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As we sat back in our seats I decided that since I had some time to kill after school, I would go to see one of my favorite Mel Brooks movies. Luckily they make the announcements in my school at all hours of the day and it was already eighth. After an agonizing hour of advanced physics (I said I was smart) I headed to the auditorium for the movie. Admission was one buck and I was happy to help my yearbook get published so I paid and entered. Another interesting tid bit for you is that I’m in the tech club, so I know how to run all the equipment in the school. About 5 minutes before the set start time of the supervising teacher only a large group of freshman and the movie reviewers for the school newspaper had shown up so I volunteered my expertise to run the projector booth in the back of the room. Just as I was about to start the movie, Jodi, one of Beth’s friends and an acquaintance of mine, came in. Recognizing me as the only other junior in the room she instinctively came over. “Hey Rob,” she said ‘Where ya sitting?” “Hey Jodi, I’m actually running the projector from the back room. ” Seeing the look of disappointment on her face I added, “you can come back and watch it from up stairs if you want. ” She quickly shook her head and accompanied me to the upstairs balcony were I turned on the sound, cut the lights, and pulled out an extra chair for her. About ten minutes into the film she commented that it was really cold up there. I explained the broken heating and lack of budget as I offered to share my jacket and put an arm around her. No objections. As the movie wore on she snuggled closer, maybe for warmth, but probably just for that comfortable feeling of being close. The problem was that while the gap between us closed my arm stayed long and so it folded to wrap her.

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   As she shifted again to put her head against my chest, my hand grazed her large breast. I don’t think she realized through the thick cotton of her blouse, but something down below noticed and reacted. I hoped she didn’t notice that either. I rested my hand on her stomach, but being such a hilarious movie, her laughing kept it out of a stable position, until it eventually landed on her pants zipper. I’m normally a very straight as a ruler type of fellow, but with the libido of a seventeen year-old male, ordinary boundaries are easily cast to the wind. I gently tugged on her zipper and felt it giving way. Another pull, another inch. Not wanting to have her stop me before I’d given her a reason not to stop I went slowly. After about five minutes of my soft touch and a considerable amount of work to control my breathing, I had her zipper completely open. Her legs were spread as she relaxed against me and watched the movie intently. I decided now was the time to get things started. I used my free hand to trace her low cut neckline. I gently gravitated toward her visibly hardening nipples. As I started to run a single finger in circles around her areola I could feel her breath quicken. “Are you trying to get me horny?” She asked with a wicked smile and a hand newly placed on my thigh.

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   “I think we’re a bit passed that. ” I replied as I started rubbing the front of her lace panties. All I received in answer was an ooh of both surprise and pleasure. Having a confidence that wasn’t there a minute ago, I undid the button on her jeans for more access and began to caress her stomach and the area that should have been cover with pubic hair, but was neatly trimmed to a thin strip just above her moistening slit. Confession time: I’d never done this before, in fact I wasn’t too sure on the whole French kissing thing, but one thing I can do is give a massage. After watching as many episodes of HBO’s real sex and downloaded guides on how to please a woman, I was still nervous as hell. My biggest fear was hurting her. You see, I don’t cut my nails very often, I keep them well groomed and smooth, but long and able to cut nonetheless. I suddenly remembered something about balancing shakras or something that I hadn’t given much thought to as I jerked off on the couch. Small circles barley touching the skin with my nails on the insides of her thighs, Zig-zagging patterns, alternating left and right. I was so intent that I hadn’t felt Jodi start to rub the bulge in my own pants. She unzipped my zipper, but with none of the patience I had shown, and felt around for the opening in my boxers. She slowed down for a moment when she realized I was wearing briefs. I hate that rumor about only gay men wearing briefs. Truth is with teenage hormones I could end up hard during math for no reason at all, so I wear briefs and it keeps me pretty well concealed, especially after the art incident, but that’s a tale for another time.

