A Night To Remember


Topic: A Night To Remember "My dude are you still comming" Said deuce  
"Yea man i'll be over in about an hour" i assured him
Alright cuz i'll see you soon. He replied
It was wit this short conversation i would get my first real life long memory. Let me give you some background my name is Jamal. At the time of this story i was about 16. I've not always been the star sports player but i got by. Im 6'0, a solid 220 dark complexion and i guess you could say my best feature is my light brown hazel eyes.
As we continue the story i prepared my things to get ready to go to my friend deuces house. We have been cool since about the 4th grade and still goin strong. We had some kind of unoffical law that we would see each other every 2 weeks or so, to keep in touch since he moved out of the my area. I hop in the car and i find my self thinkin about what were going to do normally we get into some kinda of shit wheather it be drinking or smoking. On the car ride there i found my self getting overly excited because it had been a while since i had had a good time. It was the end of mid term week so i had no time to have fun. We pulled up i said my good byes to my father and i stepped foot at what i call my second home. Knocked at the door and opend to my surprise was deuces sister Shanice.
Now we have all had those friends with the sisters that we just love to lust over and i was no different. Ever since i can remember Shanice was the object of my affection.

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   She was a short girl just under 5 feet. Always has been a "bigger" girl. She had gigantic breats and by far an ass that got her all the best kind of attention, and the nicest fullest thighs. Needless to say i was a fan, Now all that may sound well and good but she was a mean one. But for some reason thats one thing that attracted me to here.
"Hi Jamal" in a surprisingly happy tone.
"Hey ma wassup?" i responded.
"Nuttin much, come on in" she enticed
Soon as i walked in it was like bein home again, Deuces family is a big one with 6 children ranging from Babies to 18 years old there was never a quite moment. I walked into the living room to say hi to Deuces step father Nate. Now nate is not your ordinary father type. You remember those adults your parents told you to stay away from ?? They where prolly talkin about Nate. He was an All-Star in terms of physical fitness. A High School Champion wrestler, Miltary vetern, and to top it off he had just been released from prison not to long ago. The man was one not to be fucked with. I knew from the start things would go better to be friend.

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  this man then mske him an ememy. Lucky for me we complemented each others personalitys well and a sort of Farther Son relationship took root.
Was good Nate? i spoke happy to see the man
"Jamal. How you doin sir ?" He spoke with a blunt sticking out of his mouth.
"Cant complain" i responded. I left the room after speaking to several of deuces cousins. They were over playing Fight Night Round 3 on the big screen so there was alot of commotion. Walking up the stairs i saw Chris and issac (the two middle children) and went on up to deuces room and greeted my friend. He stayed in the addict so it was hot. We talked, caught up on thing, and went down stairs chilled wit everyone just generally having a good time. The day was going well, one thing was off though. Shanice couldn't seem to stop hitting me the entire day. They were playful hits but a few times she slapped me square in the cheek. I didn't think much of it though, what was i going to do hit her back ? So the day progressed and we walked to the store laughed the whole damn day til nearly 10:00

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