Bella's first time: Part One.


I had always been curious about sex, I was only 15 and ever since I was little I had touched myself. . It always felt good but never great. As I got older I became more and more desperate for sex. One afternoon I lay in my bed and decided to look up sex stories on the internet. As I read the story I slowly began to rub my 12C breats and roll my nipples between my fingures, as the story got more intense I knew wanted more. My parents weren't home so I didn't have to worry about being interupted, I slid off my tiny blue thong and pulled my shirt over my head. I walked over to my mirror and undid my bra clasp, my smooth tanned tits bounced free. It was strange but I was actually getting turned on by looking at my naked body. I then decided to try somthing I hadn't done before. I sat down infront of the mirror and spread my legs I began rubbing circles around my clit with my index fingure and I could see it growing and turning purple in the mirror. I could feel myself getting wetter and I wanted more. I walked down to the kitchen and grabbed a cucumber from the vegetable draw and headed back to my bedroom. I got a condom from my draw and rolled it over the massive vegetable, I had never put more than one fingure in my cunt and im very tight so I wasn't sure whether it would hurt or not. What I did know was I was so horny and I wanted it deep inside me. So one again a took my spot in front of the mirror and thrusted the vegetable deep inside me, the pain was masked by the exitment and it slid in easily because I was so wet.

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   I pushed it in and out furiously and I began to shake with extacy, I stroked my clit with my free had while I pounded myself with the vegetable. It was a huge turn on watching myself masturbate and when I quickly came I could see all my juices running out of my cunt. I pulled out the vegetable and I was curious, I wondered what I tasted like? I licked the end and was suprised as to how good I tasted. I went back to reading the story and I found I was jealous of the girl getting pounded by a mans huge dick, I longed for somone else to play with. I got up and got dressed, still horny I decided to go for a walk. I walked to the park down the road by this time it was almost sunset and the sky was a beautiful orange colour, I sat down on the swing and I began stroking my flaps, I knew I could get caught and I was in a public place but I was so horny.
    . My panties were soon soaked and I began to moan. Suddenly somone behind me said 'need a hand?' I was shocked and I turned around to find a boy from up my road. Jensen was a few years older than me, he wasn't wearing a shirt and I couldn't stop staring at his wonderful 6 pack. His hair was messy and a beautiful blonde and he had amazing blue eyes. I quite often saw him mowing the lawn shirtles and I always lusted over him. He seemed to always have parties and I figured he would of had a girlfriend. I turned a bright shade of red and I couldn't speak but this is exactly what I wanted. I didn't have to say anything the look on my face said it all, he slowly walked over and he picked me up in his strong arms and I wrapped my legs around him.

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       He carried me over too the park bench and layed me down on the table. Too be continued. . . If anyone wants to chat about anything comments are welcome. . Any feedback about the story is great or I would love to just talk. Thanks, Bella x.