A Hypnotizing Experince


Topic: A Hypnotizing Experince  Hi the names, Tom and im 17 let me tell you a story about how me and my best friend Tyson who was 18 ended up having the sex best we ever had. . . . .

It was like any other hot, boiling day I sat in my room sipping tango from my glass with 3 ice cubes sweating like a hot dog. I spent most of my time in my room I had loads of mates just never bothered to go out and get pissed like any other guy on a Friday. Nah mine was just at home relaxing as always I went on msn and an old mate of mine Tyson came online. Me and Tyson had a bit of history about a year ago while Tyson was in a relationship he found out that I was bisexual and he himself was curious, we got talking and we kissed and we shared body fluids but that's a story for another time. Anyway after we had that experience his girlfriend found out and dumped him after that we didn't speak and year later here he is .

We spoke and caught up and he tells me that he himself is now bisexual after our experience he loved the boys himself and he had asked me if I was in a relationship and turns out we both were not and we both got talking about the time we shared our bodies and it turned us on. He asked me if he wanted to meet up again and try it since we were not in a relationship so there was no guilt or chance of getting dumped and he had told me something very strange which I found very very sexy and aroused me so fast I got a hard on that just struggled to get out of my boxers.

He told me that he finds being hypnotized the best thing for him and I saw a picture of him in his msn picture and he had the nicest 6 pack id ever seen and the nicest dyed red hair, he said to me “ just think about it Tom me being hypnotized il be under your control” I knew he only said that to turn me on and it worked I had to toss off even to the thought of it, he started to turn me on even more by saying “ just Imagen what you could do to me and il have 0 control ul have 100% control over me my body and my massive hard cock” that sent me over the edge and I squirted all over my hand

He had told me that if I wanted his body I would have to hypnotized him, I sure as hell wouldn't say no to that so I found a hypnotizing video and stuck it on my phone for the day we meet up and we share our bodies once more, he came online the next day and said to me that he would send me a script or a mini play of how the couple of hours we will spend together will go, which I thought was strange but at the same time it turned me on wanting to know what it would say and he had sent it to me and I took a look and my cock was growing this is what he said in the email. .

-We walk deep into the woods-
-Then you show me your mobile lolling me into a false sense of security-

- That is when you play the video-
- This is when I start resisting that is when you keep my attention focused on the video and here is what you what you say-
-Look deep into the spiral Tyson-
-That is when when I stop resisting and you will know I have when my eyelids drop slightly-
-Then you say when I snap my fingers you will be my obedient sex puppet-
I will respond yes master whatever you ask-.

Just reading it made me wonna blow a massive cum shot inside my boxers, the fittest boy I know and he is offering himself to me naked on a platter, I thought to my self this is the best thing that could ever happen to me and I couldn't wait any longer and had to meet me asap so we agreed to meet up at Burger king, later that week I got up that morning had a shower shaved all my pubic hair so I was clean and fresh as I was funny like that and as I was walking down the village I had a massive smile on my face and I walked up the road, I saw him Tyson standing there in a tight vest which you could see his 6 pack even with the vest on.


   We walked around for a bit catching up like what we have been doing and stuff and we walked pasts a quite woodland lane which no 1 had used after there was a fire in the printing factory right next to the trees where we were walking and we found a small a small path leading into the trees.

We were right in the middle of the trees in the far corner completely covered from any ones sight, we took off our coats and laid them on the ground to cover up the sticks and what not and we laid there on the coats looking deep into each others eyes, he had the most beautiful eyes emerald green eyes that made me feel like I was in heaven. I went in for the 1st kiss and he moved his face away and I looked at him in the oddest way like I done something wrong and he winked at me and he moved his hand and started to rub my leg and moved his hand up and squeezed my ass which made me jump a little, he looked at me and said “ There is only 1 way ul get me to do stuff with you Tom and you know how” he said that with a big smirk and I got out my phone and found the video and played it to him and he pretended to resist we both knew that we wanted it to happen but we both just had fun as I got him to watch the video his eye lids slowly began to close bit by tiny bit and his head lowered and his eye lids were shut.

