A week end to remember


( this story is in a first person fiew from the male side. There is some feelings and some view from the women's side, but about 99. 9999999999998% of the story is from a male point of view lol. have fun and leave lots of comments. )

My hand gently grazes your ass as you pass by on your way to the bathroom. I Watch as your perfectly rounded ass sways as you walk. You then turn slightly and my eyes travel up your body, observing your tight curved hips and your firm jutting breasts. And then my eyes meet your round beautiful face. Bright red lips, a beautiful round nose, High cheek bones, and the most desired ice blue eyes a man could ever want or see. You give me the cutes face and then disappear past the door frame. I rise from my seat and walk over. I hear the water start as I turn the handle to open the door. As I start to open it you jump into the door trying to close it on me. You say to give you a minute so I back off the door and weight.

A minute later you crack the door open giving me the signal to come in. I swing the door open to find you in the most beautiful shear lace top and matching bottom.

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   Your stunning body just barely hidden behind this white fabric. You seductively walk up to me and put your hands around my neck gently pulling me by my head to the bench by the window. You then tug at my shirt pulling it off of my body and continue to unbutton my jeans, sliding the zipper down and letting them fall to my ankles. I am all ready happier than ever. You then push me down to the bench and straddle my legs, making sure to rub my swollen cock threw our underwear as you gently kiss my lower chin.

I get to the point where I just have to have you. I tilt my head down hoping you'll connect our lips together but you pull away and stand up. I try to stand up but you push me down again. Instead of straddling me again you turn your back to me and start to pull up at your voluptuous top in a suggestive manor. I watch in complete hunger as you pull thethin material above your hips and then finally above your shoulders. You then cross your arms in front of yourself and then turn facing me. I stare at your round arm covered breasts. You giggle and walk closer to me. You remove one of your arms, while still covering both nipples with the other, and place your hand at the bottom of my chin.

You gently straddle me again.

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   While keeping yourself covered. You lift my chin all the way back and gently kiss up and down my neck. You let your other hand fall from your chest and move it around me to my back. You gently rub up and down my upper spine as your other hand caresses my face and neck. I can feel your hard nipples press against my chest as you slowly grind into me. Your kisses slowly move higher up my neck until they reach the bottom of my chin. You then follow my chin over until the end of my jaw and then back across my cheek until just next to my lips. You pull your head away from mine and move both of your hands around my neck. You look deep into my eyes and then pull my head to yours.

Our lips meet and we both exhale into the other's and then take in the sweet scent of the other person's face. Our lips mesh and mold into each others. Your hands move down from my neck to my back again. My hands maneuver around your hips and around to the top of your back. I gently push you into me. You breasts start to squeeze into the area in between us.

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   As you open your lips to let out a gaspI motion my lips around your bottom one and gently bite down. Your gasp turns into a moan. I lean back a bit and move my hands down around your hips and top of your ass. I pull you up so your directly on top of my dick and then proceed to rub myself into you. I let go of your lip and gently kiss down to your chin. When I get to your neck you push off of me again and hide your breasts so I can not see them.

You turn a way again but this time walk to the other side of the room. You then roll a towel around yourself. You walk back over to me until your about a foot away and turn. You bend at the waist until I can see just barely the bottom of your lace panties. Your slip your fingers around the band and slowly pull them down. Giving me a slow show of your reveling ass. Once they pass the bottom of your ass you drop them down to your ankles and step out of them.

You giggle a little bit when you look at my face and see the complete longing on it. You place your hands around my neck again and pull me up.

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   You turn my head into yours and return my bite. Your hands slide down my back until they reach the edge of my boxers. You then pull then down and drop them to my ankles. You gently slide your hand around until your just touching the head of my dick. You then wrap your hand around the shaft and pull up.

I let out a soft moan as you start to pump me up and down. You move my head back with your chin and start kissing and bitting my neck. You feel me tense up and deeply bite into my neck. I let out a gasp. I'm just seconds away from hitting and you let go of me and back off to the still running shower. You pull at the top of the towel and let it fall off.

Your back is to me as I watch the dark green towel fall past your hips reveling the best formed ass a man could dream of. I just couldn't take it anymore I had to have you. I had been nothing but teased and tormented and I wanted nothing more than to hear your screams of pleasure in my ears. I followed you walked path to the warming shower until I was just behind you.

