A walk on the beach


When I was younger my family (me, mom and dad, and my little brother) went on a camping vacation to the central California coast. There was a beach near our camp that we spent most of our time at and there were seldom more than a dozen people on this beautiful winding beach with high cliffs and large boulders that broke up the beach into sections. My brother and I had been bickering at each other and I finally said I was going for a walk to get away from him for awhile. So I wrapped a towel around my waist, grabbed a water bottle, and walked along the edge of the water. About half a mile down the beach I had to climb over some rocks which led to another crescent shaped beach with rolling dunes along the bottom of the cliff. I could see about another half mile to the end of this section and there didn't appear to be anyone else there. I was delighted that I had found this private refuge and began walking along just enjoying the sun and the sounds and smell of the ocean. After about 100 yards I was surprised to see someone laying on a towel between two of the dunes. As they came into view I was even more surprised to discover this person was completely nude! This guy appeared to be about my fathers age and he was laying there reading a book completely oblivious to me. I snuck a few glances at him as I walked by but tried to pretend I didn't notice him. Now my heart was racing thinking what am I doing on a secluded beach with some naked man over there. As I got further away from him I calmed down and began to enjoy how naughty I was feeling. The curious part of me wanted to spy on him but at the same time I didn't want to attract his attention. As I got to the far end of the beach I walked up to the dunes and found a nice place to lay out my towel and take a break. I kept thinking about the nude guy and how it would feel to be naked in the sun like that. I was getting that familiar tingle between my legs and I knew I was becoming very wet.

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   The dunes on either side were about three feet high and prevented anyone from seeing me where I was laying so I decided to be daring and slipped off my bikini top. Immediately my nipples began to harden in the warm breeze and I was getting hornier by the second. I layed back and lightly ran my fingers over my breasts (which I had really begun to enjoy that summer as they were now a 34B) and this just made my pussy tingle more and more. I hadn't masturbated in three days and after several minutes of this I couldn't stand it any longer. So I raised up my hips and slid my bottoms off too. Now every nerve in my body seemed to tingle as I enjoyed the feeling of being completely naked and exposed in the sun. My hand went down between my legs and I couldn't remember ever being this wet! It was literally dripping out of me as I slipped a finger inside. I pinched my nipples with one hand while I slid my fingers up and down my slit, over my clit, and then dipping inside. Waves of pleasure were coursing through me and I knew this was going to be one of my best orgasms of all time. I had been laying there with my eyes closed as I played with myself but I opened them to look down at how drenched my fingers had become. That's when I saw him! Standing about 20 feet to my right was a guy, maybe early 20's, eyes glued on me, nude and stroking a very hard thick cock.
    That scared the daylights out of me and I quickly covered my breasts with one arm and covered my bare pussy with my other hand as I tightly crossed my legs. He kept stroking away and I was frozen in fear not knowing what he might do but it was like I was in a trance and couldn't will myself to move or run away. Then he very casually said "Hi, beautiful day, don't let me stop what you were doing", like it was the most everyday thing for two people to discover each other masturbating. I was still frozen in place, my heart racing, and unable to say anything.

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       The he stopped stroking himself and said "sorry, I guess you don't want an audience. Didn't mean to intrude. " He just stood there for a minute and I couldn't stop looking at his erect cock bobbing there. It was the first erection I'd ever seen in real life. To this day I don't know what compelled me to do it but, still not speaking, I slowly uncrossed my legs and gently squeezed my hand against my still sopping wet vulva. My other arm was still hiding my breasts but my fingers began dancing across my left nipple. I was trembling but part of me was overwhelmed with lust and at that moment I knew I had to finish what I'd started. Two fingers slipped back into my pussy and I ground my palm against my clit. My legs opened further and began to pull and pinch my nipples. Without a word between us he went back to stroking that stiff thick cock, his other hand starting to squeeze and pull at his balls. I kept jamming my fingers into myself. Much harder than I normally did but it felt so good! My knees went up and my legs splayed wide apart. I could feel my orgasm starting deep inside and as it swept over me I cried out and wave after wave of the most intense pleasure I'd ever experienced engulfed me. He was stroking fast now and arched back as he shot several long ropes of cum into the sand. It seemed like we both orgasmed forever but I'm sure it was probably only a minute or less.

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      After we both subsided he just waved and said "thanks" and sat back on his towel. I laid their in a sweat thinking about what had just happened. My fingers traced along the sides of my still tingly pussy. I'd never felt so completely and unabashedly sexual. After ten minutes or so I put my bikini back on and walked into the water to rinse off. From there I could see him laying on his towel, his cock lazily draped across his thigh. He leaned up on his elbows and watched me as I splashed around in the surf. His hand moved to his cock and I saw it begin to stiffen again. I looked.
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