I moved in closer to him and whispered “when I snap my fingers you will obey my voice and every command I give you no matter what it is and no matter how much you may not wish to do it, do you understand?” Tyson nodded and I snapped my fingers …. this is it my dream come true the sexiest boy I know and he is my puppet and my cock started to grow just thinking this alone and I thought about all the things I could do to him like get him to snog me or deepthroat on my cock till he passes out or just shove my hard cock in his ass and lay my seed inside of him so many possibility, but suddenly I thought to myself why don't I have some fun before I do so I looked at Tyson and said to him “when I snap my fingers you will think your a female dog or should I say bitch in heat looking for a male” So I snapped my fingers and got on all 4s and walked around like a dog and I said “come to your master bitch” and he walked over and I unzipped my jeans and slid them off and tossed them to 1 side and I stood in front of him with the semi-hard on.

He sat there like a real dog and began to moan like a real dog with his eye glued to my cock which was showing threw my boxers and I said to the bitch “come to your master and sniff my balls and cock” He did as he was told and walked on all 4s over to his master and started to sniff, he gave a few licks which really turned me on a lot. I looked down at him and said “ If you sit and roll over like a good little doggie il give you a sweet and salty treat” and so Tyson did as he was told and I pulled down my boxers with my 7ich stretched out to its heart content.

I bent down and whispered in his ear “when I snap my fingers you will be a human but you will be my obedient sex puppet, what I say you will do even if you don't like or feel comfortable with it you will do as your told no questions asked understand?!” Tyson shook his head still in deep sleep unaware of what is going on just his body moving on its own and now I thought to myself its time for me to have my sexual fun and as they say use and abuse him.

So for my 1st order I told him to strip but slowly until he got to his boxers and he took off his shirt and tossed it to one side and unzipped his jeans and pulled them down and to my shock there stood in a pair of boxers and thick 8 inch cock, my jaw just dropped and I thought to myself wow. “now for my next order my beautiful sex puppet take off your boxers slowly” and he grabbed the sides of his boxers and pulled them down slowly I was just waiting to see his massive cock to spring out and there its was fully grown 8 inch, my cock shot up faster then anything “now come over here and lick on my balls” Tyson walked over and got on his knees and began to lick my balls so brilliantly and it felt so good I couldn't believe it, it was like I was on cloud 9 and by now I wanted to really abuse his body.

“my next order is to start sucking my cock like its your favourite lolly and if I put my hands on you head and push down,you might start to gag and choke but you will still carry on and not resist as you will obey my every order and please your master, do you understand?” Tyson shook his head like the brain dead puppet he was and he moved his head up and opened his mouth and the head of my dick was being sucked
so perfectly I just wanted to explode in his mouth but I knew I had to hold it in so I gave my next juicy order to my sex puppet and told him to go deeper on my cock and treat it like a piece of candy where if you stroke it nicely and suck ul get the salty reward and he did just that he start to stroke my cock slowly and sucked on the head of my cock I was moaning like no woman had treated me and I knew I could feel my ball twitching and my cock gittering.

I knew that even if I stopped I would still explode so I put both my hands on his head and push down with such a force I could feel his nose hit my stomach and I said “swallow my warm cum you puppet” and I could feel small tugs as if he was trying to pull away but I kept a firm grip on him and I could see his face going red and hearing him gag made me explode making him swallow every drop as shot after shot run down his throat I slowly took out my cock from his abused throat and he chocked on some of my cum “Good little puppet even I am overall pleased” me and him sat on the floor, Tyson was catching his breath while my cock was going down and small.

I took out a bottle of water and took a few mouth fulls and I looked at the time and seem we had been at it for nearly 2 hours and I needed to be home. So I turned my head to Tyson and said “When I snap my fingers you will return to normal” and I snapped my fingers and he had regained himself and I had told him what we did and he was really happy and he asked that we do it again and I was more then happy to and so we walked off in different paths waiting for the day when we would meet up and maybe I would be abused.

If you would like to comment or ask anything please feel free too Email me at: melvynmelster@hotmail.


  co. uk
P. S. The Characters in this story are made up


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