Adventures in Scouting


The girls stood still and quiet for a moment. At fifteen and sixteen years of age, the Girl Scouts got scarred for a second, then. “It sounds like laughter. ” Sue smiled. “Come on girls, let’s go see. ” Terry chirped as she trotted softly ahead. The others closed in behind. Ginger whispered, “It sounds like boys and it sounds like they found our spot. ” When she reached the overlook Sue who was still topless asked, “Ginger, I see a cute one. Are you going to do him?” “Oh, my. I see three cute ones. ” Ginger giggled. All four girls were on their hands and knees, looking over the edge with great intent. All of the sudden, one of the boys yelled out some animal guttural as he climbed out of the pool and grabbed the rope swing. The girls all whispered in unison, “He’s naked. ” Dull laughter erupted.

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   “Look at that thing as it swings from side to side. ” Nicky whispered. “It must be hanging about six inches long. And look at those balls. ” She covered her mouth as she started to laugh. The young man pulled back on the rope and jumped off into the air. He did a half flip and hit the water making a large slash. Then the other two got out and ran to the rope. “They’re all naked. Ooohhh. ” cooed the girls. Out from the bushes came another boy carrying a shovel and toilet paper. As he reached the edge of the pond he yelled out, “It was eight inches long and wiggling, but I killed it and buried it deep. ” The other boys busted out laughing as the new boy untied his boots and kicked them off. He was fussing with his belt and snap when “Ginger whispered, He’s a tall one.


   I wonder if what they say is true?” When the guy got his pants undone, he dropped them to his ankles and stepped out of them. No underwear. “It is true, it is. He’s six feet tall and hung like a small horse. ” Said a giggling Nicky. “Shhhhh. You’ll alert them to our being here and then we’ll all be in big trouble. ” Sue, who was now gently twisting her left nipple, looked down at the boys and said, “Let’s go down there. Real quietly, we can sneak up on them. ” After a short pause, “Then what do we do?” Nicky asked. “I know. ” Said Ginger. Her long blond hair fell neatly in front of her B cup tits covering the nipples completely. “We’ll take their clothes. Then they will do what ever we want them to in order to get them back.

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  ” “But what do we want them to do?” asked Terry who had been watching quietly, the doings of the boys down below. “I don’t know about you guys but the tall one looks good enough to eat. ” Giggled Ginger. “Ginger! Have you ever been with a boy before?” Asked a nervous Nicky. “No I haven’t. But summer camp has to be good for something other than merit badges and bad food. ” Sue gave her nipple an extra twist then looked at Ginger and whispered, “You little slut. And you’re a virgin just like the rest of us to boot. ” Terry stood tall at almost six feet, still watching the tall boy and said sternly, “I want him. All the boys my age are shorter than me. Ya. I get the tall one. ”The girls followed as Terry was on a mission. When Terry got to the clearing by the pond she came right up to the tall guy who was getting something from his pack. The boy flinched and stood up as Terry stepped on some leaves and alerted him to her presents.

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   The boy stood only a few feet from Terry who stopped to gawk at the boy. Neither spoke as she came closer and put a hand on his bare shoulder. They looked into each other’s eyes for several seconds. Then they kissed. First a short peck then a long hard kiss. They stopped kissing after a minute and Terry said softly, “I have always wanted to kiss a boy that is taller than I. I like to look up into your eyes instead of down, like with short boys. ” Then he leaned forward and kissed her again. She was melting in his strong arms. Her lips parted and he sent his tongue inside. She sucked his tongue and purred. “Ummm… I’ve never done that before. ” The boy looked at her and said, “My name is Tom. What’s yours?” “I’m Terry. ” Then she pointed at the others who were making their way down the path.

