Angel part one


Before I start, maybe I should introduce myself to you. My name is Angelica, but everybody calls me Angel. I am 15, probably about 120 pounds and 5ft 5”. I have a curvy figure, with 34C tits and a large round ass. My hair reaches about half way down my back, and is dark and curly. I have long legs, and large hips.
I wasn’t always like this. I mean, ever since I had discovered masturbation I was addicted, but I never thought of myself as a slut. But I guess things started changing since the day after my fifteenth birthday.
My mum and dad had gone out for the day, into town I think, so I was left alone. I am the youngest of 5 children, 4 boys and myself. All of my brothers have moved out so its just me and my parents, which can get pretty boring. Anyway, back to the story. I had decided to start snooping around, seeing as it was my birthday the day before, maybe they had got some present that they had forgotten to give me. I looked in all the usual places. In the wardrobe, under the bed, in the spare room, but I couldn’t find anything.

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   I was searching in my fathers closet when I found a stack of porn magazines stuffed behind a load of shoe boxes. I brought out the one on top of the pile, it seemed to be the one that had been read the most. It was all about teen girls getting screwed by older guys. Some were only a few years older, but then there were some that were more than twice their age. I opened up the middle page and my eyes grew. There was a scene in a kitchen, with a girl and two older guys. The girl could only have been a few years older than myself, but she looked like she was having the time of her life. In the story next to it, it described how the girl had done something bad at school so her father and her uncle (the two guys) had decided to make her pay for it. They had the girl lying on the table. One guy was above her and one below, and they were shoving their dicks into her pussy and ass! She looked like she was having so much fun. My own pussy started getting really wet, so I took off my panties and plunged my finger into my hole. I pummelled my hand in and out, with my thumb rubbing my clit, and brought myself to orgasm. Then I quickly cleaned myself up and went to my room, taking the magazine with me. My father had a whole wardrobe full, so I was sure he wouldn’t miss it.
That was three weeks ago, and I can’t stop myself thinking about the magazine.

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   And it gets me so horny every time. I’ve had boyfriends before, but they are so inexperienced. I really want to lose my virginity to an older guy, someone who knows what to do with me. I love the idea of talking dirty to an older guy, and getting them really horny, so horny that they had to have their way with me there and then.
It was lunchtime, and I was at school. Ever since I found the magazine, I have started dressing sluttier and sluttier. I wear my shortest black skirt with stockings, not tights, and my tightest white blouse which I tuck in to my skirt to show off my waist. I wear my sluttiest panties that show to everyone when I bend over and give the dirtiest looks to anyone who checks me out. Anyway, I had locked myself into the toilets. I was so horny and I needed to give myself some relief. Some guys in my last class had been checking me out all lesson and I had practically given it to them on a plate. My hand reached up into my skirt and moved my thong aside. My finger traced my lips, occasionally dipping into my slit. Then I suddenly thrusted two fingers into my pussy, causing me to moan loudly. Suddenly I heard girls coming into the toilets.

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   I knew it wasn’t safe to be doing it here, so I thought of a plan. I tidied myself up and left the toilet. Back in the corridor, people were staring again, and I loved it.
    I loved every minute of it. I made my way towards the library and entered. At the back of the library was a small room for the school nurse. I knocked and entered.
    ‘Hello dear, may I help you?’ she said.
    ‘Yes, I’m really not feeling very well,’ I replied.
    ‘Oh dear, what’s wrong with you?’ she said, looking sympathetic.
    ‘Well I have a really bad headache, and my stomach is hurting. ’ I lied.
    ‘Do you want me to send you home dear?’ she asked.
    ‘Yes please. I think I would be better if I just went to bed.

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      ’ I was trying to look ill.
    ‘Of course, of course, always helps doesn’t it. Right you can just leave, I will sign you out. ’ she said, turning to her computer. ‘What’s your name dear?’
    ‘Angelica Lewis, miss. ’
    ‘Rightio. Bye then. ’
    ‘Thank you miss. ’ I said before leaving in a hurry.
    My plan had worked. I wasn’t ill at all. Now I had the whole afternoon to just lie in bed and fuck myself silly. I had found a vibrator in my mums bed side table, which I knew could come in handy this afternoon.
    As I walked down my street, I saw that there were building vans outside our house. ‘oh shit,’ I thought.

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       I had totally forgotten that we had builders in today to fit our pool in our garden. I opened the front door and walked into the lounge. There were two builders in there, talking measurements or something. They noticed me standing there and stopped talking.
    ‘May we help you?’ one said. He was about 5ft 11”, and looked about 30ish.
    ‘No, this is my house!’ I said, annoyed that my plan had failed. I was still really horny too.
    ‘Oh so you must be Angelica. Your mum told us that you would be home at about 3. 30, its not even 1. 00! Aren’t you supposed to be at school?’ the other builder asked. He was slightly taller, very muscular, and looked younger too, probably about 23.
    ‘I’m not feeling very well so I got sent home. I’m going to bed.

