A hot date with an awkward boy


I always told my boyfriend how hot I thought he was but he never believed me. At 5'7 and 145 lbs and a muscular athletic body due to avid exercising i'm surprised I was his first girlfriend. He had shaggy brown hair, light brown eyes, and a smile to die for. At first I felt a little uncomfortable around him because i'm not exactly the smallest or skinniest person. I'm 5'7 with DD's and ass that shows how hispanic I am since the rest of me looked typically suburban. Now, i'm 100% comfortable with myself, especially when i'm with him. This days started off like every other day. Jake was going to come over at around 5 and we were going to order some food and watch some movies. My parents were both working and wouldnt be home until 1 or 2 in the morning so I would have the house all to myself. I heard my front door open so I looked down the stairs and saw him standing there wearing jeans and a band t-shirt. He looked so hot I couldn't help but run down, give him a huge hug and kiss him as if I hadn't kissed anyone in ages. We went up to my room and started watching a movie as we cuddled under the covers in my bed. It had all been very innocent up until then when I felt something up against the small of my back. "Where's the remote control?" I asked. "It's right in front of you, why? I thought you liked this movie. " he responded.

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   "Just wondering. " I said as he confirmed my suspicion that what I felt was no inanimate object. A passionate love scene came on the t. v and I just wished that Jake could be as passionate and uninhibited as the guy on t. v. Maybe Jake had just read my mind. I felt his hand run over my ass and onto my thigh as if he were touching me in a way as to commit this entire experience to memory. I felt his breath on my neck as he started to gently kiss my cheek, then my ear, and finally my neck. He knew my neck was my weakness and he was using it to his advantage. All I could think about was whether or not I was dreaming. He pushed my right shoulder down against the bed and as I laid there on my back he kissed me with such intensity and passion that I knew no dream could ever make me feel the way I was feeling right then and there. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back with such fervor that I could feel his dick grow in size agaisnt my inner thigh. It had been kind of hot that day so I chose to wear a light cotton tee with a halter top underneath to show off my cleavage and this was obviously turning Jake on tremendously. He broke off and started kissing my neck again and started his way down south. He lingered on my collarbone and I just wanted him so badly I could barely control myself.

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   He looked up at me as his face hovered over my breasts and looked at me as if I were the last woman on earth. He moved a little bit more down and started to unbutton my pants. He looked up at me to make sure I was alright with what he was doing - and I definately was. He pulled my pants down from both sides and exposed my lacey black La Perla undies. He started kissing me from my feet occasionally alternating legs so as not to focus all his attention on one. He spread my legs a bit and kissed my inner thighs leaving faint traces of saliva as he made his way to my throbbing clit. I figured he had been spending too much time on me and thought I should return the favor so I flipped him on his back and took off his jeans and boxers in one fell swoop. "Woah, you're pretty good at this. " he exclaimed. "You haven't seen anything yet. " I replied as I licked my lips and gave him a coy smile. Should I go on?.

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