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   “These are my friends. Nicky, Sue and Ginger. We came here to go swimming but you and your friends beet us to it. ” Then one of the boys from the pond came running up saying, “Tom, what the hell is keeping you so long? Are you jerking off again?” Then he saw the girls standing with Tom and immediately covered his meat and ran back to the pond. Terry and Tom stood together in each other’s arms as the other girls went down to the three scarred boys in the pond. Ginger, still topless but with her long blond hair in front of her tits, stood at the edge of the pond and asked, “What the hell are you doing in my pool?” Sue came up and said, “This is Girl Scout property and you sure don’t look like Girl Scouts. ” The boys whispered together for a moment then the blond haired one stood up in the waste deep water and answered, “My name is Jim. We didn’t realize that we had hiked outside of the Boy Scout camp. Its so damb hot out that we just had to go for a swim. We didn’t bring any swim suits but figured nobody would see us. The cool, cool water is so refreshing, why don’t you all join us for a swim?” So Nicky, looking on, gestured and said, “Do we have to get naked to swim with you?” The dark haired boy in the back said, “I’m not sure we should do that. We could get in a lot of trouble. ” Then the third boy whispered something to Jim and to the boy in back and they all started to laugh. Ginger, in an effort to seem tough asked, “What’s so funny little boys?” The boy in the middle stepped forward and asked, “We were wondering if you were as blond as Jim is?” Ginger strutted around in small circles letting her hair move from side to side, partially exposing her tits, and then said, “My name is Ginger. This is Nicky on my right and this is Sue.

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       Now to answer your question, I’d have to ask a question, how blond are you? But I’m not sure that I wouldn’t believe you unless you showed me proof. So just how blond are you Jim? Jim looked back at his friends and then walked toward the shore line and the girls. Soon Jim stood in knee deep water. His manhood was in full view of the girls. In guest, Nicky said, “It must be cold in there. ” The girls all laughed. A small gust of wind blew though and Ginger’s hair went to one side exposing completely, her tanned tits and hardening nipples. She smiled but didn’t bother to cover up as Sue looked down at Jim’s meat and said, “The water must be warming up Nicky, look. ” Sure enough, Jim was getting a hard-on. He was at about three quarters staff when he asked quite frankly, “You said you wouldn’t believe me if I answered in words, so why should I believe you? I’m from the show me State. So put your money where your mouth is and show me. ”“Have you ever before showed yourself to a girl?” Ginger asked. Jim stuttered saying, “No… Not really. ” So Ginger asked, “Have you ever seen a girl before?” Jim stuttered even worse, “N n no. ” Then Sue scowled and asked, “Have any of you ever seen a girl in the nude before?” They just shook their heads in awe as Ginger slowly unsnapped the snap on her shorts.

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       The mouths of the three boys collectively opened as she pulled the zipper down. Ginger turned her back to the pool and forced her fingers into the waste band and pushed her skin tight shorts down. At first just the top of the crack of her ass was showing along with the curved bottom of her butt cheeks. Then with some effort she got the shorts to move down exposing most of her crack. Ginger looked over her shoulder to see the boys looking on still wide mouthed. “You guys are from the Boy Scout camp down the hill aren’t you? Than be prepared. ” With a sexy little wiggle of her well rounded butt, the shorts were slid over her wide hips and below her ass. She giggled as she wiggled again and kicked her shorts to one side. Ginger then turned around and with her hands on both hips and smiling asked, “Who is blonder, Jim or me?” Jim walked up and stood next to her. Both had their eyes glued to the others fine points. Ginger walked around Jim and spanked him on his bare ass. Jim then chased Ginger into the water. They swam and splashed wildly getting farther and farther from the shore and the others. Nicky opened up with, “I guess they are going to have some fun. What about you two?” A young man of fifteen stepped from the water in his birthday suit and asked, “What do you have in mind, girls?” His manhood was still cold from the water but as he looked on, he started to get excited.

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       “My name is Ken. What’s yours?” “I’m Nicky and this (Pointing to her friend) is Sue. ” Sue stood quietly looking at Ken’s tool. “Ken. Would you help me for a moment? I tied my shirt in what I thought was a square knot, but I can’t get it untied. ” Ken turned to her and with great trepidation, reached out for the knot holding Sue’s shirt together between her developing cleavage. He slid his first two fingers between her breasts, stopping at the knot. His other hand came up under the knot and supported her breasts, taking their wait off the knot. By moving around the knot, Ken was in direct contact with Sue’s boobs. They were warm, soft and pliable to the touch. With some difficulty, Ken got the knot untied. He took both sides of her shirt and slowly separated them. Sue stood looking up into his dark blue eyes with her now naked breasts held in his hands. Ken let lose of the shirt and cupped her breasts in his hands. Sue said to him, “Go ahead, it’s OK.

