A little fun at the family cabin 2


We grabbed our bags and headed to our room. We picked the room on the other side of the cabin so we would be less likely to get caught. We started unpacking our stuff when Robb walked in. "We were gonna go head down to the lake to go swimming, you two wanna join?" This could be our opportunity to be alone for an hour or two so we told him no. We kept unpacking until we heard the backdoor shut and no other voices in the cabin. Hannah left the room to go check to see if we were alone. She came back with a huge grin on her face. "Where do you wanna start?" I noticed we had a shower attached to our room that we didn't have to share with the others so I decided we would start with a shower to wake ourselves up. We started to undress in the room. "Here let me help you with that" Hannah came over and tugged my pants and panties down. She didn't come back up after she got my pants off. I could feel her hot breath getting closer to my snatch. It was getting me hot. I bent down and grabbed her and pulled her up. "You'll get to taste me soon enough. " I led her into the bathroom and turned on the water.

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   I pulled her into the shower and closed the door. She didn't waste anytime. She started just kissing me everywhere, teasing me. She pushed me up against the wall and started massasing my nipples. "Oh god Hannah" Then she started sucking them and working her hand down to my crotch. I pulled her hand up and pulled her face to mine, "No, its my turn to make you feel good. " I pushed her into the wall. I rub my hand down her chest to her inner thighs. Getting closer to her lips, teasing her. I go down lower kissing her neck, her stomach until i was finally on my knees. Her pussy was soaking wet. I spread her lips apart. I slowly started licking softly at her clit. Her legs shook a little. I started to lick harder and faster.

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   Her legs started to shake more and more. I thought her legs were gonna give out. I kept licking tasting her good juices. "ohh allie. keep licking my pussy!" I kept licking until her first orgasm came. "Ohhh god, oh yes" I suddenly heard someone knocking on our door and than it opening "Girls, we're back. Is everything ok. I heard moaning" I jumped to the bathroom door so she couldn't open it seeing we weren't in the bedroom. "Allie, Hannah what are you doing in there?" I tried to hurry up and put my clothes on but relized that they were in the room. "Mom, Hannah is in the shower and i'm changing. Hannah just got the water too hot. " "Okay, we're making lunch if you two are hungry" "ok mom, bye. " I waited for the bedroom door to close before I let Hannah turn off the water. "We better hurry and get out there before they think somethings up" I peeked out the door to make sure no one was in our room. I ran to grab my clothes before someone came to get us.

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   We quickly got dressed and hurried out. I didn't feel hungry so i decided to watch a movie. I looked back and seen that no one was eating except for my parents and Robb. "Hey mom, can me and Hannah go hiking for a bit. I promise we'll bring our phones?" "You won't get much service but yes, just be back before it starts getting dark. " We ran to get our shoes. We left out the back before my mom could change her mind. I was horney from earlier. Hannah grabbed my hand and dragged me to the nearest entrance into the woods. We waited until we got deeper in the woods before we did anything. Once we were far enough Hannah started unbuttoning my jeans. "I guess you finally get to taste me" "oh i'm gonna do more than that. " Hannah started to flick my clit. Slowly licking up and down my pussy lips. Getting me wetter and wetter.

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   She stood up and took off her pants too. My eyes went wide. She had a strap-on on. "I snuck it on when you left before me. " She slowly stuck the dildo in, making sure i was wet enough to take it. She picked me up and positioned me against a tree. She started thrusting slowly and picking up the pace. It felt so good. This was my first time being fucked with a strap-on. I could feel my juices flowing. She started going faster and faster until i couldn't take it anymore. I came so hard. "AHH fuck" Hannah pulled out and put me down. We heard foot steps and so we hurried as fast as we could to put our clothes back on. It was too late, I could see Jake standing, staring at us.

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   "You saw everything didn't you" "Uhh, yes" "Well i guess Allie's screaming and moaning caught your attention. " "You can't tell my parents. " What happened next suprised the hell out of me. Hannah walked over to Jake and started to un-button his pants. "What!?! Can someone please explain" "Jake knew what I was gonna do when we got up here. Him and Robb both. They helped me plan this out actually" Jake told us that we didn't have time for anything else that we had to head back to the cabin. Me and hannah put our clothes back on, her making sure the strap-on wasn't noticable. We headed back. When we walked in Robb was sitting on the couch. "Shhh, their asleep. " This made Hannah smile.  
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