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I knew Jimmy felt different around me. We couldn't wrestle anymore without him bumping into my breasts. I knew he felt uncomfortable and would stop and ask if we could just play video games instead of any contact sport. It was at that point that I kept wishing I had been born a boy. If I were a boy then Jimmy and I would have no problem playing together without letting anything like breasts ruin our fun. As I waited for him, I watched a few eighth grade girls walked holding hands with their boyfriends. Having a boyfriend had never crossed my mind, never, that is until the whole breast thing. I started having these small urges and started viewing boys differently. I no longer saw them as just fun friends to play with. Everything was changing and I felt as if I couldn't stop time. I wanted to just stay as a child when things were easy and life was fun. Now it all seemed so complicated. I had noticed some changes in Jimmy as well. Before this year he used to be about two inches shorter than me, now he was two inches taller than me it seemed. Also his voice was no longer the high-pitched voice I was used to. It was low and deep.

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   His brown hair was no longer loose and shaggy; it was cut short and neatly combed. I had to admit that I was seeing him in a different light. I didn't want to, but it was almost impossible not to like Jimmy as more than a friend. I leaned against my locker and closed my eyes remember what happened that Friday night. I was over at Jimmy's house as I usually was. We had been playing some video games and I had made sure to wear my baggy sweatshirt, even thought it was 85 degrees outside. I was playing and he just watched me. I tried to concentrate on the game, but I noticed Jimmy's blue eyes piercing at me. "What?" I asked with my eyes remaining on the game. "Nothing," he replied in a soft voice. He kept staring. "What?" I asked again putting the game on pause. He looked at my face and then down towards my chest. I don't know why he looked down; I figured the large sweatshirt would be good enough to hide my breasts. "Nothing.

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   I was just …. nevermind," his words trailed off. I stared at him. "Jimmy! Come on tell me!" He turned away and laughed. I felt so furious. I hated when people laughed at something and didn't tell me. I put the game controller down and pushed him on the floor. He fell and smiled looking up at me. "You're such a butthead. Now tell me what you were thinking!" I snapped. He nodded and just remained laying on the floor. "I told you it's nothing. "I was impatient. I got on the ground with him ready to wrestle him. He grabbed my hands and put them over my head and began to tickle me.

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   I laughed shrieked and laughed loudly trying hard to stop him. "Stop! I'm going to kick your butt if you don't!" I yelped. He continued and by the time I knew it, my sweatshirt was riding up my body showing my flat belly. I felt his hands touch my skin and that got me somewhat excited. I didn't stop. I kept wishing my sweatshirt would rise higher. "You can't stop me Misty, you know that. I'm bigger now. I'm stronger too!" Jimmy said laughing. I couldn't stop laughing as he tickled me. I felt his body on top of mine. A few months ago, that would have been nothing, but now it felt so different. It felt pretty good. His warm, strong body was holding me down and I didn't care. I wanted to stay that way.

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  I kept struggling and Jimmy tried his hardest to hold me down. I was almost loose from his grip, when I felt something on my leg. I stopped struggling for a moment and our eyes met. He quickly got off me and his beautiful smile had disappeared. He pulled his long t-shirt down trying to cover his erection. At the time of course I had heard about boys getting hard "down there" when they got excited. I just never thought Jimmy would get excited around me. "What's wrong?" I asked trying to catch my breath. He looked away as if he was embarrassed. "Jimmy?" I asked raising my body up. "You want to play video games again?" He asked quietly. I didn't want to play. "Do you hate me?" I blurted out. His eyes widened. "Hate you? No way! Why do you ask that?"I shrugged.

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   "I don't know. I guess because I feel that we don't play the way we used to and I know it's because I'm a girl. Do you wish I were a boy?"He scoffed and slowly a smile showed on his handsome face. "A boy? No. I like that you're a girl. ""I wish I were a boy. That way things wouldn't get in the way. " He narrowed his eyes at me. "Things?""Yes. You know…. things. "He looked at me in silence and then asked the bold question. "Misty? Why do you wear big sweatshirts?"I felt my face turn beet red. "Um…well…. .

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  because of my boobs. "He stared harder. "Are they really big?"He blushed more. "I don't know. I think they are. "He licked his lips and shyly asked, "Can I see them?""No way! I'm not going to show you my boobs!" I yelled. "Shhhhh! My parents are right downstairs!" He whispered. "Oops sorry!" I said lowering my voice. "But Jimmy that is something perverts would ask. "He leaned back on his bed. "I'm not a pervert. I just want to see. If you show me yours I'll show you mine," He said looking down. At that moment I felt my heart racing. I'd never seen a guy "down there.

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  " I often wondered what it looked like. I wanted more than anything to be able to see it. I stood up and sat on the bed next to him. "Ok. I guess but don't tell anyone you promise?"He nodded and his eyes showed excitement. I began to slip off my sweatshirt and since I was wearing no bra, my breasts were fully exposed. Jimmy stared hard. I saw his eyes full of stimulation. My nipples were hardening little by little and he watched with amazement. "Wow. T-they are nice Misty. R-really nice," he stuttered. I blushed again. Suddenly I realized I didn't mind him seeing my breasts. Deep down I wanted him to touch them.

