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Topic: Alana's Wants 1Alana’s wants I have been living with my brother sterling for over a little more than a year, my father had abandoned us years before and my mother was a work-aholic, she had little time for me and wasn’t to protesting to my moving in with my older brother when I turned 13. He was 20 and had raised me like his own daughter since he was younger, so he seemed the best place to turn. He worked too though; normal routine consisted of dropping me off at school and then him heading off to work. In school I had just started learning a little about sex, not from the teachers, but from my friends. Some of them were dating seniors and had lost there virginities soon after our freshman year started. I had a boyfriend, jerry; he was tall, not a senior, but a sophomore. He was very cute, tall, blonde, dark tan; he was fun to be around and had a good sense of humor. We had started playing around a little, not much, kissing and groping, we had even skipped school together once and come back to my brother’s place, in my room we had kissed for a while before taking it farther.
“Can I see you naked?” he asked. I was just as wanting as he was, I had noticed lately that I was horny a lot more often then usual, I had been masturbating for years, and lately the urge to rub my pussy had become a craving I couldn’t seem to satisfy. Every night I’d lie in bed, and thoughts of jerry would come into my mind. It wasn’t long before I could feel my thighs grow slippery with my juices. My pussy would get sopping wett and so very hott; I just had to do something about it. My fingers would slide under my waist band and down to my hairless pussy. I was petite as it was, so my being a late bloomer didn’t help. I had no hair yet.

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   My fingers would slip and slide over my wet pussy, playing with the fat outer lips. Caressing and stroking them, my fingertips teasing my pussy entrance, but never going in. my orgasm would build and then in the lust my fingers would somehow find my clit… it was to much for me, I’d cum hard, it’d gush between my fingers and spill over my sheets. I once brought my fingers to my mouth, smelling and even tasting my juices a little, but though no one saw or knew, I was to self embarrassed to ever try that again.
“Only if I can see you naked too?” I said when he asked. He thought a second, but only just a second and then he nodded and started to undress. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the side before undoing his pants and kicking off his shoes. I at the same time did the same, pulling my shirt over my head, my breasts bouncing in my bra. I was a little shy and could feel myself turning red. I probably matched my hair, I had very long red hair, it came down to my butt when down. I stood up and turned away from him as I undid my bra. I started to undo my jeans as I turned back to him, I didn’t fail to notice the look in his eyes as he caught site of my breasts, they were small but very perky, with small, pink nipples, already very hard. I kicked my jeans to the side and stood before him in nothing but my panties, he in his boxers.
He and I were very different in contrast, where as he was tall, maybe 6’’ or 6’1’’ I was only a tiny 4’10’’. Where as his skin was dark and his hair a light gold, I had pale skin, a creamy white, and dark red hair.

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   My features were small, my breasts small, barley a B cup, my shoulders and hips small, but my pussy wasn’t, I had full, thick, fat pussy lips. Though I have to admit, none of my small body seemed to displease him as he stepped closer and leaned down to kiss my lips, trailing his kisses down to my neck where he kissed and sucked a little. His hands came up to cup my tiny tits, rubbing and playing with them. It felt so good. I reached down, between his legs, and took his hard dick in my hands. It was the first real one I had seen, it seemed huge to me at that moment, about 5 or 6 inches. It was very hard already as I wrapped my fingers around it. I heard him moan slightly and his rubbing increased. I was utterly fascinated with his cock. I started to stroke it, playing with it. I loved it. After about fifteen minutes of this he stopped me, he held my gaze as he pushed me slowly back onto the bed. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but with my butt just on the edge of the bed he spread my legs. He pushed my knees up and told me to hold them there with my hands. I do so, knowing it left my pussy very exposed, but not realizing just how exposed.

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   My lips were pulled wide apart, my pussy wet and glistening. Then I felt it… his tongue started at the bottom of my pussy and slide up, between my fat pussy lips and over my hole, it circled once… twice… the it continued up to my clit, his mouth closing around it and sucking. God it felt so good, hit mouth and tongue all over me like that. I was surprised but so incredibly horny. So turned on. He sucked and licked, pushing his tongue as far into me as he could. I couldn’t contain my moaning.
“Mmm, yes… oh god jerry that feels so good. Lick me jerry. Right there. There! Harder! Please harder!…”
It didn’t take long for my pussy to start spaziming and convulsing under the lashings of his tongue.

    “Oh my god, I’m cumming, jerry I’m cumming!!!…“
    I came all over his face; it gushed out and spilled over his tongue. He backed away real quick, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. My pussy convulsed a moment or two longer before I lay there, limp and tiered. God it felt great.

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       I lay there a minute or two as he stood up. It all raced through my mind, I wanted him to feel as good as I did. So I leaned forward, sitting up on the bed. I’d seen porno before, I knew what a blow job was, and I knew I wanted to give one. I climbed off the bed and onto my knees before him, he seemed surprised. I guess he didn’t expect it of me. I reached up and griped his hard dick with my hands, stroking it a little. A drop of precum shined at the tip. I wiped it off with my finger and popped it into my mouth, sucking it as I looked into his face. With one hand I guided his dick into my mouth, the other I reached around him and gripped his ass, pulling him forward into my mouth. I began to bob my head and suck his dick harder, sucking him into my mouth. I couldn’t take it all, 4 inches at the most before I begin to gag. His hand came to rest in my hair, pulling me slightly onto his hard dick. His moaning increased and I figured he was close to cumming. And that’s when I noticed… my bedroom door was cracked open, just a few inches, but standing on the other side was my brother, sterling had gotten home early, and he had gotten in without us hearing.

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       Our eyes locked, and I froze up. Shock. Fear. Embarrassment. But jerry was turned away from the door, he didn’t know, he kept fucking my mouth as he began to cum. Sterling just stood there, only half his face visible through the cracked door, the half of his mouth I could see was smiling. A smile I’d never seen before… it was then that jerry brought me back to what was going on.
    “Mmm, oh god Alana, I’m cumming; I’m cumming in your mouth…”
    With that I felt something hott and salty hit the back of my mouth, I quickly pulled off his dick, coughing a little, I reached up and wiped the cum off my face, at the same time I looked back at sterling behind the cracked door, his smile was gone and his face seemed unhappy, but for just a moment and then he turned and vanished down the hall. My stomach nearly turned and the realization that I had been caught. Would he throw me out? Would he send me back to my mom?
    Jerry never knew, he just went a little limp and sat on the bed. He began to dress himself as he caught his breath.
    “Mmm, god Alana, that was hott. Your mouth felt so good. I love you baby. ”
    “I love you to” I mumbled.

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       I was going to have to face my brother. He would probably hate me. He’d be so disappointed in me. I loved him like a dad and he saw that…
    Jerry left a little later, my brother must have been in his room because he never saw him as he left. It was only after the door closed that I turned to see him standing in his doorway, that smile back…
    “You should have swallowed. And now you will…”

    This story is fiction, more of a fetish between me and my little girl, Alana.
    We’d love to write many more and of course, a sequel to this.
    As would we love feedback, comments, and requests, message us waiting