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      ” Ken by now was sporting a huge hard-on that was poking Sue in the tummy. He gave the breasts he held in his hands a quick gentle squeeze. Sue took a deep breath and let it out. When Ken ran his thumbs across Sue’s nipples she got very excited and backed away slightly saying, “It’s too hot out here. ” With a quick move she was without her shorts. Naked to the world but mostly to Ken. “Why don’t we go for a swim together?” She ran with Ken right behind her and dove into the deepest part of the pond. Nicky and the last boy starred at each other and giggled off and on for a few minutes. Then Nicky asked, “Would you be willing to turn your back so I can get into the water?” “OK, I’ll be a perfect gentleman. By the way, my name is Johnny. ” With his back turned, Nicky started to disrobe. She pulled her shirt over her head. Nicky like the others, wore no bra because she didn’t need one. Her breasts were on the small side but firm and round. Her nipples were darker than most and pointed.

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       She rubbed them with her hands and asked Johnny, “Would you like to see my breasts?” Johnny was still standing with his back to Nicky when he answered, “It’s every boy’s dream to see a young girl’s boobies. I am no different. Are you asking me to turn around?” Nicky laughed and said, “Sure. You can turn around and see for yourself. ” Johnny turned around with the quickness of a snake about to strike. “Oh, my god. Nicky, you are gorgeous. May I come closer and get an even better look?” Nicky laughed again and said, “If you need my permission, you’ve got it. I think the eight of us have the opportunity of a lifetime today. The opportunity to live out ones fantasy with no possibility of harm. I don’t know you from Adam and you don’t know me. So why don’t we have the time of our young lives today. Let’s have something to remember and tell our friends about when we get back to school in September. ” Johnny interrupted saying, “I couldn’t have said it better. However, you said, without the possibility of harm.


       Are you and your friends protected?” “Relax Johnny. My friends and I are on the pill and virgins can’t have sexually transmitted diseases because they haven’t had sex before. That’s why this is the chance of a lifetime. ” Johnny came out of the water with the biggest hard-on of the bunch. It was sticking out at Nicky as he approached. Nicky reached out and gripped his pole. Johnny took a deep breath and held on to Nicky’s tits. Together they played with each others body parts. Nicky was covered in sweet and Johnny was wet from the pond. Nicky ran her hand up and down Johnny’s chest and felt around back to squeeze his butt. Johnny enjoyed the feeling of Nicky’s breasts against his chest as she grabbed his ass. Then he reached down and slipped his fingers under her waste band. When he got to where he could feel her bush she gently cupped his balls in her hands. Johnny felt something deep down inside himself.
      He knew it would happen quickly so he pulled down Nicky’s pants.

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         Johnny was ah struck at the sight of her neatly trimmed black haired bush. Never in any fuck book had he seen a trimmed bush. Nicky new she had to have him so she put his cockhead between her pink pussy lips. Then she put her arms around his neck and pulled herself off the ground. Slowly but deliberately she lowered herself onto Johnny’s boner. Nicky rapped her legs around Johnny’s waste and worked him inside of her. Johnny took her ass cheeks in his hands and helped to support Nicky. His engorged cock came in contact with Nicky’s hymen. She told him, “This is it. Go slowly but let my ass down till you pop my cherry. Johnny tried to go slow. His urge to pump his waste and knees caused her to pop rather suddenly. Nicky took several deep breaths chirping in between and started to shake all over. Johnny pulled Nicky all the way down onto his shaft then picked her up but not off. She took several more breaths and shook all over again.