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   I wrap one of my arms around you and the other angles my dick to go under you round ass to your soaking wet warm vag.

You gently moan as you feel my dick slide from the bottom of your ass to just below the opening of your tight little hole. I move my other arm around you and gently rub your flat sexy belly with both hands while my mouth plays up and down your neck and shoulder. You start to relax into me grinding your hips into mine as I caress you. You tilt your head back until its resting on my shoulder. I gently bite into the soft flesh at the base of your neck. Your in complete ecstasy asI gently slide one hand up your belly and the other one down to your pelvic area.

You gently exhale as my hand carefully cups your right breast. I tighten my hand around the soft flesh as the pleasure in your chest builds. I split my fingers apart allowing the hard nipple to slip threw. I thenpress my fingers together again while I slowly massage your breast. Your breathing starts to get heavier as I apply more pressure and speed up my movements.

As my right hand massages your breast my left one slides its way down. I gently rub your Mons and then drop my hand even farther, You gasp as my hand finally reaches your hood. I slide my fingers into your lips and you gently exhale.

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   I then slide up putting direct pressure on your clit. You moan and exhale at the same time, relaxing your self into me. As I continue your breath becomes heavy and then it becomes constant moans. As you start to enjoy the pressure, you tense your thighs together squeezing my hard dick. I gasp and gently hump into you. You also rock your hips causing your cunt to rub against my head. I am in complete heaven holding you as I am. I then feel you tense up and then quickly relax and fall into me.

I spin you around so you are now facing me and I pick you up so your straddling me. I carry you into the shower and press you to the wall with the shower head on it. I angle the head so it floes straight down over your warm sexy body. I gently start kissing the side of your neck as I fumble for the soap. I let you down as I grab the soap with both hands and lather them up. I then proceed to place my hands at the base of your neck. I gently massage the soap into your skin while we just lock eyes.

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   By the time I reach your shoulders I need more soap and repeat the process. I gently rub down around your shoulders into your arms. I work my way down your arms and back up again. I then proceed torub down around your breast.

I cup each and then move my face to them. My lips gently close around your nipple as you exhale from the feeling. I close my lips gently pinching you. I then do It again and again each time speeding it up and pinching you harder and harder. I then place my lips around the outer edge of your areola and suck at your entire nipple. You moan and grab the back of my head pushing me into your breast. I slowly rub my tongue up and down getting a moan out of you every time. I stop sucking and bite down on your nipple causing a almost scream of pleasure from you. I pull my head back and smile you have yours tilted into the water panting from the excitement.

I continue to massage your body with soap until I reach your pubic area. I get down on my knees.

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   You are nicely shaved which allows me to see your swollen clit. I place my hands on your ass and pull you to me, you smile in knowledge about whats going to happen. you moan as my lips meet yours. My tongue goes straight for your little button causing you to jump with pleasure. You open your legs by instinct allowing me better access your your warm tight cunt. You rub your cunt into my mouth while moaning your head off. I then press one finger into your hole and you cum on the spot.

You start squirming above me, your orgasm has finished but now your supper sensitive. You try to pull my head away but I continue to lick your clit. I put constant pressure on your clit and you try to pull away while asking me to stop. But soon your begs turn from stops to moans as you feel another orgasm build. I finger you faster as your moans slowly get louder into screams. You then hit again as your vag's walls tighten on my finger. I release my mouth to see you with both hands on your breasts, and a look of complete pleasure on your face.

Your knees then give out and you fall down on me.

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   I fall back and you lay down with your head on my chest. Your breathing finally returns to normal with a sigh and you look up at me. I give you a smile and bend my head to reach yours. I kiss you once on the cheek and then on the lips.

I reposition us so that you are laying on my side rather than on top. I reach up and flip the switch for the drain causing the tub to slowly fill up. I then lay back down and pull you to me. You lay your head on me and close your eyes. You gently wrap your legs around one of mine. Your hand gently explores from my chest up to my shoulder. You massage the sensitive spot in my neck and then move your hand down to my hip. You continue down until just the tip of your hand is touching my dick.

