A steamy shower on a saturday night


I want you
“Hey Sally, it’s Ralph” I began in a cheerful tone
“Hey! How you doing?” she replied, equally as happy to hear my voice
“Proper good actually, my parents just told me that they are going to Italy on the weekend, so apparently I will have a house completely to myself this weekend Har-Har-Har” I told her
“Wahoo party! Haha” came her instant reply
“Yeah well after that last party… I’m not so sure”
“You’re parents found the broken vase?”
“…And the blunt wraps…” I reminded her
“Ouch. . . but hey at least you have some time on your own…” I knew straight away that by saying this, she was inviting me to ask her round this weekend. She didn’t really expect me to stay on my own that weekend, but she didn’t want to be rude and invite herself over.
“On my own? Yeah that’s a shame, I was going to ask if you wanted to come over. ” I teased her, carrying on our little game of who was going to invite who.
“Hmm well my schedule is tight” it wasn’t, but again, she didn’t want to look so easy “but I guess I can fit you in, say Saturday night?”
“Saturday it is, if you come around 6ish we might even get time to watch king Kong again” I added cheekily, reminding her that we had our first kiss while watching that movie.
“Nah I don’t like that movie, I’d rather go straight to the action… films” She replied, leaving a knowing pause after the word action, knowing that I would understand exactly what she meant by it.
“Well… see you Saturday then” I said hastily, not wanting this to turn into yet another one of our age-old raunchy conversations. I could already feel myself getting slightly turned on thinking of us getting “straight to the action”.
“Oh yeah, see you Saturday, bye” she finished, sounding slightly disappointed. I was happy because it meant that for the next two days she would be thinking about Saturday none stop. I could already picture it. . .

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   no parents, no rules, no clothes. I couldn’t wait for Saturday.
The next two days passed slowly, and my anticipation of Saturday grew. It was the only thing on my mind throughout school, which as you could have guessed gave me slight problems in the um embarrassment department. After our conversation over the phone, I promised myself I wouldn’t do anything before Saturday so that I could be prepared for her, but this made things even worse. I could have sworn that my cock was getting bigger because of my refusal to attend to it, and even though I was happy about that, it made things harder to hide.
Finally Saturday morning came and I got up early showered thoroughly, paying good attention to my pride and joy, shaved, and made myself smell nice. I tried to push all thoughts of her sweet wet pussy from my mind that day, and surprisingly enough, I managed to compose myself quite well, while I happily walked around the house getting out a few “action” movies and putting out some beers and crisps. Just as I thought everything was about ready, the doorbell rang and my heart, and dick, jumped. That must be her I thought
“Hi Ralph” She said as I took in the 15 year old goddess that was standing on my doorstep. She was wearing a short little denim skirt and long white socks that left just about enough leg to make my heart skip a beat. Her cleavage might as well have been shoved in my face and down my throat thanks to the amazing low cut top she had on; bright pink bra showing over the edges, peeking out at me as if urging me to tear it off. This girl knows too much about what turns me on I thought to myself as I kissed her on the cheek and let her in.
The first hour was quite relaxed actually, considering that we both knew what was going to happen that night. We had some food, talked about school, music and tried to figure out what movie to watch.

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“Oh come on Ralph, you don’t seriously want to watch that again do you?” She laughed at me as I held up the first Lord of the Rings.
“What?” I replied sounding offended “it’s a good film, just because you have bad taste in movies doesn’t mean that the movies I choose are bad, I have good taste, so the movies I choose are usually pretty tasty and follow the common authoritarian capitalistic patterns of good taste”
“…Huh?” she said looking at me as if I just talked another language. A big grin spread over my face as she realized I had confused her on purpose.
“Arrrr you’re so annoying” she shouted at me as I burst out laughing. She grabbed me and started playfully hitting me.
“Haha what can I say?” I laughed as I tried to hold her off. She eventually started to calm down and instead of hitting me, she just stood there with her head hanging down acting as if she was sobbing. I realized I was still hold of her and pulled her into me making a mock “aww” sound, as if trying to make her feel better, but as I pulled her close to me I placed my hand under her chin pulled her face to mine and kissed her softly on the lips. She was startled by this and even jumped at the touch of my lips but soon calmed down. We stood there kissing for a few minutes, tasting each other, teasing each other. My hands examining her body while I did so, a body I had wanted for so long. I soon found my way to her ass and squeezed it in my hands.
 “Fuck me this is so hot!” I thought, but then realized I had said it out loud between our raunchy kisses. I stopped kissing her and pulled away grinning inanely.
“Well maybe we ought to take a shower and cool off?” she suggested biting her lip and looking at me with a look that would have melted my whole body had my cock not been so hard at that moment.

