An Amazing Afternoon


I had a very bad day at school and all I wanted to do was to get out of my uniform and head down to the beach and enjoy the afternoon. So I found my tightest smallest denim shorts and a cute little singlet. I wore a bikini top under the singlet but "forgot" to wear anything under my shorts.

As I walked down to the beach I got many looks from guys and girls as I would say that my body looked sensational in what I was wearing. My denim shorts were so tight that they perfectly showed by curves and were so small there was not much to hide. My singlet and bikini held my breasts well, but still you knew they were there!

Once I got to the beach I found a nice little spot to just relax and let the afternoon go by. I wasn't planning to work on my tan too much as I only do that completely naked, but I hoped to get a bit of sun anyway. For some time i just sat there enjoying the view. Then the view got so much better when three awesome looking guys came to the beach. As from what I could hear they were not speaking any English. I smiled at them, kind of fantasied for a few seconds and thought that would be it. I continued to just relax, hearing the guys just act like a bunch of idiots as many always do.

After some time they walked over to me, and my heart skipped a beat as they looked even better as they got closer. One of them spoke up and introduced himself as Klaus. I asked him about his accent and where he come from to which Klaus answered as Germany. Klaus introduced the others as Lukas & Max.

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   I introduced myself, Simone, and got talking to them. We got talking and I was getting quite turned on as they complemented me over and over again. Soon enough Klaus got very close to me to which I could not resist has his hand worked its way over my legs up to my shorts. I moaned a little bit as he worked his way up. He gently kissed me on the lips which turned me completely. Klaus worked his hands to my zipper, sliding it down and moving his hand over my smooth hairless pussy. I moaned a little harder this this as his hand worked up and down. Lukas and Max just laughed watching this. Klaus removed his hand and it was replaced by one of Lukas's and he muttered something in German which seemed to be of approval. I was getting so horny right now and once Max did the same with his hands, all I wanted to do way fuck! One of my fantasies was coming true right now.

Klaus suggested that we go back to their house, I could not move any faster to their car. As Klaus was driving I had the other 2 worked all over my body in the back seat. They removed my bikini top and exposed my breasts using their mouths and tongues all over them, down my stomach with hands all over the lower part of my body. Max was the first to slide a finger into my pussy moving in and out with his hand rubbing on my clit. It was amazing and I could not stop moaning out load.

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   It only stopped a second until Lukas has a turn as well. Finally we got to their house and I could not get inside quick enough, even though I would have taken them outside if need be.

I was lead to one of the bed rooms and the huge bed in the middle. First I wanted to show my appreciation by dropping to my knees and pulling out Klaus's cock from his shorts. I worked on his cock like there was no tomorrow, working it up until I was fully erect. I deep throated his cock much to his satisfaction hearing his pleasurable groans. Lukas and Max got close and I was more than eager to do the same to them as well. I love fucking and now I was in my element. I stood up and stripped off my clothes and went to lay on the bed. The 3 guys followed me each taking a part of my body. Klaus went straight for my pussy, Max for my breasts and Lukas worked his way to my lips and neck. For what seemed like an eternally they worked all over my body. Max laid on the bed and the over 2 directed me over his mouth. I kneeled down over his face, feeling his tongue attacking my clit. The other 2 then got up in front of me, I got to work on their cocks with my mouth.

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   Max pulled away and crawled behind me. I felt his hand work up my ass up to my arsehole. I felt so good. Next I felt his tongue plunge in. I shuddered, and I moaned in between working Klaus's cock. I was in heaven.

After an amazing working over I said to Klaus that I wanted his cock inside me. Klaus smiled, laid on the bed with his cock tall and erect. I crawled over and impaled myself on his member. I felt so right moving up and down slowly on his cock. Lukas and Max brought their cocks over to me and I sucked, stroked and pumped them over and over again. In turn each guy fucked me, pounding their cocks into my pussy with Lukas doing me doggie style and Max taking me from the side. I was so ready to cum, and I think that the guys were ready to as we had been going at it for a very long time. I though I would just blow them, but they had better plans.

Klaus laid back down on the bed and I was directed to cimb on.

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   Then as he worked his hand over my arsehole Max asked me if a had done anal before. I answered that I hadonly done a few times bad had not enjoyed it yet. Max just said that this was about to change. I felt him lubricate my arse slowly sliding a finger in, it felt amazing with one cock already in and now his finger. Max slide another finger then another, I just moaned loud. Max asked me to suck his cock a bit more and I covered it with saliva. He crawled around me pushing me forward a bit and slowly worked himself in. I thought it would hurt being double penetrated, but I had never felt something so amazing in my life. Klaus and Max slowly worked in me my perfect motion. My teen body was in a state of ecstasy. I summoned Lukas over and slide his cock in my mouth. I now had maybe 25 inches of cock inside of me. I could not believe it!

We went like this for what seemed like forever, the guys just moving in perfect harmony inside of me. I had held out for a very long time but now my organism was starting to come, it was building up so much Then something came over me, my body just tensed, their cocks became something magical. I started to shake without control, I started to scream as loud as I could.

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   I think I lost all consciousness of my surrounding. Klaus and Max were now groaning very loud as well. Lukas pulled back a bit as I utterly lost it. I was violently shaking as my climax hit, I felt Klaus cock swell and start to pump in side, Max followed suit, it was insane feeling cum being pumped into my arsehole, so good. I had 2 cocks unloading inside of my body. My climax just kept coming and coming, I screamed so loud in pleasure, muscles tensed taking my double penetration deeper and deeper. The cocks just kept pumping inside of me. I grabbed Lukas's cock and he just exploded in my mouth, I took every hit of his cum, swallowed as much as I could. He groaned so loud, and like the others it just kept pumping. I had never felt like this before. To put it lightly I exploded in pleasure.

Finally we all slowed down. Max relaxed and leaned on me kissing my neck and telling me how beautiful I was. Lukas pulled out of my mouth and I cleaned his cock as much as I could. Max pulled out of my arsehole to allow Klaus to turn me over and kiss me passionately before taking his cock out of my pussy.

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   I just laid there. I had never felt this way before. A sensation that I had never experienced. I didn't feel like a slutty teen but a beautiful princess that had a dream come true. I just experienced heaven.

I thanked Klaus, Lukas and Max. They gave me their numbers and gave me a lift back to my house. Klaus asked me what I was thinking about. I answered that I was thinking about fucking some of my best friends now. I really wanted to eat some pussy. He said go for it!