a halloween treat


Topic: A Halloween TreatAs I start out I will tell yall a lil bit about myself. I am 18 yrs old and have a few stepsisters that are pretty hot, I have heard many ppl say, Im about 6 ft and medium built and have a 8 inch 2 wide cock that girls adore. Now one halloween i went over to my fathers house where my stepsisters live but only one will be in this story. Her name is becky and i am Max.
I went over and ran into my father imediately who told me that the kids are drivin him and his wife up the wall begging to be taken trick or treating.  He then told me "Max were gonna take the kids trick or treating around town for a few hours theres some food and drinks outside by the barbecue pit help yourself. " Given that info I decided to stick around, I ate a plate of food then looked in the ice chest and found a more than needed quantity of beer in there and helped myself. I entered the house and started to watch some early ninties scary movie, which are very cheap lookin now that i think of it, but it was very entertaining after a few drinks. I was wondering if i was too busy drinkin to hear the doorbell but it turns out there were no trick or treaters around my block at all, just as i sat back down the doorbell rang and i sprung to my feet.
 It was becky my 23 yr old stepsister with another case of beer, she was looking for our parents to hang out and drink the night away but was too early. I asked her to come in and have a few drinks with me and she agreed so we went out back to the patio and i emptied the case of beer into the ice chest in front of her. she was already seated and drinking by the time i was done, and i had a weird feeling she was watching me very closley i grab one for myself and took a seat across from her. We started talkin about whats been goin on lately in our lives and were not paying attention to how much we were drinkin but, who cares you only live once right? She then out of nowhere pulled out a sack of pot, I never saw her as a smoker but didnt really care, she asked if I would smoke a joint or two with her and i agreed. After three joints and a whole lot of beers later we were engaged in laughter when her phone rang but it turned out to be a text message, while she was reading the door rang i went to check on it, to high to walk straight hopeing it wasnt a cop cause we were laughing loud, it turned out it was a tricker treater the only one of the night.
I returned and she had set her phone on the table beside us and we got right back into the conversation we had been entertained with. We were talkin about which one of our friends we would sleep with and of course i thought i would have picked more of her friends then she would of mine but it turned out to be the other way around.

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   While we were talking i could not help but notice she was looking very beautiful tonight we were outside and the moon gave a little gleam to her eyes. Her breasts were around a D cup and she had a flat stomach with a lil waist and an ass to die for. we kept the small talk going for a good while then in the middle of our laughter her phone went off but it was only on vibrate so while it rang it was moving towards the end of the table and then finally off it went. We both lunged to catch it and we did but our hands were touching and we were both in an akward position somewhat bent over and our hands holding each others a foot above the ground. I turned and looked at her and she did the same our faces were inches away and she made the first move she kissed me on the lips and pulled back to see my expression to see if i wanted to move on further which of course i did. We lusted after each other after that kiss she came around and sat on my lap looked me in the eyes for a brief second and then we started kissing like the world was going to end. Now in this position she was holding my head with her hands and grinding her crotch against my now huge bulge and i had almost free range with my hands to explore her ass and back. we ended up really getting into it and were about to go into the house and continue our adventure further, when we heard a truck door slam it turned out to be our parents.
The rest of the night was ruined in a kind of sense for me here i was about to get laid by my beautiful stepsister and thats when our parents decide to come home. We continued the night with the company of our parents with small talk hearing there stories of what they use to do for halloween back in the day. When the night finally came to a close I was heading to my vehicle and Becky was also, She called to "hey Max wait up" I stopped and turned to face her she asked for my number and was goin to give me a call when she got home to her apartment. I jokingly said " i will be waitin for that call, you better give me one. " On my way home thinking of the events that had just happened I could not help myself I had to curse my luck and couldnt keep a smirk of my face.