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“Um yeah sure, I guess Harry Potter will have to wait” I mumbled as I snatched her hand and pulled her upstairs to the bathroom.
As soon as we got into the bathroom I started kissing her again; I pushed her against the cold tiles on the wall and listened to her gasp as her skin made contact. Her hands were running all over my back and I started kissing down her lips to her neck while pulling her T up, taking it off. While I threw her T-shirt on the ground she took a step forward and forced me backwards.
“I’m not going to be the first one naked here, okay? Now let’s see what you’re working with. ” She told me sexily, turning me on to new levels of horniness I have never experienced before. Her hands ran down the front of my body as she knelt down in front of me grinning up to me and biting her lip. She unzipped my jeans and dropped them to the floor where I shook them off. I took my T-shirt off hurriedly, not wanting to miss any of the action unfolds, but wanting to get down and dirty as quick as possible. I felt her hand grasp my dick through my boxers and my whole body shuddered, I moaned at the feel of her rubbing my dick through the thin material and heard her giggle. She ever so slowly pulled my boxers down over my hard dick until it bounced out almost hitting her lips. I heard her gasp and now it was my turn to take control I pulled her up roughly by her arm and kissed her on the lips hard. My hand sped to her back and I quickly unclasped her bra. I pinned her to the wall and kissed down her neck biting her hard and tasting her perfume as I fumbled with her zipper.
Ughhh fuck” she moaned as my mouth reached her nipple sucking them into my mouth.

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   I took it between my lips and bit down on it softly “Mmm fuck” I felt her pants come loose and pulled them to the floor as my hand dived into the shower cubicle, turning the shower on to a warm gush.
“That is what we’re here for, isn’t it?” I whispered into her ear brushing my tounge against it while my cock head brushed against her wet panties making me shudder and let out an involuntary moan.

    Without waiting for her to take off her panties I pulled her under the shower with me. We both let out gasps as we got under the stream of water, our bodies getting closer in the confined shower space. I instantly tore off her panties ripping them on each side and began kissing down her body, making a trail from her neck down to her belly button. I could feel the warmth of her pussy as my mouth got closer, but it was my hand that got there first. I heard her moan as my finger slowly slid up and down her soaking pussy. I easily slid a finger deep inside her pussy pulling it out and sliding another finger in next to it. Every time my fingers came out I rubbed them against her g-spot causing her to moan and pull my hair. My mouth soon caught up with my fingers and I starting to suck her clit in time with my fingering her, biting it every so often causing her whole body to shake underneath my touch.
    “Fuck Ralph Mmm I’ve wanted you for so fucking long, ughhh it feels so good” she managed between her loud moans which were getting more and more common as I started sucking her clit harder and fingering her faster.
    “Do you want my cock gorgeous?” I asked her with her clit in between my teeth. While I talked it caused my teeth to vibrate slightly around her pussy bringing her closer to a wet shuddering orgasm.
    “Mmm” was her only reply but by the way she grabbed my head and pulled me onto her mouth kissing me hard, told me all I needed to know. I pushed her against the cold wet tiles and ran my fingernails down her soaking body, when I reached her pussy I pushed my hips into hers bringing my dick to her pussy.

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       I took hold of my dick at the base and ran my head up and down her slit teasing her as well as me.
    “Fuck, here it goes” I said as I pushed my dick into her, her pussy instantly tightened around my cock head and I had to push hard to get it inside. My whole body shuddered and we both let out moans as my dick entered her. I slowly slid my whole length inside her and thought I was going to cum there and then. Waves of pleasure ran up and down my body and I shook with the power of it, realizing she was experiencing the same. I could feel her pussy around my cock tightening and loosening, getting used to the hard cock inside it. I grabbed her legs and pulled them around my waist so that she was sitting on my dick.
    “Ughhh you’re pussy feels so good” I whispered to her, kissing her hard for the first time ever while fucking her. I slowly began thrusting in and out of her. Pulling my dick out of her pussy almost completely before pushing it back inside her. I could feel her tighten around my cock, and every time she moaned and shook her wet pussy vibrated around my sensitive dick causing me involuntarily to shake as well. I started fucking her faster now and began biting down on her neck causing her to scratch and grab at my back and ass.
    “Fuck baby I’m close to Cumming,” I whispered to her as I felt myself reach close to orgasm.
    “Ughhh fuck fuck I AM Cumming Mmm don’t stop fucking my pussy aw fuck” As she told me I started fucking her faster and almost straight afterwards I heard her moan loud. Her pussy clamped around with dick so fiercely that I gasped and shook as my orgasm hit me.

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       Her pussy vibrated around my dick and I could fell her Cumming, her pussy juices soaking my dick as pleasure rushed through me. I thrust deeper inside her and let loose my cum shooting it inside her pussy while it vibrated and released it’s juices around my dick. As we came together I held her close to me kissing her hard and moaning into her mouth.
                We stayed there for a few minutes before I casually walked out of the shower, pulled a towel around me and looked at her slumped in the shower looking at me confused.
                “Um and what are you waiting for?” I questioned with mock shock “Harry Potter aint gonna wait any longer you know, and neither will your ice cream” I added with a little wink walking out of the shower room, my cock still throbbing from the pleasure of her wet pussy.
    To be continues if I get good reviews
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