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Today I was home alone,no wife and kids to bother me,so I decided I needed a good jack off session. Now I'm 41yrs old,6'2",200lbs,good looking,and I love my 7. 5 inch cock,that's 2inches in diameter. I jack off when I can,look at porn alot,and my favorites are nice asses,young girls,and sometimes,guys too. I was getting into my stroking off,when my neighbor called me,and asked if I could watch her daughter Kelly for a couple hours,while she did some errands. She had stayed home from school ,not feeling well. I told her,:"no problem",glad to do it". I cleaned up my things,shut off the porno I was watching,and waited for her to arrive.
Now Kelly is about 5'2",95lbs,long,brown hair,very perky tits,and a perfectly tight,hard buns of steel ass. I have thought of that ass alot,when I beat off,just dreaming of sticking my cock in it. She arrived shortly,wearing a loose halter top,and a very short,white(see thru)skirt,that showed me she was wearing a white thong . I thought I'd come in my shorts right then! Her mom yelled:"Thank you,I'll be back in a couple hours",and drove off. As we walked into my house,I could see the outline of her great ass,which made my cock start to get aroused. I asked:"So your not feeling well?"She said:"Not to bad,just needed a day off,you know. " I asked her what she'd like to do,and she said:"Can I just lay down,and watch TV?"I said:"Whatever you want,just let me know. "She turned on the TV in the living room,and asked if I had any juice.

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   I said:Got apple,will that work?"She said :"that will be good,. When I returned,she was laying on her side,head on a pillow,on the floor. Her skirt had risen up in the back,and I could see that ass,with her thong on. It was better than I thought. So little,but so tight,and her butt cheeks looked great.
I handed her her juice,and she said:"Thanks for watching me,my parents always say your such a good guy,and I think so too. "I said:"Thank you,you are very nice to,you know. " Making small talk,and watching TV for awhile,she then asked me :"Do you like being married?"I said:"Usually,but its been so long now,(18years),it gets kinda old at times. " She said:"Do you and your wife still have fun?"I asked:"Depends on what you mean,like play fun or bedroom fun?"She said:"I mean, do you still have sex?"I said :"of course,but maybe only once a month. " She then shocked me by asking:"Do you masturbate?"I said:"All the time,I'm always horny,don't you know. " She then asked:"Would you massage my back,it makes me feel better?"Knowing I couldn't control myself,or my cock,that was starting to grow,and thinking I could get in big trouble,I decided. . . . .

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  . what the hell! I told her to lay on her stomach,and when she did,she put a pillow underneath her,putting that ass up even higher. My cock was now about half erect,and what a sight! I began massaging her legs,from the side. Up and down those tanned calves and thighs.
In minutes, my cock was now rock hard,and she didn't know it. Making small talk,I told her how beautiful her body was,and how lucky some guy would be someday to be her boyfriend. She laughed,and said:"I'm still only 15 you know,mom and dad won't let me have one yet. " But I do look forward to it!" I started rubbing up by her inner thighs,right by that sweet,looking pussy,and ass. Her breathing started to get harder,and she said:"That feels good,your hands are so strong. "I then started massaging that hard ass. Oh my god! It felt so good! She was breathing really hard now,then said:"That feels so good,keep touching me. "I was about to shoot my load,but didn't. I slid her thong out of that ass,and began rubbing those pussy lips with my thumbs,while still doing her ass. In minutes,she began to moan and squirm. She then said:"Your going to make me come.

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  . . hearing that,I lifted her ass up,ripped off the thong,and buried  my face into that ass. Licking and sucking that young pussy drove me crazy! She was pushing her ass hard,onto my face,enjoying it,when I put my tongue in that tight asshole. She screamed:"Oh my God!!! That feels so good. " In a few seconds,she blew her sweet juices all over my face.
It was great!She layed back down,out of breath,turned to face me,and said:"I loved that,you made me come,and my pussy feel so good. " She saw my hard cock,which had come out of my shorts,and said:"Can I suck your cock?" I said:Please do,I'm about ready to come anyway. "Her young mouth and lips began to pleasure me like I've never had before,it was unreal! Seeing that beautiful young girl sucking,drove me wild. In about 5 minutes,I told her I was going to blow,when she said:"Would you like to come in my little butt?"I about shot it then,but answered:"Yes I do,I want it so bad!!I eased in behind her,she raised that ass,and said:"Your the first,make me feel good. " With her wet from coming,I put the head of my throbbing cock at her little hole. I couldn't believe what I was doing! I started to push it in,she screamed. I pushed some more,she screamed,then I pushed harder,and in it went. Unbelievable!!I could barely slide it in and out,it was so fucking tight! She began to yell:"It feels soooo gooood!!,fuck my little asshole,do you like it?"
I could barely talk,but said:"I love your ass!!I love your butt!!,Slowly going in and out of that tight,little hole,I was ready to blow. I screamed:"I'm coming Kelly.

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  . . . . I'm coming. . . !!Then,BAM!!!!I came like there was no tomorrow. That tight ass held onto my cock,till all my load was gone. As I pulled it out,she turned over,and said:"I loved the way you fucked my ass!!It was so good. " She kissed me,and said:"I won't tell my parents,I promise,but I really want to have more sex with you,do you?" Stumbling for words,I said:"If you want me,I'm all yours. " She said next time we do,she wants to show me how good she can suck my cock,and I can be the first to fuck her too. Does life get any better?I now have a totally,hot,young girl of my dreams,to fuck,and have her do things to me,whenever I want!! Life is good!!!!  
Part 2 later!!!

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