I gently moan as your soft hand wraps itself around my head and then slides down to my base. You smile as you squeeze my base and then move up and down my shaft. I look down at your beautiful naked body and just smile.

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   I would never rather be somewhere else doing something else. Your touch sends me shivers as your start to speed up your pumping. I have to bite my lip to stop my self from moaning as the pressure builds. I start rocking my hip into your hand as you speed up even faster. You jump as the hand I have around you slaps your ass. When my hand hit you squeezed the top sensitive part of my head and I hit.

I used my free hand to move your lips to mine and we started to make out. The tub was almost full before I turned the water off with my foot. I roll you over so your straddling me. The water is about half way up your back when your laying down on top of me. We continue our kissing until the water starts to lose its heat. I then pull you up so we are in a sitting position. I then pick both of us up and youtighten your legs and arms around me.

I hit the drain for the tub and then carry you over to the bench. Iset you down and then walk back over to the tub were I pick up your towel.


  I return to you and start to dry you off. I start with your hair, not fully drying it but enough that It wont soak you. I then run the back of your neck, arms, back, breasts and belly, outer thigh, calves , and feet with the towel. I then pick up your discarded shear top and wrap it around my hand.

You look at me confused as gently rub the soft material over your inner thigh, slowly working my way to your beautiful slit. I have my complete attention on my work and you have you attention on my eyes watching them move back and forth following the motions of my covered hand. I Finnish one leg and then move to the other, repeating the process. I work my way to your inner thigh and then massage your Mons. You gently exhale and lean back supporting yourself with your arms.

You moving back tilts your body enough to show me your entire cunt. I just stare at it while my hand continues to rub your pubic hair. I let my hand fall down drying both sides of your cunt and then I press the soft material to your lips. You moan enjoying the feel of the soft and smooth material gently massaging your cunt. I look up at you and smile. And then push the soft material into your body.

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   You close your eyes and lean your head back letting our a load moan. I lean forward and start kissing and sucking on your breast while my covered hand continues fingering you. Soon enough your hips start to rock and you lean back over into me and put me in a tight hug. I speed up my hand and you dig your fingers into my back while moaning in my ear. I push in as far as I can reach and your pussy tightens up and you stop moving.

I pull my fingers out and drop the fabric off. I pick you up and carry you across the bathroom and out the door. I kiss you and then ask if you would like to go to the living room or the bed room. You answer bed room so we head up the spiral stairs to our room. In the center lies a small but soft bed. I lay you down on your have and lie down beside you.

You smile as I lay my head next to yours on the pillow. I sigh and close my eyes while throwing my arm around you. I pull you close to me and nuzzle my nose into yours. You giggle at my action and bury your head into my chest.

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   I squeeze you tightly against me and yawn.

I wake up and look over at the clock it was 3 am, I only slept for 5 hours. I then notice how we are both still uncovered and you have goosebumps all along your arms. I bend my neck down and kiss the top of your head. I remove your arm from around me and pick you up. You moan in your sleep in protest of me moving us. I pull the blanket back and lay you back down. After covering you back up I head down stairs and get my silk boxers from the bathroom. I brush my teeth and take a cup of the mouthwash. I finish cleaning up and walk out to the kitchen. I open up my laptop and start it up.

I walk over to the fridge and open it to find out what we have. I notice half a dozen eggs so I decide to make scrambled eggs. I finish our meal for two around 5ish so I throw it on a serving tray and carry it up to you. You have rolled over since I left you and you have a big smile on your face.

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   I could only imagine what you were dreaming about. I knelt next to your side of the bed and gently kissed you on the cheek and then on the lips.

I was surprised on how well you responded to me so I continued to push on with the slow romantic kiss. I pull back and look at you. Your eyes are half open and staring at me. It obvious you didn't get enough sleep, but I had already cooked you food lol. You smell the eggs and get up. Rubbing at your eyes you let the blanket fall from your chest giving me a good view of your breasts.

I shake my head and look up at your face. You are zombie like just staring at the food. I get up and sit behind you giving you a short hug as I sit. You automatically lean back into my embrace enjoying my warm touch. I pick up the fork and help you eat. After the food is gone I get up again and move the tray by the window. I laugh to my self as I turn around and find you curled up into a ball under the blankets again.

