After School Detention...


Topic: 1"Unlucky, Mandy. "
"I know. " she pouted, at her boyfriend Jayden.
"Well, I'll see ya tomorrow, 'k?"
"Ok. " she kissed him.
Amanda entered the classroom. She had earned herself detention with Mr James for being cheeky in class.
"Afternoon, Amanda. "
Mr James looked at Amanda. She had her skirt way above her knees and her shirt unbuttoned a little. He could see her bra. She smirked when she saw him looking.
Ten Minutes Later
"Mr James?""Yes, Amanda?""I need some help on something. "
He went over to her desk. He gasped slightly when he saw what she had been doing. Her skirt had been lifted up and her pink thong was lowered.

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". . . A-amanda. . "
She smiled.
"I know you want to. "
She sat him down and began to strip them both. Wow, 8 inches. More than what Jayden has.  She lay down on the desk.
"Fuck me. ""What?""Fuck me, Mr James. "He did as his sexy student did. He entered her and started fucking her slowly, to tease her.

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   He fucked her harder and harder as she moaned and screamed. Lucky, the janitor had gone. He was about to come. Amanda sensed this and got up. She roughly grabbed his cock and started sucking it. Now it was his turn to moan with pleasure. Damn, the girl was a natural. He felt jealous of Jayden, having such a girl to suck him off on a night.
"I'm gonna cum, Mandy. "
She was there to catch every drop of hot cum and swallow it. She lay down again.
"Eat my pussy. "This time he didn't hesitate. He licked and licked her sweet pussy and the juices that came running down.
"My ass.

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   Fuck my ass. " she moaned in between licks of her pussy.
He turned her round quickly. His whole cock went deep into the 17 year old ass.
"Bet Jayden never fucked you like that, did he?" he said in between grunts. He took her silence as a no. He grinned.
They went on having sex for 3 hours. Her parents never rung as they thought she was with Jayden. Jayden never rung as he thought she was with her parents.
They could wait. She was having way too much fun with Mr James.