Babysitting Turned Out Great


Hey Everyone,
I am never sure how to title and categorize theses things sometimes. This is totally true and it is lesbian, teen and involves a dog so you can guess.
I was 17 and it is after Mom and Aunt Brenda have introduced me to both lesbian, doggie and horse fun so I was ready for what happened.
I was babysitting a young girl named Donna. She was really cute and was just getting breasts, called puffies by most people I think. Anyway, they reminded me of mine at that age, all nipple and poking out to embarrass you. She really would not fill a bra except maybe a sports bra would help but she did not like wearing one and her mother gave up trying to get her to. So you can guess her age if you like but Brenda told me she had a story taken of that way so I will leave it as it is. Anyway, I was to sit for her over a long weekend and so her Mom (she was divorced) had me over to get to know her a couple times while she went out late. They had a beautiful collie that was regular sized and he was playful as hell. He loved the Tootsie Rolls that Donna gave him all the time.
I was there the first night and Donna had gone to bed and the collie, Jocko, was with her. I turned of the TV and was reading and heard a noise from upstairs. It sounded like Donna was having some fun so I went quietly up and opened the door and she was laying there with Jocko licking between her legs. She had on a night shirt and no panties and I watched her come to a nice orgasm and was soaking wet myself. What was I to do? Should I take advantage of the situation? I really did not know.

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   After that she fell asleep and I went to the guest room to take care of my wet pussy. After a lovely orgasm I reclined on the couch and napped.

I woke at 11 and looked for Felisha, Donna's Mom but she was not home yet. About a half hour later she came in and hugged me. She had been drinking and was really cheerful and very touchy. I did not mind and so waited to see how much touching she may want to do. She hugged me as I left and looked at me and smiled and I asked "What?" and she just smiled and said, "Nothing, same time tomorrow night then?" and I said sure. I was early the next night and wore a sun dress, no bra and a string bikini thong. She noticed the lack of a bra and smiled again. Donna came down the stairs followed by Jocko and the dog jumped around and Donna hugged me. "See you guys in the morning. " Felisha said as she went out the door. We watched some TV and then Donna fell asleep with her head in my lap and I let her stay there a while then got her up to go to her room to sleep. She laid down but was now fully awake. "Come on Jocko.

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  " she called and the dog bounded onto the bed and licked her face. I was getting wet again. I went downstairs and waited a little then came back up. I had turned out the lights in the house so Donna could not see me against lights that would be behind me. I opened the door a little and she had Jocko licking her again and she had a nice orgasm. The dog stopped and Donna begged, "Oh no, here is another tootsie roll" and she slipped it into her hairless pussy. Jocko sniffed and began licking again as the treat melted. Donna was lifting her hips and enjoying another orgasm and I had my fingers in my pussy under my dress and was almost having one myself when Jocko stopped and turned around and had seen me. Donna tried to cover herself and failed and so I stepped into the room.

"My my, seems like Jocko has been having some delicious snacks. " I said smiling at her. "Oh please don't tell. " Donna said and a few tears came to her eyes. "Tell what Donna? I didn't see anything except you and Jocko playing around on the bed. " I said.

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   "Really?" she said. "No, not really but I do not have to tell anyone if you want to have some more fun. " I said and sat on the bed. Donna looked at me, "What kind of fun?" she said. I pulled off my dress and tossed it to the floor and sat on the bed cross legged. "The kind that two girls can have with a dog. " I said and she was staring at my naked body and her eyes stopped at my tits, nipples hard and ready. "Okay. . " she said. I petted Jocko and scratched behind his ears and got him to pay attention to me. I took one of the candies and melted it some and rubbed it on my nipples and pussy after taking of the thong. I laid back and Jocko did not have to be told, he began licking my nipples and his rough tongue made them harder than they were. Donna had taken her night shirt off and was naked next to me. I reached as Jocko was licking my pussy and massaged Donna's buds and she laid down and got close to me.

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   I pulled her closer and we were now face to face and I told her to close her eyes and as she did I kissed her gently. The kiss began soft then deeper as I went into her mouth searching for her tongue and found it. Jocko brought me to an orgasm as I was kissing her and we hugged tight.