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   I slid my hand under her blouse and carried it up with me as I felt for the clasp in back. Once again she gave that gasp of surprise, she said no guy had gotten her bra open that quickly before. I attributed it to growing up with a mom and three sisters. I kissed her forehead and then her cheek, a trail down her neck, stopping a moment to nibble her earlobe. She lifted the last barrier between my mouth and those voluptuous orbs to her neck and I resumed my pattern of small circles. My right hand was still around her, misplaced from her adjustments. I slid my index and middles fingers on each side of her right nipple. I used my thumb to flick her nipple and it instantly became hard. I assumed she was thoroughly enjoying my treatment by the look on her face. She had her eyes rolled back in her head and her breathing had become a heavy pant. I set my fingers in a set pattern on her tit and began suckling at her other nipple like a baby. Now, this exact moment, this was the time to move. I made contact with her most sacredly kept orifice and gingerly applied pressure. I had read about girls getting wet, but never had I imagined the lake I found. My finger slid right in and she cooed softly like a dove.

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   Instinct took over and I stroked her insides with a come hither motion. Feeling more daring than I ever had before I plunged a second finger inside her dripping twat. The little patch of hair mentioned earlier was now matted with her juices. Having taken health and remembering that the clit was at the top of the vagina and was the main site of sensual pleasure in women. I put my other thumb to work on similar circles. Without intent I dipped slightly into her and when I attempted to resume my rubbing found an enclosure keeping me in and a small nub. “Ahhh, yes!” I was afraid I’d done something wrong. “Right there, that’s my clit. ” I hear her moan. Loving the encouragement I played with her nipple in my mouth, which resulted in another “OOH yesss. ” I have to give credit where credit is due. All the while she still managed to pull my erect six and a half inches out of my pants and stroke me slowly. We had to stop for a moment as she decided it would be in my best interest if she removed her rings. I thanked her profusely by doubling my pace both above and below. Temptation spurred from many a read sex story convinced me to add a third digit.

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   As I entered it I was able to gain another centimeter in depth and felt a rough spot on the upper wall of her vagina. Later studies lead me to believe I’d found her “G-Spot”, but I’ll never know for sure. I do know that soon after, the gorgeous girl I had enveloped with my lust, began frantically bucking her hips and gasping for air. She gripped my rod tighter and moved more swiftly, lubricated my by own sweat. Here was the moment I had dreaded, I felt the oh so familiar feeling boiling in my balls. Painfully trying to hold it back I almost collapsed. I shot my load then and there. It went pretty far considering I had only known in to dribble off the sides until this point. A bit landed on my shoe, a bit on the floor, but that first burst hit home right between her tits. Next I knew was a warm gush of liquid around my fingers and Jodi murmuring something completely unintelligible. I was finished myself, but I’d read enough stories to know not to stop. In the back of my head I had a new goal of giving her multiple orgasms. I’m pretty sure I didn’t but I kept going until she grabbed my hand and told me to stop. She kissed me full on the mouth and I no longer had any questions about what to do with my tongue. We surveyed the mess we’d made and she removed her now ruined panties.

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   She wiped my cum off of her fingers and seeing no reason not to, wiped the rest off the floor. She proceeded to rub the bit in her cleavage into her skin. Then she did the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. She took my left hand and sucked each finger clean of her own juices. She then held in to my own mouth and insisted. The taste was kind of salty, but sweet and not at all objectionable. She collected her things and left. The credits began to play and the house lights were brought on from below. I shut off the projector and rewound the film. I shut down the lights and audio, then pulled on my coat. As I reached in my jacket pocket for the keys to lock up the booth I found a scrawled note reading: “Dear Rob,This was fun. If you’re interested in following up with that wonderful tongue of yours meet me in the library tomorrow at 4:30. I’ll make it worth your while. Your Friend with benefits, JodiP. S.

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   I’m bringing Beth. ”Maybe Wednesdays aren’t so bad after all. .

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