Anna: Unwiling?


My name is Anna. I'm 14 years old. I used to be a normal girl, but I was kidnapped by an older man after school one day. I'm a pretty cute high school freshman, I tend to get with the older guys. Although I've never had sex yet, I've been around and have done just about everything but that. So this one Friday after school, I met with this guy. He was 19, and wanted to go to a club with me. I was underage, and since this might be my only chance until I was of age, I jumped at the chance. Plus, I wanted to get with him, and I thought it was hot to do it in an erotic place like the back of a club. That night, at the club, we were dancing and getting pretty close. We made out once on the floor, then he wanted to go out into his car. I was drunk and said OK, sure. We made out in the backseat while he undressed me. Once we stopped, I laid my head on his crotch, smiling softly. He put my head down on the seat, got into the drivers seat and drove off. I was too tired to say anything like where are we going, I assumed back to his place to have sex.

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   I fell asleep on the way. When I woke up, I was surprised to find myself standing against the wall. When I tried to move, I realized I wasn't standing, but I was bound by my hands and feet to two metal pipes. I screamed and called out for help. Then the guy came in, along with a bigger and older man. He sat on the bed and explained what was going on. "I'm sorry Anna, but you've been kidnapped. You see, this guy Randall, will pay top dollar for young virgin teenage girls. You see, he's a pimp, and you belong to him now. " The older man then spoke. "I'm Randall's assistant. This house here, you live here, you sleep here, you fuck here. " I was so shocked my mouth just hung open and my eyes bore into the man I was so close to having sex with, with an expression of shock and misunderstanding. "What the hell is going on? I don't have a pimp! I don't belong here!" "Oh yes you do. And you're the popular one tonight.

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   Josh get one of the girls in here to get her dressed. " They both left. I screamed, not willing to accept that I had been kidnapped and was now somebody's whore. Then a girl came in. She was about my age, and very cute. She was dressed in a red satin babydoll with a cut down the middle. "Don't be afraid," she said. "It's not as bad as you think. That is, if you're horny, then it won't be too bad. " "But you're a whore!" "I know, but it grows on you. Ya know it's kinda kinky, having men drool all over me, bidding to get their sweaty hands all over my young body. You're a virgin, huh?" I nodded. "Yep, tonight's gonna be hell for you. I'm not gonna lie, I've been here six months, the first night was the worst. But cheer up, after tonight, it gets better.

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  " "What about your family? Don't they look for you?" "I don't know. I've been in this house for six months, haven't left once. " "How often do you do it?" "Have sex? I dunno, couple times a day. Sometimes guys will get us and not even have sex with us, but make us do other things. " "Like what?" "I dunno, depends on the guy. Whatever they want. Now we've gotta get you dressed. Since you're a virgin, all the guys tonight are gonna go crazy over you. " She undid the binds on my arms and legs, and led me over to a closet. Inside were at least 15 different sets of lingerie. I picked a pleather cami that looked like a bandana tied over my breasts and a black thong, it was the sluttiest thing I'd ever worn. I was so nervous, I had to stop putting on the outfit. "Stop! This-this isn't right. I'm only 14! I shouldn't be here!" I started to cry.
    "Aww, cheer up, sweetie.

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       This place isn't too bad. When I go out there, I always feel powerful. I can control all these men, they want me, I am their only desire. They'll do anything to get me. " That made me stop crying. I loved for guys to look at me with lust and awe at school, maybe this would be like that. I finished dressing. "You'll be OK," she said. "Tommorow morning, come find me and we'll talk, my name's Jessica by the way. " "Thanks, Jessica. " She lead me out of the room and down a hall. I could hear loud chatter in the room ahead. A man in a black and white striped suit approached me. "Anna? I'm Randall. You're on next after Jessica.

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       Once she's done, walk out and stand in that glass cylinder. We'll tie your hands to the top. Then the men will bid on you. The highest bidder will come untie you. Lead him to your bedroom. They'll be bidding on the whole night with you, I won't open the door until 9am tommorow morning. Until then, you're his property. Whatever he wants, you will do it. As long as you do that, we will get along okay. But if I hear any complaints, there'll be trouble. Alright, Jessica, you're up. " Jessica walked past me and whispered 'Watch me' as she went on stage. She didn't enter the glass cylinder like I was supposed to, instead she danced very seductively around the stage and got very up close with several men at the front of the stage. The older man from my room began to speak. He announced the bids as the men made them.

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       After a minute, the bidding stopped and a man stepped onto stage and grabbed Jessica. He was about 30 and a little overweight. He put his arm around her and paid the older man speaking. The man and Jessica walked off the stage, touching each other all over. As they passed, Jessica winked at me and entered what I presumed was her bedroom. The man with the microphone motioned to me. I wiped the remaining tear from my face, took a deep breath, and stepped onto the stage. To be continued. . . .