Jocko got off he bed and laid by the door for some reason and Donna stayed close. "That felt great. " she said and I looked at her. "Lay down, I will show you what we can do together. " and so she did. I began kissing her and then licking her neck and down to her small buds and she let out a gasp as I licked and sucked them. I slowly went down her tummy to her almost hairless pussy and licked her lips apart and then found her little clit. I sucked it and licked it till she was moaning and moving her hips with my mouth. She let me lick her all that I wanted to and I did a lot. Soon, her orgasm washed over my mouth and she was wriggling all over the bed. We laid there a little and she told me, "Now you, I wanna do you. " and so I laid on my back and she began doing as I had done her, kissing me soft them deeper and then my tits as I guided her from one to the other and told her to do it harder or not.

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   "Now to you place down there. " she said and I moved my hips and spread my legs apart. She began sucking and licking and she slipped fingers inside as I told her to. After a lot of moaning and squirming I had a wonderful orgasm that soaked her face. We laid there for a while, "That was really good. " she said. "I have something else to show you too. " I said and slapped my hands and called Jocko. "Come on boy, come on. " and he got on the bed. "Now this is the best part but you may need to wait to do this. " I told her. I let him lick my pussy some then reached under and his cock was swelled and so I massaged it till it was coming out of the sheath. "Now, this is the fun part. " I told Donna.

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   I messaged him till his hips began bucking and then turned around onto my knees and offered him my ass. He tried to mount and after a couple times he did. I guided him to my pussy and he began humping his cock in me. "Oh yeah, that is it. " I moaned and Donna was watching close. "Oh god, he has a ball in him. " Donna squealed and I laughed some. "No, that is his knot and I want that in me. " I said and he kept humping and then it popped in and I moaned louder. He was now really fucking me and I started to tell him how good it was. He was not the biggest dog I had in me but he was great at humping. I moaned loud and had an orgasm and then another and Jocko began pumping his cum in me and I was moaning like crazy. He finished and soon his cock came out and huge glob of cum came out on the sheets. "I will get something to clean it. " Donna said.

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   "No, we can take care of that ourselves. " I said and she looked at me. I bent down and began running my tongue through the cum on the sheet and then sucked some into my mouth. "What does it taste like?" Donna asked me. "Here, try some. " I said and sucked more into my mouth and then kissed her letting it slip into her mouth and she made a loud slurping noise. "Oh, that is great. " she said and her mouth was on the rest of the spot and slurrping it up swallowing it down.

"I want him to do me. " Donna said and I told her that if she was still virgin that it would make her bleed. She went to the bathroom and brought back a couple towels that were red already and said, "I really wanna do it. " and so we got Jocko up and played with him some and he was ready to go. "Watch this. " I said as I slipped his cock into my mouth and got him really hot. "Okay, he is ready.

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  " I said and Donna was on all four. I helped him find his target and she squealed out as he penetrated her and began humping. Tears came from her eyes and I told her we can stop but when his knot is in we have to wait till he is done. "Let him do it all. " she said and she began to bleed and then he somehow popped into her and his knot was tied to her and he was humping like crazy. Donna began moving her hips back against him and she was moaning, "Oh yes Jocko, fuck me. " she was saying imitating me. He did just that and filled her with his cum. After her finished it plopped out onto the towels. Donna collapsed and laid there as I kissed her. "That was great but I am sore. " she said. "Are you staying with me when Mommy takes her trip?" she said and I told her yes. "Good, Jocko is going to have a lot to do. " she said and we kissed and laid there naked and slept.

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The sun woke us up and we had about an hour before Mom got home so we went and showered and dressed and Donna had a tampon in cause she was still bleeding. Her Mom got home, "Anything exciting happen last night?" she said and we said "No" and ate breakfast. I left and Donna hugged me and kissed me and I told her to stop that. As I left her Mom said, "Tell your aunt that the night was beautiful. " and I walked out. Aunt Brenda called a little after I got in, "Had a nice time last night with Donna did you?" she said and I said, "What do you know?" and Brenda laughed over the phone, "Hun, that house has got cameras in places you would not believe. " and I almost fainted. "Felisha and I watched all you two did and we had some fun ourselves. " Brenda said and I fell into her arms and we began all over again.

See ya later folks.