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Topic: Bob a JobI had just cleared the shower when the doorbell went. Still rubbing my hair with a towel and clad only in a robe I padded damply to the door. "Bob-a-job Mister?" a pretty as hell, ebony skinned Girl-Scout (do they still call them that?) enquired. "Yeah sure - come in I'm sure I can think of something. "She stepped in and seeing my indecision (and the growing bulge under my robe) made a grab for my crotch. "Maybe I can do a job on him?" she suggested pulling my robe aside revealing my huge pole now fully erect. Calling her bluff (or so I thought) I said "Sure Honey, give him a blow-job!""Oh! I've got more in mind than that but that's where we'll start! What do I do? I've never given head before!"I'm sure my already massive cock swelled further at this pronouncement! "Just lick him and take my knob into your mouth and when you're good and ready swallow him into your mouth like it was a big thick strand of spaghetti. ""I love spaghetti!" was all I heard as she did just that in short order. I could only gasp at the sensation. After taking me right to the root just the once she pulled out asking "That OK for you?""Brilliant Honey, pure dead brilliant!" I declared. She smiled briefly and then formed her full lips into an 'O' and went down on me again once more to the root before she started bobbing up and down on me with one hand cupping my balls. Her gullet was as tight as almost anything I had previously experienced and it wasn't long before I was at boiling point and without giving my Girl-Scout any warning I began to jet my cum into her, consigning it directly into her belly. She drank and drank, squeezing my balls until she was sure she had every drop I could give her, spilling nothing. Eventually she pulled me out and looked up into my eyes. "Liked that! Loved the way he pulsed as you came. Going to like it in my pussy too!"Gently I lifted her off her knees and pulled her to me.

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   "That was fantastic! What's your name? I'm Bob. ""A job-on-Bob not Bob-a-job then!" she joked making a play on the words. "I'm Rebecca, or Becky if you like. ""I like! Sure that was the first time you'd done that? It really was brilliant!""I'm sure! Now you'll have to return the favour!" As I watched dumfounded she unbuttoned her tunic, slipped it and her skirt off leaving her standing only in her underwear. This too was quickly dispatched leaving her naked before me. Drooling as I feasted on her firm young (as in jail-bait) body I shucked my robe to join her in nakedness, my cock already back at attention. She came to me and pressed her body against mine, stroking my erection and offering me her mouth. When I kissed her the feeling was electric as our tongues entwined. We snogged for an age, she gently caressing my cock as I did likewise on her exposed little tit. Small but oh so smooth and firm! And it would appear quite sensitive by the way she moaned into my mouth.
Eventually she broke the kiss whispering "Eat me! Eat my pussy and make me cum!"
I dropped to my knees in front of her and did just that, exploring her pussy with my lips and tongue, the pinkness of her inner folds being in stark contrast to her very dark outer skin. As my tongue lashed over her clit time and again I was soon rewarded with the taste of her juices spurting into my mouth. Bliss!
"Take me!" she said as I stood up.
Wanting something more that a quick fuck with this young fox I scooped her lithe frame up in my arms and carried her through to my bedroom and laid her down on my super-king sized bed and proceeded to gorge myself on her cute black tits all the while playing with her labia, clit and anus bringing her off once more before I rolled over on top of her, hitched her legs onto my shoulders and let my knob naturally find her love hole. I just knew she would be virgin and I was excited as hell as I felt my cock press against her hymen.