         Johnny pulled her down hard as he pumped himself in as deep as he could get it. Nicky was so tight and so slippery inside. The feeling was overwhelming and he came in buckets deep within her love tunnel. Johnny picked her up and pulled her down as he shot load after load. He was insatiable. He just kept on pumping his seed into her as she continued to shake all over and scream with the excitement of the first time. When finally Johnny’s knees began to weaken, he set little Nicky on the grass. They were still connected but he was getting limp. “Nicky, I love the feeling of being inside of you. Can I stay there for awhile?” Nicky was still panting when she answered still quaking, “You can stay there all day, and I love how well you fit in me. ” Johnny rested atop Nicky, while each was breathing deeply into the others ear. Rest came easily to the young couple. They were brought back to reality as they looked up and saw Ginger sucking the snott out of Tom’s cock. The two looked at her then back at each other. Tom started to grunt as Ginger really put it to him.

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         She squeezed his balls as he came down her throat. Ginger swallowed it all. Tom yelled out, “That was great. Can I please eat some wet pussy now?” Ginger looked over at Johnny and Nicky and said softly, “I think it’s time to switch again. ” Johnny was hard again after watching Ginger do Tom. He slid out easily and rolled off of Nicky. Tom immediately put his tongue where Johnny’s dick had been. Nicky went wild, bringing her thighs up to Tom’s head and holding him tight to her quivering clit. Tom sucked her and she came harder and longer than before with Johnny’s cock pounding into her. Sue sat down next to Johnny and asked him, “Would you rather fuck or suck or be sucked? That is the only question. ” When Sue sat up on her bent knees and hands, Johnny got behind her and slammed it into her now overflowing pussy. Johnny soon felt himself bottom out in this little girl. He instinctively backed off and slammed her again. Sue started to moan and groan as Johnny was getting close to a major climax. Sue yelled out, “Fuck me Johnny.

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         Fuck me with all you got. ” Sue was obviously Cumming as Johnny hammered her cunt. Johnny started to squirt some more. This orgasm was even better than the first. So he slammed her some more and squirt some more. The sounds of sex right next to him alerted him and Sue to the fact that Tom was sucking the sauce out of her and having no mercy what so ever. Nicky came and came again. There was no stopping her. The sounds of passion brought Ken, Terry, Jim and Ginger over to watch the action. Jim put his fingers into Ginger’s butt hole while Ken sucked Terry’s nipples into his mouth one at a time. Jim, still playing in Gingers butt asked everyone, “Is anybody thirsty? We have some beers cooling in the stream. ” There was a chorus of, “I want one, and I want one. ” Jim and Ginger walked over to get the beers. Jim continued to play with Ginger’s ass and she never complained. When they got back the sex acts were basically completed for the time being.

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         The beers were passed out and the drinking started. Tom said, “I was about to get something that should compliment the beer and fucking just fine. Would anyone like to smoke a hooter or three or five?” The guys al wanted some but the girls didn’t understand. Terry asked, “What’s a hooter?” Tom took a swig from his bottle and answered her, “A hooter is a marijuana cigarette. I’m sure you’ll love them. Just give it a try. ”So Tom lit up a smoke. Taking a deep hit he said, “This is the good stuff. Take it deep and slow. ” The hooter was passed along. All took hits and the girls coughed a lot but got the buzz anyway. Jim took a deep hit and kissed Sue deep with tongue. When he separated she exhaled the smoke and started to laugh. Sue took a deep hit and put a lip lock on Kens cock. She sucked and exhaled the smoke on his now hard cock.

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         Everyone got a laugh from that one. Soon the hot sun was getting to each of the stoners so they got out the sun tan oil and had a hot oil party. Bodies were sliding into and over bodies. Every cock fucked every pussy and even some butt holes got popped. Each girl sucked each guy and swallowed it. The guys couldn’t fuck enough and the girls couldn’t suck it all in. when the sun started set Ginger suggested, “Why don’t we do it again in couple days? My pussy should be ready for more by then. ” Johnny asked, “Can we bring a few friends with us?” Nicky answered him, “You bring a few and we’ll bring a few. Just make sure they are all virgins, OK?”.
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