Bare Bottom


When she was firmly in position, Ben gently caressed her plump bottom with his hand while reveling in its plush softness, then without warning, he lifted his palm and began rhythmically paddling the warm soft buttocks!!! Although she didn't cry out, little groans and gasps were soon filling the room along wit the cracking sound of a hard hand striking a soft bottom!!! After several hard strokes, Mr. Solon asked, "How does it feel, dear, can you feel it in your vagina, is it making you excited!?!" "Oh yes," she gasped, "my vagina is on fire, don't stop now, ohhhhh!!!" "That's very good, my dear, only five more and we can take care of your other problem," he replied smoothly while finishing up his stroking, "there now, all done, do you promise to be a good girl from now on!?!" "I-I promise," she said with a small sob, "now please, h-help me!!!"While gently rubbing her fat red bottom, Mr. Solon pressed his intercom button and asked Georgia to come into his office, and once she was inside he said to her, "Georgia, Mrs. Larson has been a very bad little girl and she had to be punished, but now, another problem has come up that I hope you can take care of!!!" "Anything you want, sir," she replied softly while staring at Krista Larson's bright red bottom, "what do you want me to do!?!" "Well," Ben Solon continued, "whenever she gets her spankings, unfortunately her vagina becomes extremely aroused, and consequently we must relieve her sexual tension before allowing her to return to her classroom!!!" "Now that is where you come in," he went on, "I was hoping that if you would be so kind as to orally satisfy the poor girl, we could send her on her way!!!" "I'd love to, sir," Georgia replied, "I hope her vagina is shaved clean, as I love seeing erect clits sticking out of smooth vulvas!!!" "Well," he added, "you're in luck, Mrs. Larson has one of the smoothest and plumpest vulvas you'll ever see, now if we can get started, please!!!""Oh, Mr. Solon," Georgia cried, "just look at it, it's oozing juice and her clit, you can actually see it protruding from her fat lips, it' utterly stunning!!!" "Please control yourself and get to work," admonished her boss, "Mrs. Larson has to get back to her class, so if you would please!!!" Now laying on Mr. Solon's large wooded desk with her legs spread wide, Krista clenched and unclenched her fists while lewdly shoving her engorged organ towards Georgia's mouth in anticipation of the cunt lapping she knew was to follow!!! Gingerly, almost delicately, the secretary leaned forward and pressed her mouth against Krista's vagina, causing the young teacher to literally shudder as the soft lips contacted her fully erected clitoris!!! Upon hearing her moan and sigh, Ben asked softly, "Do you enjoy cunt lappings Mrs. Larson, your vagina certainly seems to be begging for it?!?" "Oh yes," she gasped as Georgia carefully parted her labia and began tonguing her hard little clitoris, "s-she has a wonderful mouth and it feels so nice!!!" While Georgia continued to lick the succulent organ, Mr. Solon continued to question Krista about her sex life by asking, "How often does your husband fuck you, dear?!?" "Almost every night," she answered between gasps, "he loves fucking me!!!" "As well he should, my dear, you have an almost perfect vagina," he replied, "and any man would be proud to call it his own, but another question please, does he suck you too, I mean along with his fucking does he orally satisfy you?!?" "God, I'm on fire," she moaned, "she's sucking me so well, and I'm so close to cumming!!!" "Please answer my question, Mrs. Larson," he pressed on, "does your husband regularly suck your vagina!?!" "Fuck yes," she said through clenched teeth, "that's why I shave my pussy, so that his mouth and tongue have open access to my organ!!!" "Very good," he said softly, "from the looks of things you're read to cum, would you like that, dear?!?" "Please," she begged, "I'm am so fucking ready!!!""There's just one problem," he intoned evenly!!! "W-what problem" she fairly bawled, "I just really need to climax, please let me!?!" "In do time, child," he replied, "but first we address this problem, okay!?!" "Anything you say," she begged, "j-just hurry, it's driving me crazy!!!" "I have another question for you , dear," he said in syrupy smooth voice, "do you suck your husband's hard penis for him!?!" "Of course I do," she wailed, "I love sucking him off, why do you ask!?!" "Well, fortunately or unfortunately," he replied, "depending on your point of view, I happen to have a very hard penis, and to tell you the truth I need someone to suck on it!!!" "Now since Georgia's mouth is otherwise occupied," he continued on, "I need a volunteer to orally satisfy my erection, do you know anyone who could do that for me!?!" "Let me do it," she gasped, "hurry up, let me suck it, ohhhhhhhhh, god hurry please!!!" "Mmmmmmm, Georgia," he sighed, "she has a very nice mouth, almost as nice as yours, and she's so enthusiastic, she can't seem to get enough of my erection!!!" Sucking an licking sounds soon filled the small office as the cunt lapping secretary and the cock sucking social studies teacher both began to work feverishly to bring their respective suckees to climax!!!"While Ben Solon was quickly approaching his orgasm, it was Krista who was in the more dire straits, as her pussy and clit had been running on the ragged edge of climax for nearly fifteen minutes, she was in a state of near panic at the thought that they might not let her over the hump and have her cum!!!" In a very calm voice, Ben offered," Georgia, I'm very close now, my nuts have tightened and it's only a matter of time, I think you can finish her off now, we've tormented the poor dear long enough!!!" So, almost as if turning on a light switch, Georgia put her tongue into over drive and sent the poor thing careening over "Orgasm Cliff"!!! While Krista's body trembled and shook as a shock wave of pleasure coursed through her entire being, Ben's pecker sensing it was time, convulsed twice and sent a flood of semen down its long shaft and into the hot little cock suckers hungry mouth, nearly choking her under its huge volume!!! Both Ben and Krista were completely spent, but realizing that Georgia was now probably tight as a drum, Ben quickly sat her down and buried his face under her dress, bringing her to a quick and stunning orgasm with his mouth, leaving three very tingly organs glowing, satiated, and depleted!!! A few minutes later Mr. Solon said, "Didn't you have a class to get back to Mrs. Larson, it's almost time for the end of the period bell to ring!?!" She got to her feet and as usual, lifted her skirt one last time so that Georgia could give her vagina a nice wet good by kiss, and then with a wave of her hand was off to her classroom!!! After she had gone, Georgia turned her attention to her boss and asked softly, "Is there anything else this southern belle can do for you!?!" Just hearing the sweet droll voice of the his orally efficient secretary was giving him another boner and he replied with a wink, "I'll think of something, baby, I'll think of something!!!"THE END

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