A Sexual Encounter of the First Kind


A half hour later Valarie arrived and was still obviously a bit shaken. Eric couldn't help but notice how exceptionally fine she was looking for just a friendly visit. She was wearing one of her lowcut, v-neck halter tops, which showed off her 34D breasts in a very, very sexy way. Her light brown hair was combed straight and curled up slightly at the ends. She wore her faded, boot cut jeans and a pair of boots that screamed fashion sense. "Hi Val, man. . . you look great. " She gave him a smirk and replied jokingly, "Coming onto me already Eric?. . I haven't even stepped in the door. " She laughed, which made him laugh (uneasily), and he motioned her in. He asked her what she wanted to do, but instead of a response she began to walk up the stairs to his room. Eric couldn't keep from staring at her beautiful ass as she walked in front of him. When they were younger she would come over quite often and the two would play video games together and listen to 80's rock until his mom told her it was time to go home.

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   He flipped on the lights and walked over to his CD player. He knew exactly what to play. In a matter of seconds they were listening to the Scorpions. Eric wasn't their biggest fan, but he knew she loved them. . . and tonight was about her. "So, what'll it be first?" he said, "movie, video game, pizza? Anything you want, we'll do it. " She stepped up to him, almost closer than he could handle, and whispered, "Anything?. . . " Eric tried furiously to contain his growing hard-on and responded, "Uh, anything you want. " She smiled, then walked back over to the light switch and dimmed the lights down halfway. Returning to Eric she said, "I know you are trying to help me get over James, but video games aren't going to help. " With that she placed her arms around Eric and began to kiss him passionately.

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   Eric couldn't even believe what was happening, all he could do was play along and hope that he wouldn't wake up before it was over. The two kissed their way to Eric's bed and they fumbled their way onto the sheets. Just the feel of Valarie's massive breasts on his chest was almost too much for Eric to handle. Even though this was going to be his first time he caught on quickly. He let one hand caress her soft back underneath her shirt while the other was placed behind her neck, keeping her lips locked with his. Suddenly Valarie pulled away and for a second Eric thought he'd done something wrong, but Valarie just sat up and pulled off her top, revealing her bra-less breasts in all their glory. Eric's cock was screaming to be released from it's denim prison and Valarie could sense it. Without a word she unzipped his jeans and pulled them, along with his boxers, low enough so that she could his manhood in full. Eric turned red, but he could see in Valarie's eyes a hungry desire. Once more she lowered herself onto Eric and whispered into his ear for him to take off his shirt, and as he did so she slid down his body, letting her breasts pass over his cock, until her mouth was inches away. Sticking out her tongue, she began to slowly lick up and down his massive shaft. She then began to inch her mouth closer and closer until finally the tip of his cock was in her mouth. Eric nearly orgasmed from the incredible sensation of a girl placing her mouth on his dick. Val was sure to go slowly, giving Eric the full pleasure, as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure, Eric felt the beginnings of his orgasm.

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   He told Valarie but she didn't care, she only sucked him harder and faster. In a matter of moments Eric was cumming deep inside Valarie's throat. He moaned, "Oh GOD yes!" and watched in amazement as Valarie drank down every last drop. "I understand if you need a moment, Eric, but now I really need you to fuck me hard. If you really are my friend, then you'll forget about all this virgin bullshit and you'll give me the pleasure of that massive cock inside me. " Just the thought of finally fucking a girl, Val no less, gave Eric another instant boner and he was going to be sure to use it. When Valarie saw that he was ready again she slid back up his body and guided his cock with her hand into her slit.
    "Oh yes, I need more!" she said, and Eric put himself all the way inside her. She moaned with pleasure and began to slide herself along his shaft, thrusting her body so as to get the deepest penetration. Heat immediately ran over Eric's body and he began to move with Valarie, in and out, driving himself deep inside her. "Oh GOD, oh GOD, oh GOD!" she cried out and she sat up again, bouncing up and down onto Eric's cock, thumping against his body with each downward motion. Eric was in heaven, the sensation was incredible, and he almost died when he saw her massive breasts bounce up and down, just like Jezebel's in his movie. He watched as Val worked his cock like a wild animal, moaning and screaming with nearly every motion. Finally, the inevitable happened and they both climaxed in an enormous wave of orgasmic juices. Shot after shot of cum poured into Val, and she layed on top of him in sweaty triumph.

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       She was out of breath and Eric kissed her neck gently. They layed this way for a few minutes and then Valarie spoke softly into his hear, "Thank you so much. . . you're a great friend. Now how about that pizza?" Eric smiled and grabbed the phone, "I just hope they're willing to deliever to my room. " Even though it was Eric's first time, he felt like he'd done it a million times before. He knew he'd have to do it at least many times after. . . .

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