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Alex lay very still as Keith and his lover finished and left. This gave Alex just enough time to know for certain she could never lose her virginity to Greg…. not now that she’d seen the cock that would split her for the first time. Next Monday in school Alex was a buzz. Everyone was consoling her because they heard Greg dumped her. Who gives a fuck! There was no way his little 7 inch prick was ever going to her promise land anyways…besides school was almost over and she had already made an appointment to talk with Coach Kendrick. It was time to discuss her “position” on the team. School ended and Alex went to the gym. It was like a ghost town in there. Good, the few the people the better her chance. Alex entered Keith’s office and shut the door behind her. In one quick move she shut and locked the door unnoticed. “Hey Alex. Wow you’re dressed up today”Score one…he noticed! She wore a short skirt that clearly walked the line of appropriate dress in the student handbook. She had on a sheer shirt that was allowed due to the tank top she wore underneath. “I might have a date” Alex said sitting on the edge of his desk.

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  “So…uh…what did you want to discuss. ”“Gee coach I though I’d let you know I’ve added 11 inches to my lay”“up…lay up right?”Alex smiled “Yeah that’s what I meant, lay up. ” With a roll of her eyes she eased her leg into a position she knew would give him a clear view of her upper thigh, maybe higher…. too bad she forgot her underwear today. “Um Alex…uh I am glad you are practicing…uh” It was getting hard for him to talk“Listen Keith, the real reason I came in was because where as you approve of my extra curricular activities, I wanted you to know I approve of yours too. Okay, I don’t just approve, I want join your club. ”He was struck by her calling him Keith and she could see he didn’t quite know what she was talking about. So she added “I am a nature fan too. ”His eyes got wide and she wasn’t sure exactly what to call the color of red he turned. He was caught way off guard so she had to strike fast before his brain caught up. She lifted her leg onto the desk exposing her freshly shaved pussy. Her other leg slipped between his legs and rubbed eagerly against the fast growing bulge in his shorts. “I know every club has it’s dues and I’m hear to pay mine personally. ”Alex let her fingers part her already wet lips and his eyes fixed on her blood engorge clit throbbing in front of him. It didn’t take long before he dove in and wrapped his lips around her sex button.

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   Like a tiny cock he sucked it and licked it twirling it in his lips sending Alex into an instant orgasm. She bucked her hips into his face as he drank all her wetness into his hot mouth. “Oh my god Alex I shouldn’t have done that. “ There he was a coach again. Before he could protest any further she lowered her self off his desk and freed his 11 inch monster that was straining to be released. She lined the tip up with her mouth and let it slide in slowly. 11 inches was a lot for her and she knew she could never suck all of it but she was hell bent on making sure he enjoyed it. She let her tongue dance around his bulbous head flicking his slit. She ran her lips up and down the shaft of his cock devouring as much as she could. She wanted to feel his hot salty cum on her tongue. She slid her mouth up and down his pole twisting her head in a figure eight. Her hands griped his cock where she couldn’t cram anymore down her throat. Faster and faster she fucked his thick cock with her mouth, gasping for air anytime she could not knowing or caring when she’d get to breath again. She wanted one thing and she could tell by the growing tension in his balls she would get what she wanted soon, but it couldn’t be too soon. She wanted to be sure he was hooked enough to fuck her.

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   Alex let off a little and went back to licking and kissing his hard dick. His moans pleaded with her to let him cum and she knew he was going to explode if she didn’t start sucking him again. “You want to cum Keith. I want something too. I want to know you will fuck me Keith. I want that 11-inch cock to fuck my pussy until I scream. Please say you’ll fuck me. ”“You want to fuck so bad little girl. Fine I’ll fuck your little cunt, but first I’m fucking that hot mouth. ”With that Keith grabbed her head and slammed his oozing cock deep into her throat. Alex did all she could to keep breathing as he fucked her mouth like a fat cunt. He jammed his meat in and out her little mouth stretching her jaw as wide as it could get. Alex was half scared and half turned on as hell. She felt the leg of the desk on her ass and began to slide her wet slit up and down it as Keith continued to hammer her mouth. Alex’s face was bright red covered with spit she couldn’t contain.