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I pick up the tray again and walk back downstairs. I look back at my laptop and type in my password on my way to the sink. After I clean up breakfast I sit down at the table and start watching hulu.

Three TV shows later I hear movement from up stairs. Its a beautiful Saturday morning, and I'm not so sure what I want to do today. I look over at the clock and notice its 830 all most 9. I shut down my laptop and put it away at my desk. I turn around to see you in you satin robe. I can just barely see a little bit of green in the inner edges hinting that your wherein your green bra. You smile and walk into the bathroom.

I lay down on the couch and close my eyes. I listen to you turning the water on and off in the bathroom. I hear the door open and foot steps heading my way. I open my eyes to see you standing over me. Your robe is now open and I can clearly see your hot body and your sexy green underwear.

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   You place one leg over my body and then lay yours on top. You place both elbows on my chest and lower your head down to mine.

Our lips lock as you quietly exhale into my mouth. We slowly move our lips open and close. You gently move you head back and forth in motion with our moving lips, I move my tongue out and gently flick your lip giving you the signal. You keep your lips open and slide down into my mouth. I close my lips around your tongueand rub mine up against yours. You respond back by pushing me down into the floor of my mouth. I then gently bite down on you and suck for just a second. I let your tongue go and you bring it back into your own mouth. We resume our normal lip kissing, while my hands snake their way into your robe. As they race and feel your backI pull one of your lips into my mouth and bite down on it. At the same time I raise one of my hands and smack your round soft ass.

You moan at the mix of pleasure and pain. You move my head aside and start kissing me on the cheek and chin.

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   I move my other hand down to your ass and use both hands to mold the soft flesh. You moan in my ear and start rocking your hips into me. You can feel my growing member in your pelvic area. You bite the soft skin near my ear and I gasp. I pull your ass down into me and push my swollen cock as hard as I can into you. I luckily hit your clit and you yell a moan right into my ear.

You push yourself up into a straddling position. I open my eyes again. Your green panties are molded around my own dark blue silk boxers. At the brim just a little bit of your blond pubic hair is visible. Your hips come off of your panties at a v. Your belly floes from the smooth flat area above your mons. Your perfect curves carve into your body from your hips giving your belly its seductive look. At the top of your belly sets your beautiful green bra with the two firmest boobs. Your long soft hair hangsdown covering just the top of each side of the bra.

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   The dark black robe highlighting your pale skin. My eyes follow your hair up to your round cute face. Your bright round lips still wet from our kissing. Your bright round eyes trap me as I look into the lightest blue I have ever seen.

You look down at me from your position. You can feel my cock pushing its way in between your lips, You moan quietly just thinking of letting me inside you. You look down at my eyes and watch them travel up your body. It makes you so warm inside knowing that you please me so much. As my dark blue eyes lock with yours you remove your hands from my waist and reach behind to unhook your bra.

I watch as you do one ofthose impossible woman things and take off your bra without taking off the robe. The green material drops reveling your jutting breasts. I in hale as my eyes take in your light pink nipples. They are perfectly proportioned to the size of your boob. The fullness of your breast is amazing, and they sit high on your chest not needing anything to support them.

I grab you by the waist and flip us over so I am on the top.

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   You smile as I get comfortable between your legs. I kiss you on the check and then move my way back to your ear. I play around with your earlobe and then move down your neck bitting the bottom. Your entire body arcs as my teeth gently push into your skin. I continue down until I am right over your chest.

Your boobs are just as perky laying down. I kiss the area just above the nipple and work my way down and around the outer edge, just barely brushing the soft pink flesh with each kiss. Your chest arcs up as I lay my lips around your nipple. I gently suck while rubbing my tongue across the sensitive bump. Your hands move behind my head and weave in my hair. You gently push my head down into your breast. I let my teeth bite down on the flesh you moan as the nerves explode with pleasure.
You pull my head back up to your lips and start pressing your mouth against mine.
My hand covers your breast and squeezes your Nipple as our violent make out continues. You Moans start getting louder and your body starts moving beneath mine.

