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I hear the shower running and it wakes me from my sleep. Its late afternoon and she's just come in. I see the skirt and top on the floor, her underwear hanging off the door knob. The rooms curtains were closed giving it that gloomy midafternoon glow. You can't tell if the sun was going up or going down. The shower stops and she steps out, I could see her there in the darkness, her body wet and glistening. My chest tightens even now as I see her fully naked. She grabs a towel from the chair nearby and dries herself off. Just watching her has given me a hard on, She searches for her mom's hair dryer and plugs it in. The sound drowns out all my thoughts. She bends down to let her blond hair hang from her head as she dries it off with the drier. Her breasts shows its fullness as she bends down, her nipples stand up as the blast of hot air passes over them. She see's me on the bed and comes towrds me. Beautifull is all I could say at this moment. Her full figure came early and she took after her mom as her tits were full and well rounded. Her nipples had just a wisp of pink in them.

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   I pulled her close to me and and kissed her in the mouth full on, her passion merely driven by her hormones at this stage. Our tounges dance and I suck her lips unitl they are ruby red. I ask her seriously "Are you ready?" She looks me in the eye and says "yes". I proceed to lick her left nipple long and hard. This gets her very excited and she makes low moans and her hands grab the side of the bed. I take out one of the ice cubes out of my drink I left earlier and rub it straight on her left nipple. Her sudden intake of breath tells me that the its something new for her. I rub the ice cube on her nipple for about five minutes until she tells me that her nipple is numb. I open a side drawer and take out a needle. A slight look of fear crosses her eyes but she says nothing. I don't delay and hold her nipple and stretch it up. Her pained expression tells me that I should hurry up. I plunge the needle deep into the soft tissue of the nipple. Tears run down her eyes a slight sob, but I tell her to hush and reassure her that we are half way there. I grab the nipple ring from the back of the drawer and line it up with the needle and slowly push the sharp end of the ring as it pushes the needle out.

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   Blood drips down the sheets mixed with her tears. Her knuckles turn white as I try to finish the job quickly. I clip the nipple ring closed and get another cube of ice and put it on her nipple. I dry her tears off and tell her that her nipple ring looks great. I stand her up and make her look into the full length mirror. Her eyes were locked onto her left nipple. It was new and different for her. Her hand slowly went up and touched it, her eyes closed as she touched it. It will feel different when it gets better I tell her. I touch her between her legs and she's very wet. She knows what I want and does not hesitate to give it. I sit at the edge of the bed and she walks towards the stereo. She puts on a slow jazz cd and opens her moms shoe drawer. She puts on two black spike heels and proceeds to dance in a slow rythmic movement. Her hips sway from left to right, her hands travel down the length of her legs up to her body as she creatively cups her breasts in her hands.

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   She slowly turns around and spreads her legs, she slowly bends down giving me full view of her ass and pussy. She smiles seductively and knows that shes pushing all my buttons. She comes closer and sways her body in front of me. I could smell her scent, the smell of her juices flowing. My hands hold on to her hips and I look down and sigh. She holds my face in her hands and tells me that its all right, that she wants it as well. She turns around and slowly lowers herself to my already rock hard cock. I could see her face in the mirror and see the pleasure it brings her as I reach around and grab her clit. I could feel the soft folds of flesh between my fingers, her wetness has made my entry smooth and easy. At that age they are always impatient. Always wanting to get right into the thick of things and not enjoy or savor the moment. I hold her hips down and slowly break her rythm. Now we are going very slow, I could feel my cock glide into her very flesh. Her tight virginal vaginal walls embracing my cock was nice but it was the look on her face that really did it for me. As she slowly went down on my cock her face was a contorted display of pleasure.

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   The demands of her flesh wanted her to hurry up, but I wanted to enjoy the moment. Thus as I slowly started to feel that she was starting to stirr my loins I stopped her. I lay her on the bed and spread her legs. Her pussy was a feast. Nice clean and neat, no overhang of flesh here like an over used rag, her pussy was smooth and well rounded. Her pubic hair just a smooth tuft. I ate her like a ravenous pig, sucking licking and slurping every piece I could get my hands on. My hands squeezed her golden thighs, her hands were holding on to the bed as her toes curled in delight high in the air. Then she cums. Her legs come together locking my head straight over her pussy. I suck even harder and she lets out a howl of delight and she starts to laugh as I keep sucking. Her hands grab my head and she tries to move my head out of the way as the pleasure is unbearable. I lock my hands onto her hips and start to lick and suck her even more. Soon her hands drop away as she builds up to another orgasm. I stop on the third one as i am tired and can't move my mouth anymore.

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   Her body is slick with sweat and it makes her look even more beautiful. I shall continue when possible. .