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   Keith pulled out she gasped for air quickly but he plunged back into her throat burying himself to the hilt tensing his whole body as he shot his hot cum directly into her stomach. Throw after throw he emptied his seed into her mouth riding a climax that seemed to last forever. Alex hung on devouring his cum and frantically humping the leg of the desk wanting to cum again herself. But Keith would have none of that, yet. “I want you to milk my cock until I’m hard again. You teased me too much and I’m going to split your virgin little pussy in two. Get me hard and I will have you screaming for it. So suck me bitch. ”She had never been talked to like that in her life. Just hearing him say that almost made Alex cum. She worked hard and fast to get his cock up again, luckily for her he was so turned on his dick sprang to life almost instantly. Feeling a little more secure seeing what she could do to him she stood up and shimmied out of her clothes. “Okay coach” she said trying to put her fantasy back together “take it easy, I’m just a girl. ”She giggled like a schoolgirl and this just set Keith off. Try to play innocent you little slut.

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   I see the way you stare at my cock all the time. You probably fuck yourself silly thinking about what’s about to happen. I’ll be damned if I take it easy. You want to play like a woman, then you fuck like one too. Keith picked Alex up and threw her over the desk. He lined his cock up with her dripping wet hole and thought for a second about taking it easy. He was about to take her virginity, it was going to hurt. Fuck it! He slammed hard and fast into her cunt tearing her hymen to shreds causing Alex to scream out in pain. Tears rolled down her face as he stayed there buried inside her not moving regretting his move. Silence was broken only by the muffled sobbing from Alex. She lay there tensed and hurting but she wasn’t about to stop. She let herself slowly relax around his cock and as she slowly began to rock back and forth she started feeling a sensation deep inside her that wanted it more, harder and faster. Keith wasn’t sure at first if she was enjoying it or trying to get away. He just stood there and let her fuck his cock until her hips buck so wildly he started matching her stroke for stroke. “Fuck me Keith Fuck me hard.

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   I want to fell you all the way inside me. ”Keith jammed his rod in and out her pussy driving it deeper and deeper. He could feel himself stabbing at her cervix but he seemed to slide deeper inside. Her virgin cunt gripped his cock like a vise nearly drawing his cum out. He didn’t want to cum, not yet. This felt way to fucking good. “Come on bitch fuck my cock. I want you to ride my dick until you cum all over it. ”Keith sat in his chair and Alex slid on top of him. She inched down his pole until his balls slapped her ass. “You wanted a ride…. here we go”Alex grabbed the desk behind her for support and drover herself up and down his cock. His hand reached for her slit and all he had to do was hold it there. As she rode his cock with her cunt her throbbing clit rode his hand. Keith’s other hand found her young fleshy breasts, the ones he’d dreamed of every time they bounced at practice.

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   “Oh god Keith I’m going to fucking cum…. I’m going to cum all over you sexy cock…that’s it…oh god fuck me…. yes…. . yyeeeeeeeeessssssss…. i’m cuuummmmmmmmmiiiiinnnnngggg!”That was all Keith could take, her vice grip cunt spasmed around his shaft sucking all his cum into her hot womb. Alex bucked and screamed as she rode her orgasm and felt his massive cock swell inside her walls and spit his hot jism inside her. For what seem liked hours they both jerked and screamed and flung around the chair feeding off each other’s electricity. Then slowly she dropped onto his chest unable to hold her self up any longer. She raised her head just enough to look at his face. Sheer ecstasy! She pressed her lips to his and let her tongue meet his and they sat and kissed, fondling each other until she felt a familiar feeling grow between her legs. “I guess I didn’t have to worry about you not wanting to fuck me,”“You know Alex, I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about that again. . ”.

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