Angel part two


I leaned forward and kissed him, tasting my cum in his mouth. I moaned. Suddenly he stopped again.
‘Are you a virgin, Angel?’ he asked quietly.
‘Yea…’ I replied.
‘Oh, ok. ’
‘Well I’d never have guessed. You act so experienced. ’
‘Nope, this is my first time. ’
‘Great,’ he said, pulling me close.
‘Why don’t we go to my room? It would be much more comfortable. ’ I asked him.
‘Sure, sounds good. ’ he gripped my hand and followed me out of the bathroom to my room. Suddenly I realised, my bed was tiny and it was covered in stuffed toys! I quickly led him to my parents room. He didn’t seem to care.

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   We closed the door behind us and he led me to the bed. I wanted him to control me, so I stood posing at the end of the bed until he made me come and lie on the bed.
‘Does your dad have any condoms?’ he asked me, looking concerned.
‘Its fine, I’m on the pill to control my period. ’ I replied smiling.
‘Perfect, I want you to experience your first time without rubber between us. ’ he grinned.
He made me lie on my back and I spread my legs wide, giving him full access. I couldn’t help smiling…I knew it was going to be good! I felt like such a bad girl, and I really wanted him to punish me. The only problem was, he was too nice! Suddenly I thought ‘why am I moaning! He gorgeous, what else to I need?!’.
His tongue brought me back from my thoughts, flicking my clit. I couldn’t help but moan! His tongue traced to my ass, then back up to my clit as few times, occasionally he even dipped his tongue into my little ass hole! Then he slid one finger into my pussy and wiggled it about a bit, then put another one in. Then he started to pump them in and out really fast and, rubbing my clit at the same time, brought me to a second orgasm.
‘Are you sure you wanted me to do this?’ he asked.
‘Positive,’ I replied.

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He climbed on top of me and guided his cock towards my entrance. With his hand, he gently slid his head into my long awaited pussy. I moaned in delight. It was slightly painful, but bearable. Then he thrust in deeply, causing me to scream slightly at the pain I was feeling.
‘Its ok,’ he said. ‘It will pass in a moment. ’
He lay there deep inside me, just waiting, whilst I got adjusted to the size of the intrusion. He played with my tits, sucking on my nipples like little boiled sweets, and licking them like lollypops. The pleasure he was giving me over-rode the pain, and I told him to go on. He withdrew his cock, and my pussy felt empty. But then he slammed back in again, then out then in. I was moaning loudly. My pussy was tingling, and my walls were clenching at thin air when he withdrew but at thick meaty cock when he re-entered. The feeling was sensational.

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   My head was spinning. ‘harder, harder,’ I whispered hoarsely in his ear. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him in harder and faster.
‘Wait, I have an idea,’ Jake grinned at me.
He made me get off the bed and get on my hands and knees on the floor, with my ass in the air. He came up behind me, and got ready to put his cock back in my love hole, but I couldn’t stand the wait. I slammed back onto his hard cock and groaned loudly, as his cock went deeper than ever before. He was finally beginning to realise that he didn’t need to be gentle with me, and was slamming into me like there was no tomorrow! Suddenly he began to groan louder than he had been before, and said ‘I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum all in your pretty little pussy. ’ I couldn’t wait. ‘Oh come on, shoot your load all into my pussy, go on, I’ve been a bad girl, I need your seed right up inside me’ I said. He couldn’t wait any longer. He shot his load, jet after jet after jet of hot sticky cum I felt hit my pussy walls, pushing me to an incredible orgasm right on his cock. I milked his cock of all its juices, then he pulled out and we both collapsed on the bed. Mine and his cum mixed together started pouring out of my pussy and down my crack onto the bed but I didn’t care. I loved every minute of it, and nothing could spoil it!
hey guys.

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  . . thanks for the great feedback for part one, and heres part two just as promised! feedback would be greatly appreciated, email me at XxhopetheangelxX@aol. com or leave a comment, thanks xxx

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