Bike Trail Fun feat. Mark and Lynn


Topic: Pg. 1    Texting some firneds on day, a message popped up from Mark. Mark had been texting Lynn for a while now, but they never really talked about anything. They chatted for a while. Lynn told Mark that she was 19, he didn't seem to care and later told Lynn that he was 16. Being a little shocked, she didn't respond right away.
    Mark and Lynn chatted for a while longer, a couple hours. The conversation just flowed through their messages, nothing akward. Through sharing information, they realized that they only lived a few miles away from each other and agreed to meet in the parking lot of a movie rental store.
   That next day, they two met around one that afternoon. They talked for bit. For lunch, Mark and Lynn went to a Chinese Resturaunt. Sitting across from each other, Lynn could feel his eyes on her body. Even knowing how much younger than she he is, she was becoming a little turned on.
   For that day, Lynn had chosen one of her favorite out fits. It was her favorite jeans that made her ass look great, A minty-green thong.

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   A cute body-hugging tee witha cut slit from the neckline down a few inches, enough to reveal an amazing amount of cleavege without appearing to be too much. And, of course, her favorite pair of black 4 inch heels.
   Lynn and Mark walked back to theit cars, their bodies so close, they could feel the heat from each others body. Slyly, Mark reached his hand down to her to the top  of her ass and rubbed her lower back down. Lynn hoped he couldn't tell that she had literally soaked through her jeans from being so turned on.
   Once back to their cars, Mark asked if she wanted to go for a walk in the woods a bit down the road. Lynn agreed. About a mile down the road, he pulled over into the parking lot. They walked the bike path, passing many hot, sweaty bikers.
   About half a mile into the bike trail, the two came upon a large rock. Lynn leaned against it only to soon find her self kissing Mark. It was hot, passionate kissing. Their hands roamed each others body. Mark reached behind her and pulled mer tee over her head. Breaking the kiss, Lynn looked around to see no body around.

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   She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground. Mark took his belt off and pull his pants and boxers down to his knees.
   Lynn kneeled on the leaf-covered ground, looked up at Mark, and started to rub his cock. She licked it from base to tip, and sucked just the very tip. He didn't need much help getting hard as he was almost fully erect before she started.
   Standing up, Lynn unbuttoned her jeans, Mark kissing her neck. He slowly moved down her body, kissing her and nipping her lips, neck, nipples. She leaned against the rock for support as he moved down her stomach, as he slowly pulled her jeans and thong down, as he stepped out of his own pants. He kneeled down in front of her, kiss he smooth pussy lips and her thighs. She opened her legs slightly for him. Mark nibbled her clit and ran his tongue of her pussy. Lynn's whole body shivered.
   Mark stood up, rubbing his cock. he slowly rubbed is against her opening. Lynn bit her lip, horny as hell, she wanted him to fuck her.

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   But he continued to tease her, pushing in slightly, only to come back out again. Finally he pushed in all the way. He pulled out and in so fast everything she saw was a blur. She was bouncing on his cock, not even leaning on anything. Mark held her at her hips and bounced her up and down, Lynn practicually screaming from pleasure.
    It did not take long for either one of them to cum. Lynn came at the same time he did, both of them moaning. Mark pulled out and came on her stomach. Lynn swept some up with her finger and licked her finger, smiling at Mark. They both knew this wouldn't be the last time they saw each other. . . .
To Be Continued If Liked. .

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