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   I'd touched them myself and it felt really good when I did. I just wondered what it would feel like for boy to touch them. "OK now you show me yours. You promised," I said. He kept his eyes on my breasts and stood up unzipping his jeans and pulling out his cock. My jaw dropped as I stared at it. It had to have been about 5 inches long and he was already hard. The tip of it looked a lot like mushroom and I could see a clear liquid forming on it. I stared, mesmerized by his member. Finally, I thought, I was able to see a guys "thing. " We stared for what seemed to be an eternity and then Jimmy sat on the bed next to me. He scooted over and stroked my hair. I smiled shyly and grabbed my sweatshirt hiding my breasts. He laughed softly and took it away from me. "I like looking at you Misty.


   Even with your shirt on I still like looking at you," he said sweetly. At that moment I knew I was in love. Might have been my first love, or puppy love; whatever the case may be but it was love. "Kiss me," I uttered desperately. He put his hand on my face and moved his lips towards mine. There was the moment every girl dreams of. A first kiss. It was strange but yet so wonderful to feel Jimmy's lips against mine. Our kiss was sloppy but filled with so much love. I felt Jimmy's tongue begin to lick my lips, slowly slipping in my mouth and I pulled away. He gave me an apologetic look. "Misty, I'm sorry. Did that gross you out?" He asked. I didn't know what to say. In a way having a boy put his tongue in my mouth was not gross but different.


   All my life I thought a kiss was just lips touching. "No. It's not gross, it's just…well is that the way you're suppose to kiss?"He shrugged. "I don't know that's what my brother says. He tells me some things he does with his girlfriend. "I wondered what other things Michael, Jimmy's seventeen-year-old brother told him about. "Ok I guess we can kiss like the older kids do. I mean they know more than us right?"He nodded and cupped my face bringing his lips to mine once again. This time I parted my mouth inviting his tongue in. His tongue swirled in my mouth desperately looking for mine. I let my tongue roll over his and slowly we began to experience our first French kiss. I felt myself tingling between my legs. Jimmy's hands were on my face and then slowly drifted down to my budding breasts. A rush of desire swept over me. It was incredible having a boy touch my breasts.


   His fingers lightly pinched my nipples getting me hotter each passing second. "Ooh Jimmy that feels good!" I whispered in between kisses. Jimmy continued to kiss me more passionately and his hands were glued to my breasts. I wanted to lay down with him let myself rub against his body. His kisses went from my lips down to my neck and as soon as I knew it, he'd found his way to my nipples. He held one nipple in his mouth and sucked on it gently. I tossed my head back and moaned. I found myself spreading my legs and wanting him to touch me in my private part. He took turns sucking on my nipples and teasing me. I looked down and saw his cock was hard and I wanted to touch it but felt almost scared. I wasn't sure how it would feel in my hand. I let all my fears fade and I reached down and touched it. Jimmy stopped what he was doing and looked into my eyes. "Ahhh Misty! Keep touching it please. That f-feels good!" He groaned.

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  I kept stroking it. I let my hand run up and down on it slowly. Jimmy was slightly shifting his body. His eyes were so full of fire and I could see sweat beginning to break on his forehead. "More Misty, more!" He begged breathlessly. I loved touching him and seeing his expressions filled with pleasure. His hands remained holding my breasts while I stroked him. We kissed some more as we discovered our bodies and our new pleasures. Then I felt his hand move down between my legs rubbing my pussy over my jeans. I squirmed letting him rub me harder. I loved the way he was making me feel! It was so wonderful to have a boy touch me down there. "Feels so good! Keep touching me," I murmured. His hand was giving me such intense pleasure that I quickly felt this rush of excitement go all through my body. I gasped and felt myself shaking from the wonderful touch of Jimmy's hand. I should have realized I was having an orgasm.

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   I'd had that same feeling when I rubbed myself but never that intense. It was incredible. I heard Jimmy pant as he pressed his lips on mine. He was breathing hard and broke our kiss letting me watch him cum. "Hmmmgghhh ooooh y-yes!" He was squirting out gooey warm liquid from his cock. I left my hand there and kept stroking it letting his juices coat my hand. I could smell the saltiness of it in the air as it lay on my hand. He smiled at me and blushed. "Sorry," he apologized. I was still in a bit of shock. "T-that's OK. Actually I think that was so amazing. I didn't know you boys could do that. "He laughed and kissed my lips softly. "Well now you do.

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  "He stood up and handed me some tissue to clean my hand. I wiped his gooey cum off my hand wondering if that's the stuff that made babies. I stood up to put my sweatshirt back on and before I could, he rushed behind me and put his arms around me. "I love you," he whispered in my ear. I felt my heart flutter. "I love you too. "That weekend we talked on the phone almost non-stop and went to the park where were shared more kisses. I discovered being a female wasn't going to be so bad after all. * * *I heard voices coming from down the hall and opened my eyes to see Jimmy with his friends. He looked at me and smiled. He rushed towards me and I held my hands out to him. "Hi," he said looking happier than I'd ever seen him. "How was practice?" I asked. "It was good. I know we're gonna kick some butt in this weeks game.

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  ""I know you are. You're really good Jimmy. I'm proud of you. "He stroked my face and leaned down to give me a soft peck on my lips. "Thank you. Thank you for everything. ""You're welcome," I replied. "Here let me carry your books," he said taking my books from me. "You ready to go?"I nodded and we walked home that day not as friends but something more. Growing up was going to be a beautiful thing. .
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