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   I reposition my leg so it presses right on top of your cunt. You automatically react to this new pressure by rubbing yourself into me. Your lips detach from mine and I continue to kiss all down your chin and cheek. I get to your ear and play with the bottom. I then bite down onto the skin just below your ear. At the same time I squeeze your boob tightly and press my leg into your cunt.

You Scream as an orgasm hits your body. Your body twitches and then you go slack. I roll us to the side and whisper, so how was that one? You make a humming sound andnuzzle your head into my shoulder. I laugh and wrap my arms around you in a tight hug. We lay like this for what seems like hours. We had both fallen asleep and the sun was now going west.

You wake up before me. You still have a buzz in your body from your pleasure. You can feel my warm body next to yours.

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   You pull back and look up at my face. You smile as you mouth thank you and then kiss me on the chin. You giggle and then continue to kiss me down my neck.

I wake up from my nap to find you gently kissing me at the bottom of my neck. You work your way back up and then look into my eyes. You have your over loved smile and you gently move your head closer to me and place your soft lips on mine. You increase the pressure and open your lips. My tongue tries to make its way to you but you close your lips again and giggle. You pull you head from mine and push away from me. You get up and run over into the bathroom.

I get up slowly and walk over to the kitchen. I can hear the sink running in the bathroom and I ask my self what you could be doing. I make a salad and go sit at my desk. I bootmy laptop and hear you come out of the bathroom. I look over my shoulder.


  Your rob is closed but I can still tell that you do not have a bra. You walk over and sit in my lap. You gently twist your hips, rubbing your ass into my crotch and giving me a tight hug. You loosen and ask me what I am up to. I answer that I want to watch a couple shows on the Internet and you say that might be fun. I laugh and ask what you want to watch. You sigh and lay your head down on my shoulder.

I pick something random and you push a button on my laptop closing it out. You then giggle and hide your head in my chest. I laugh and pick you up and through you over my shoulder. You try to fight me until I throw you down on the couch and run up the stairs.

Your rob had fallen off in out tussle and you completely naked run up the stairs after me. All the curtains upstairs are closed and it's dark. You carefully walk up the last few stairs and then slowly open the door to our room. You can just barely make out a bulge in the bed you sneak over making no sound and throw back the covers.

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   You scream as I tackle you from behind and knock you to the bed.
I let you roll over to face me. It is too dark and we can barely see each other. I place one of my hands at your neck and very gently kiss you on the cheek. You exhale at the soft touch. I then. Set my head back down on the pillow. I let my hand run down your curves. Your warm skin feels so soft under my hand. I let my hand gently fall behind your hip and cup your ass. You push back into my hand and I pull you closer to me.

We are now nose to nose. Your hands are both above my shoulders, wrapped around with your hands in my hair. One of my arms is in between us cupping the right side of your head. The other one is moving up and down your body going from rubbing the edge of your breast to cupping your ass.

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   You tilt your head up and softly press your lips to mine. I help hold your head up with my hand and my other wraps around your hip.

We open our lips and then pull away, closing them again and then reconnecting pushing harder and harder each time. My hand is now run its way from your cheek to the back of your neck. I pull your head into mine and let my tongue reach out and lick your's. You respond by pressing your tongue against mine and gently flick. We trade gestures back and forth all the while caressing each others bodies.

My hand moves from your hip back up to your breast. I move underneath your arm and lay my and over the top. I the scrape my hand down your breast pressing my fingers into you, making sure to put a lot of pressure on your nipple. You respond by pulling my hair with the hand my head is laying on. I then move my hand farther down, tracing the bottom of your breast. I then move down rubbing against your flat belly. When I get down to your belly button I flip my hand over so my fingers are pointing down. I continue to push the tips of my fingers into your flesh.

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   I get down to just above your mons and start heading up to the side of your hip. Your top hand moves down and follows my arm to my hand. You grab the top of my hand and guide it to your ass. I pull my hand back and slap down. Your entire body moves even closer to me. You guide my hand around your hip back to the top of your mons and let go. I get the hint and slowly rub the soft squishy flesh of your upper pelvic area. Your hand after leaving my hand moves over to my hip. You gently press down on the skin and slide your hand down. I match your speed and also slid my hand down. I reach the top of your cunt just as your hand wraps around my dick.

