Amanda pt1


first off let me introduce my self my name is john i am 16,� 6 foot� 180 pounds brown hair and athletic build I mean I am not totally muscular but I am not fat.
it was a Monday and I had just finished taking my final exam and it was around 10:30 the previous day i had made plans to hang out with Amanda afterwards so i start heading to her house when outside i pass by my friends Lisa house and i see her sunbathing in her front lawn in nothing but her skimpiest bikini and boy did she look hot with her long brown hair down to her nice perky 36c� tits� , i no because i checked on of her bras last time i was over, with her long slender legs she is such a a babe. i decide to go talk to her so i walk up to her and sit down she looks at me and smiles and says hello we make small talk for a while when all of a sudden she asks "will you put sum lotion on my back?" i quickly accept and she surprisingly unties her top and sees my surprise look on my face and says "hey! No tan lies" in a playful manner. i begin to rub the lotion on her back down her legs and over her ass i then begin to massage her and she softly moans after about 15 minutes of this she flips of and with out being asked i begin to massage her tits she moans and starts to rub her pussy i then say "how about we move up to your room?" she says "good idea!" with out even putting her top back on she grabs my hand and leads me up to her room she then immediately shuts and locks her door and we start making out.
Still locked in a passionate kiss our tongues wrestling i lead her over to the bed and lay her down i then start kissing my way down her body, i stuck on her neck and begin to lightly kiss my way down chest i stop and begin to kiss her tits in a circular motion not touching the nipple until finally she grabs my head and pushes me right to her nipple and i begin to nibble suck and flick her nipple while all this time a pleasant moan escaped from her lips. i then begin to kiss my way down her chest and too her pussy, the aroma coming from her pussy was so intoxicating that i could hardly restrain my self from diving right in and eat my heart out. instead i kiss my way around her pussy to her thighs and up to her pelvic bone, she happens to be bald, i then spread her lips with my fingers and start to lick ever so lightly i continue while being encouraged by her pleasentful moans i then stick 3 of my finger in to her pussy and she gasps and starts to thrust her self upon my fingers, i find her clit and start to nibble on it ever so gently paying close attention to her moans, after about 5 minutes her pussy tightens up and she begins to squirm and she lets out a long moan, her pussy juices start to escape from her pussy and i can tell she is experiencing an intense orgasm.
After she comes back to reality she says gasping for air "Wo. . . . Wo. . . WOW! john that’s was amazing that was the best ever!!! now its your turn. .

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  " with that she kisses me thrusting her tongue into my mouth and flips me over so that she is on top she then lifts my shirt and i help her she then moves down to my pants and unzips my pants and rips them and my boxers down n i lift up my feet and kick them away she then grabs my cock and starts to pump up and down, now i am not huge yet i am not lacking either i am a nice 7 inch and not to skinny yet not to thick as well, she then starts to suck on each of my balls alternating while still pumping my cock she then starts to suck on the head gradually moving down the shaft until eventually she has all 7 inches down her throat past her gag reflex she then uses her tongue like a pro running it along my shaft while bobbing her head up and down my cock. this continues for around five minutes until i feel like i am about to cum she must have sensed my approaching orgasm and instead of pulling off she grabs my ass and forces her self harder on my cock and bobs faster while playing with my balls i cant take it and i try to pull off but she has me locked and i start to cum releasing shot and shot of cum she does her best to get it all but some begins to run down her face on to her tits after i finally stop Cumming she cleans me up and looks up at me and smiles. wow did she look so hot with my cum on her checks and tits and her cute smile. when all of a sudden before she could get up her mom jams the door open� and sees us naked and starts to yell i jump up grab my cloths franticly trying to get dressed in the process when Lisa comes up to me and kisses me in a long embrace before letting me go. on my way out i swear i heard moaning coming from her room.
When i left i looked at my phone and it said 11:30 i decided to call Amanda and tell her i was on my way and she said okay i will be waiting in a playful seductive voice. i begin to walk towards her house and i arrive at her door 15 minutes later and i knock on her door she answers it wearing this tight hot mini skirt emphasis on the mini with this extremely tight pink tank top that really amplifies her breasts. let me describe her, she is 5'1 with brownish blonde hair to about her shoulders a little past she has great legs with an ass to die for and her breast are a nice perky b cup. when she opens the door she says "hey lets go for a walk" we head out and we start to talk she asks about who i like and who i want to date i playful say "i'm not telling!" with the thoughts of my time with Lisa just an hour ago fresh in my head, after about 15 minutes of walking she says "lets go back" on they way she starts to get up close to me and i put my arm around her and she gets even closer to me when we get to her house we walk in and she is like " wanna watch a movie?" and i say sure she decided to pick a scary one and she shuts off all the lights and cuddles up to me on the couch and i put my arm around her i then gaze into her eyes and we kiss. we start making out and we are embraced in a passionate kiss when. . . . . .

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part 2 on the way today
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