Advanced Anatomy with Angela


Advanced Anatomy with Angela

So I'm in this Anatomy class at the University, and in this class we have lab sections. Just so happens that in my section, I'm the only guy in a class of 30. As you can imagine, for me, this feels like heaven, because at the University, a majority of the girls are fucking gorgeous! Now, I'm 23, about 6 feettall, athletic, due to having played football, with a fairly large, and thick, cock, standing at about 8. 5 inches long.

First Encounter:
Waiting for the teacher, I start talking to the other girls, of course, seeing how they would react to me. That's when the Teaching Assistant, our TA, came in. She was really cute, maybe around 23 or 24, about 5 foot 6 or 7, petite, with light, sun-kissed skin, blonde hair that falls down to her shoulders, gorgeous blue-green eyes, and a very proportionate body: She may have only been 5 foot 6, but she had great legs, a very nice ass, and a pair of perky,great B-cup breasts.

She fumbled her papers, and she bent over to get them. Being the only guy in the room, as well as being right next to her desk, I helped her with that, making sure to get a good look at her body. From what I saw, I gathered that she was shy, so I decided to try and make a move.

"Thanks!" She said, looking me in the eyes with a smile, her cheeks were flushed red from her embarrassment.

"You must be a new TA. Don't worry, you'll do fine. " I said with a smile, staring straight into those beautiful eyes of hers.

At this, she just smiled and bit her lip a little, turning to put her papers away into her bag, but I saw her just so slightly push her butt up and out, as if to tease/show me what she had.

With a slight grin on my face, I made my way back to my seat, with some of the more perceptive girls grinning and talking, surely having a conversation about how I had just "made a move" on the TA on our first day of class.

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   See, Biology/Anatomy had always been my thing, so, although I am an athlete, I do nurture a somewhat nerdy side, but hey, just because you look good and are athletic doesn't mean that you have to be dumb, and it certainly doesn't mean that you don't do your best to be a gentleman.

"Hello class," the TA said, "I will be teaching this lab section for the entire semester. As you can see, most of us are girls, with only one guy, so when it comes to the male anatomy, we'll all be sharing. " She said this with a grin while going red in the face, and the statement got all of girls giggling. I played it cool by just shrugging, and laughing at it as well, but the simple thought of being shared by all of the beautiful women in the class was a tempting one.

"All kidding aside, first things first. My name is Angela, and I'l try to make this class as easy as possible for all of you. "

All of us spent the rest of that class getting to know each other, trading contact information, numbers, and e-mails. As the class winded down, and people started packing up, Angela walked up to me and my group, and we all started just talking about what the class was going to be about, and she brought up the need for an assistant to help her to teach the class. I had taken Anatomy before, so I had a pretty good handle on things.

"Sure, I'd like to volunteer for the position. " I told her, after everyone had left.

Her eyes lit up as she said, "Alright! You start next class period! See you then!"

I just smiled back, exchanged phone numbers, and left. Walking to my car, I couldn't get her out of my head. I knew I had to find a way to have Angela.



A few months pass by, and during the classes, while the two of us are teaching, the sexual tension builds. A shared smile here, a couple of laughs there. We both caught each other staring at one another a couple of times when one of us had finished our rotations. Sometimes, when we both stayed behind to clean up after dissections, we would accidentally bump into one another, or when she'd bend over, I'd be trying to pass her from behind, so we would rub up on one another. This usually got her to giggle flirtatiously. We'd go out on lunch dates here and there, both of us laughing, smiling, gazing into each others' eyes, sharing pleasant, and intelligent, conversation. Finally, a few hours before one of the classes, I get a call on the phone:


"Hey! It's Angela. I was wondering if we could get together to discuss the lesson plan for the lab today. " This got me excited, simply because that meant I got to spend more time with Angela, and that time was usually few and far between.

"Sure! Haha, this is kinda weird, but only because you've never really asked me to meet with you before lab. ", I replied.

"Haha, yeah, I usually wouldn't, but the next section is pretty intense, so it'd be nice to go over it a few times, ykno?"

"Haha, alright, sure, where did you want to meet?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to swing by my apartment. I'll text you the address. I'll let you in, just call me when you get here, alright?"

"Alright then! I'll see you soon Angela!" Truth be told, I had no idea what the next section was on, simply because i hadn't read it yet, and had left my book in my room. So meeting up with her was a blessing in disguise for two reasons now.

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Angela's Apartment:
So I get to Angela's Apartment, and it's a pretty nice set up she has there. A living room with a big love-seat, along with the rest of the normal furniture you would find there. We both sit down, and start discussing the lesson plan when I realize that the lesson for the lab was on the male anatomy, as we had gone over the female anatomy the week before. This got me off guard, and she seemed to notice.

"What's wrong?" she asked me with a frown.

"Nothing, nothing…I just think it's a little too coincidental that you asked me to come over and discuss the lesson plan when it has to do with the male anatomy. " I said, and at this, she flushed red.

"I know, it was a stupid idea…I just thought that, well, you're a nice guy, and we've shared some pretty charged moments… I'm just really, really horny right now…and I've never done it with a man before…Hell, I've never even had a boyfriend. . . "

I was shocked to hear this, and said "Really?? A woman as beautiful as you has never had sex? Hasn't ever had a boyfriend??I find that hard to believe!"

