKay?” She said, looking me in the eye over her shoulder? As she fingered herself, she pressed her ass back against me, grinding it. God she was driving me toward the “Good girl, good little slut! Keep fingering, make yourself come for me now little girl, come on. You love having a dirty old man press his fat hairy cock against your tight little, fifteen-year-old ass hole, don’t you? I bet you would love to take my come in your face!” “Oh! …. God! …. Yes Mr. “Good girl, and what are “I’m a filthy little… Uh! …Little slut who… Uh! …Likes to let filthy old men do dirty… Uh! …Things to me with their big hairy “Yes you are, aren’t She was starting to spasm with the first twinges of orgasm. It was too much for me, I started to cum, but this caused me to push my hips forward uncontrollably but firmly. The first squirt of my juice lubricated her perfectly and as she pushed back, grinding her little teen ass back on me as she came. Her ass must have been loosened by her arousal as the helmet of my cock slipped “Oh god! I am squirting my come up your ass! Right up your fifteen year old “Oh god it hurts so much! Big! Fucking! Dick!” As she spasmed on the counter, her twitching ass muscle milking the last of my come out of my As we both came down from our high, she suddenly didn’t seem like the filthy mouthed teen whore she had a second ago. She seemed small and vulnerable, curled up around the dull ache that her subsiding orgasm and my still hard dick were causing in her loins. “Did I do it good? Did you like it Mr. McKay?” She asked in a small, shy voice.

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            “Yes sweetie, you did wonderfully!” and with that I turned her chin gently towards me and, my softening cock head still in her ass, we shared our first kiss.
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