Our lips unlock and we both smile. I gently push you over to your back with my shoulder. As I lay on top of you I swing around so I am laying opposite of you. I rub my fingers up and down your cunt.

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   You moan and arch your back as my fingers come into contact with your clit. I then keep my fingers on your clit and use my other hand to push into you. You are severely tight as I can barely fit one finger in. You moan very loudly as my finger hits your g-spot. I rub the bumpy mound and your clit at the same time. You moans get faster and faster and your hips start moving into my hands. I feel you open up so I pull my finger out and push two back in. You scream with the pleasure and arc your entire body off the bed.
I laugh and move back to lay on top of you. Your still panting and I hear a moan when I lay my pelvic area on your cunt. I whisper in your ear, are you ready? You nod your head and smile. I angle my dick at your entrance and push in. You slowly let me in all the while my hand rubbing away at your cunt. I hit as far as I can go. I pull back out and then slam back in.

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   Your legs wrap tightly around me and your arms dig into my sides. You gasp. After you relax again I roll us over so your on top.

I kiss you on the neck and then suck down. Your still squeezing me not ready to move quite yet. My hands explore up and down your back. I let my hands squeeze your ass and then travel back up to your neck. I pull back your head and look into your eyes. Your shoulders prop yourself up on my chest and we are still connected. It is the best think I have ever felt. I have tight pressure on all sides and its so warm and soft. Your eyes have little tears in the corners and I brush them away. You smile and bring your lips down to kiss me. We resume the same pattern of kissing as before and then we play with our tongues. My hands entangle themselves in your hair gently pulling.

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   Your hands do the same.
You start to rock yourself on top of me finally enjoying the huge object buried inside you. I feel your small movements and I know your ready again. I pull your head up from mine and then roll us back over with me on top. I my hands now trapped under your shoulders weave themselves in your hair. I kiss you on the cheek and move my way down to your neck. At the same time sliding my self slowly out of you. When I got so my head was just before the exit I pushed it back in. You moan at the amazing pleasure you are getting. My mouth is slowly moving back up your face and back to your lips. My body dragged across yours rubbing your breast and nipples.
I asked if you liked that. You moaned again and rocked your hips into mine. This time Ijust move my hips to pull my self in and out. As we get more comfortable I start picking up pace.

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   I know I cant hold myself back much longer. I move one of my hands out from underneath you and slip it over your breast. Your nipple is rock hard. I pinch it while keeping up my rhythm. Your moaning gets louder. I start kissing you on the neck. Your hips start moving faster. I then pull and pinch your nipple as hard as I can and bite down on your neck. Right before I had pulled out of you. I then slam back in at the same time. Your body tenses up and your close tightly around me. Your arms pull me close to you and your legs pull me deeper inside of you. I cant hold it back any longer and I am over come by the waves of pleasure. We both relax slowly in each other's arms. I whisper to you, that was the 2nd to best thing in my life.

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   You weakly open your eyes and look at my quizzically. You barely say, then what is the first? My answer was, being able to lay here with my tali, and love each other the way we do. You laugh weakly and close your eyes again. You don't even feel me pull out of you and get up. Your completely lost in your world of pleasure. I grab a blanket and return to our bed. I lay down and you automatically snuggle up to me. I throw the blanket over us and give you a kiss on the forehead good night.
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Belgium is a hometown for high-quality chocolate with more than 700 tonnes of chocolate being sold on annual basis in its International airport. Besides that, Belgium has a captivating history with a remarkable architecture and also diverse culture, which attract tourists from various parts the world. When it comes to parties, a Belgium is most likely the centre of the party with Tomorrowland being the host of the best electronic parties in the world. Nevertheless, you will be astonished to find out that Belgium has way more to provide to those, who dare to go out and search. Prepare to indulge yourself with something arousing. Welcome to the thrilling world of ! Could you ever imagine visiting all the most famous parties together with charming beauty? They can also make you a good company while you visit different monuments, as well as grand dinners, exclusive fashion shows, famous exhibitions and others. Get ready to become the very centre of everyone’s attention, because those cuties from Escorts in Namen undoubtedly know what all the men dream of. Escorte filles Renaix is your trustworthy partner in the world of lust. Only here you can finally make all your secret dreams come true.

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