This got her to blush even redder. "Yeah, well it's true…I either get too shy and back off, or I let the nerd in me scare guys away with smart-talk. " She said this with a sense of sadness in her voice, but she soon switched gears and said, "But I don't feel shy around you, and you don't get scared off by smart-talk. " At this point, she had regained that spark in her eye, and I sat down next to her.

I didn't say a word.

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   I put my hand on her cheek, and kissed her. Again, she smiled and bit her lip, kissing me back passionately.

"I'd be glad to be your boyfriend," i said, holding her close, and jokingly said, "but what about the lesson plan?"

Angela had a mischievous little smirk on her face, sat on my lap and whispered, "I think that first-hand experience will let me know all I need to make one up. "

At this, she kissed me and started to strip, and at the sight of her tight, sexy body, I started to get hard. We both continued to strip, until we were both down to our underwear. At this point, I could tell she was already wet with excitement, and I was already rock hard. She saw this and took advantage by grinding back and forth on my crotch.

"You like that, don't you?" she said, blushing with pleasure from the friction.

"Not as much as you do, apparently. " I said with a laugh. "Come and sit down on the couch. "

When she settled down, I slowly slid her panties off, and took a good look at her tight, pink, and virgin, pussy. She looked delicious, and smelled delightful. I lowered my face, and started to eat her out, savoring her taste, delighting in every squirm of pleasure she was experiencing.

"Oh god!! That feels so good! I think I'm cumming!" She started to buck her hips into my face as she was racked with an intense orgasm, her first at the hands of a man. 


"Damn babe, you really needed that didn't you?" I said, licking her juices up.

"You have no idea…but I still need more!" she said, with a ravenous look in her eyes, and she stood up, pushing me into the sofa. She proceeded to take off her bra, exposing her breasts: they were small, but they were perfect. In all of her glory, she gets on her knees, and stares at my hard-on through my boxers. She slowly lowered them, and my 8. 5 inch cock springs out to greet her.

"Oh my…it's so big!" she says this with a sense of awe, but starts to play with it immediately, stroking it gently.

"Babe, I really wanna fuck you right now…come here!" I pick her up, and she giggles as I lay her down on her sofa. I place my head at her entrance, and look into those beautiful, beautiful blue-green eyes and ask, "Are you ready?"

"You have no idea how long I've wanted this…I'm ready. "

I enter her, and she's so tight that I have trouble even fitting the head in! Amazingly, she does not show any signs of pain, but rather seems to be lost in bliss! I start to go deeper, and I can feel her start to grind on my dick. I start to pump in and out, in and out, slowly at first, then faster and harder as she starts to buck her hips into me. She started to claw at my back, wrapping her legs around me, kissing me, moaning profusely.

"Babe," she said, in between moans, "I've always wanted to try riding a cock from on top…do you mind if we try it?"

"No, of course not! I wanna see the view from down here. "I said this with a grin, and laid on my back. She mounted me, and slowly guided herself onto my dick.

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   She started to bounce up an down, gyrating her hips from left to right, her perky breasts bouncing up and down. As she kept on doing this, I could sense that she was close to climax, as she started to moan louder and louder, her pace getting faster, and as she got closer, I started to thrust in rhythm with her, bringing each other closer and closer to the edge.

"Oh god, I'm cumming!!!" she said, slamming down on my dick one final time, her pussy clenching around my dick, causing myself to ejaculate a huge amount of semen into her. She collapsed onto my chest, and I pulled out, leaving a trail of cum behind.

"God Angela, that was fucking amazing!" I said, kissing her on the top of the head, savoring the feel of her warm groin on my fast shrinking member, and the feel of her tits on my chest.

"Screw the lesson plan, I want to just stay here with you right now. " She said this with a sigh of contentment. I look at her and smile, kissing her passionately

"Babe, I'll do whatever you want me to do". Damn, I think to myself, I think I may actually be falling for this girl…she's smart, beautiful, sexy…everything I've ever looked for in a woman…no, I don't think I am falling for this girl…I HAVE

"What's wrong babe?"

"Noting sweetie…just thinking about how perfect you are. " This got her to blush even redder, and got her to giggle, and she kisses me on the lips affectionately, rolling off my chest and laying next to me, saying "I'm just so happy that I found you…I've been meaning to say this, but I'd get cold feet every time we'd go out on our "dates"…I think I love you. "

The look in her eyes told me she truly did, but I knew she only said "I think" because she was afraid of how I would react. I thought about what it would mean, how it would be, to have a future with Angela, who, in essence was, the perfect woman for me.

She blushed again, and turned away, saying "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking…we just became a couple now. " The distress in her voice was all too noticeable.

"Angela, look at me.

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  " She turned towards me, and as she did, I kissed her. Looking into her beautiful, surprised green eyes, I said "I love you. "

Angela smiles and sighs in contentment, saying "I love you", and I can't help but admire her gorgeous body again, and say, "Well, we better get going, the class is going to start in 30 minutes. "

"About that, I canceled it before you got here. " She says with a sheepish grin.

"What a bad girl. You have to be punished!"

"By you? Gladly!"

And with that, we ended up fucking for the majority of the afternoon, well into the night. We prepared and ate dinner in the nude, showered together, and fucked some more. I'd never been happier in my entire life!

Why? I'd found the woman I'd end up marrying!

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