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       Is anyone working upstairs?’ I asked them.
    ‘Nope, just downstairs. We will make sure no-one disturbs you. ’
    ‘Thanks,’ I said. I went upstairs.
    I chucked my stuff in my room, now really annoyed that my plan hadn’t worked. I went across the hall to the bathroom. The door was closed but not locked so I assumed no-one was in there. I assumed wrong. I opened the door. There was a builder in there, jacking off! Shocked, I closed the door.
    ‘I am so sorry,’ I called through the door.
    ‘Its ok, don’t worry. I just needed some relief!’ he called back. It sounded like he was trying not to moan.

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    ‘I know the feeling,‘ I giggled. ‘I should have knocked or something, I’ll wait until you’ve finished,’ I said, embarrassed.
    ‘Do you need anything?’ he asked.
    ‘I just came for some hand cream from the cabinet,’ I said, lying. I had actually come to do what he was doing right now!
    ‘Well you can come in now, I’ve finished,’ he replied.

      I cautiously opened the door. The builder was washing his hands. He was about 5ft 10”, and you could see his muscles through his thin t-shirt. He didn’t look older than 21.
      ‘I’m Jake,’ he said.
      ‘Angel,’ I replied.
      ‘Oh so you’re the pretty girl on the refrigerator then,’ he grinned.
      ‘Oh no, you saw that huh!’ I said, flushing pink. My mum kept a picture of me on the front of the fridge, a really embarrassing one too!
      ‘Its cute,’ he smiled at me. He had a cute smile.

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         When he did, his eyes sparkled. They made her feel all mushy inside.
      ‘Thanks,’ I grinned at him. I reached to get the hand cream, and was rubbing some into my hands when he said ’But your more beautiful in the flesh. ’
      I looked up at him. He stepped forward. He gripped my hips and held me to him, his lips grazed mine. When I showed no sign of stopping, he kissed me properly. His tongue probed my mouth as his hands groped my ass. I broke off the kiss, and locked the door. ‘We don’t want any visitors,‘ I said, giggling. I turned back around and pulled his top off him. I explored his body, felt his muscles rippling beneath his skin. As my hands travelled lower, I realised he had a raging hard on. I undid his belt and pulled his trousers to his feet.

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         His boxers were supporting a full sized tent! I pulled them down too, and his cock sprang to attention. I lowered myself to my knees and wrapped my hands around his tool. It must have been about 9 1/2 inches long, and quite wide too. I could barely get my petite hands around it. I traced my finger over the head, scooping up some pre-cum that had started to come out of the tip. I brought my finger up to my mouth and gingerly sucked on it. It tasted quite salty, but bearable. I bent my head over the head, and sucked. My tongue flicked over the tip, and tickled underneath it. ‘Wait,’ he said. I looked up at him, my eyes trying to look innocent. ‘puppy-dog eyes’, my mum calls them. I took the head out of my mouth, and stood up.
      ‘What is it?’ I asked, grinning as I hugged myself close to him and started placing light kisses on his neck and shoulders.
      ‘Nothing, I just don’t think its fair how I have to be naked and your not!’ he replied laughing.

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      ‘Well, I’m sure could do something about that…’ I said seductively.
      I sat on the toilet seat and took of my shoes. Then I slowly took off the stockings, showing one inch of smooth, slender flesh at a time. I stood up, and started un-doing buttons on my blouse. I peeled that off my shoulders and undid the button and zip off my skirt. That fell to the floor. Jake looked amazed.
      ‘Wow,’ he whispered. ‘You really are beautiful!’
      I giggled. I was now standing there in my underwear, a matching bra and thong made of black lace. My hands snaked behind my back and unclipped my bra. That fell away too.
      ‘Sorry, I can’t wait anymore!,’ Jake suddenly said hoarsely, after my bra had fallen to the floor.
      He stepped forward and grabbed me and pushed me into a rough passionate kiss. His hands rose and started massaging my tits.


         His hands flicked my nipples, making me squeal through the kiss. My thong was drenched with my juices, some were even running down my legs. And yet, I was still loving every minute of it!
      I started to grind myself against his cock, loving the way it felt running through my slit. He knelt down at my feet and removed my thong, then flicked his tongue over my clit before plunging it into my pussy. I had to grab hold of the wash basin to keep my balance, my legs had suddenly turned to jelly! It was the most fabulous thing I have ever felt in my life. ‘Oh my god!’ I growled. ‘Harder, harder, harder…’ He did, his tongue reaching further into my pussy, going faster and faster. With his thumb, he started to gently rub my little clit, that pushed me over the edge. I collapsed into an amazing, intense orgasm that seemed never ending. Jake reappeared from between my legs, grinning like a Cheshire cat! He was licking my cum off his lips and chin. I leaned forward and kissed him, tasting my cum in his mouth. I moaned. Suddenly he stopped again. . .

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      should i continue??? its up to you guys! email me at XxhopetheangelxX@aol. com, or leave a comment. thanks xxx

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