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   Needing gratification I thrust forward into her. There was an audible hiss as her cunny walls parted to accommodate my super-sized meat. Slowly I drove him all the way into her before we began to fuck. I used slow, steady strokes at first but making her take all of my not inconsiderable length every time; needless to say she was as tight as hell! As she got used to being filled for the first time she started to grind back at me and soon she had passed the point of no return, cuming heavily on my invading cock, her cunny muscles pulsing against me. Taking this as a good sign I upped the pace somewhat bringing her off two, three, four more times before I had to give in and bathed her insides with my cream. Bliss squared!As I wound down she managed to whisper "Do my arse! Ream me if you can!"I could! Hitching her rear a little higher, I pulled her buns apart and set my still engorged rod at her anal pucker. It looked so small and tight! I just knew this was going to be some experience for both of us! With my cock so slick from his recent adventures in Becky's cunt and with Becky herself so relaxed after her first fuck, my knob managed to force its way into her rear with perhaps surprising ease but as soon as she felt him within her rear passage Becky tensed clamping down so hard on my knob I though she was going to pinch him off! "Relax Honey, relax. You feel so good. " I assured her. Slowly she relaxed and I was able to drive my cock deeper into her rear taking gentle little strokes but with each stroke going just a little bit deeper until finally my balls were lapping off her buns every time. She came and came hard as I continued to pound into her rear until, bringing her off one last time, I let go in her darkest passage. "So! I've got competition!" a voice said. I looked up to see my heavily pregnant wife standing naked in the doorway fingering her puss. "No, not competition. Just a little diversion, why don't you taste her pussy, Claire?""Sounds fine to me!" Claire replied diving in on Becky.

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   "Ever been with a girl before?" Becky shook her head but was obviously not adverse to the idea as Claire began to lap at her cunny. I could only smile knowing it was also Claire's first time with a girl, her only other sexual experiences being with me - me who had ended up getting her pregnant at a very tender age!It had all started when she was five, her mother and I were neighbours who became friends who became lovers, both of us being on our own. Sally was a nurse and, being divorced, worked a couple of night-shifts at the weekends to make ends meet. When her child-care arrangements for Claire fell through she asked me if I would mind looking after the youngster. Not having any particular commitments and since I was having some thunderingly good sex with Sally, I agreed in order to keep her sweet. I worked from home and to keep things simple and give me access to the computers which were the life-blood of my existence (told you I was on my own!) it was arranged Claire would sleep over in the spare room of my flat when her mother was working.
At first it was all very innocent, Sally would bath Claire at my place, Claire would put her PJs on and Sally would leave for work while I read Claire a story and tucked her up in bed. A few months down the line Sally was running late, she came through from the bathroom pulling her coat on saying "Sorry - have to go! Claire's out of the bath and will be through shortly. See you tomorrow!" With that she kissed me and dashed out of the door. Claire was indeed through shortly but she seemed to have forgotten her PJs appearing before me in her birthday suit!"Claire!" I blistered "Go and get dressed!""Why? You like seeing Mom with no clothes on!" she pouted running one hand up her thigh, the other over her chest. "And you like fucking her don't you?""Yes but - that"s different. ""Come and kiss me or I'll tell Mom you"ve been touching me up!"I shrugged, damned if I did, dammed if I didn't, so I went and kissed her gently on the lips only to find her little tongue snaking into my mouth so I reciprocated finding my cock swelling! The kiss was as far as we went that night except that we slept naked together for the first time. Over the next few weeks and months the pattern was repeated until one night I woke to find Clare playing with my cock, wanking me to hardness! "I'm going to make you cum! Like that?""You bet I do Honey!" I replied gruffly. She kept up her actions, her little hand beautiful on my shaft. I'd been careful never to let her see me erect before but what could I do this time as she pleasured me?"It's so lovely and big and hard! I heard Mom tell one of her girlfriends on the phone the other night how big your cock was and how brilliant sex was with you.

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   Are you and Mom going to get married?" I was too lost in ecstasy to reply as she brought me to relieve jetting wad after wad into mid-air and thence onto the sheets. "Well are you?""Am I what?" I managed to reply eventually. "Are you and Mom going to get married?""Yes Honey we are. She only agreed today! She wants to be the one to tell you but there wasn't time before she had to go to work. Promise you won't let on you know when she tells you tomorrow?"Claire hugged me so tight I thought my eyes would pop out! "Yes! I can't think of a better Daddy! And I promise not to let on you told me if. . . ""If?" I queried. "If you eat me out!" She stammered. "Eh?"She lay back, splayed her legs and ran her fingers over her pussy. "Like you do for Mom before the two of you fuck. " So being a man and being horny I did just that, gently kissing her labia before probing between them with my tongue. She tasted so fresh and sweet! Before long and to my surprise she came, just a little bit but most definitely a climax. Again she hugged me "Wow! You can do that anytime! Much better than frigging yourself!"Sally and I were married a short time later with Claire as bridesmaid and the pair of them moved into my flat, it being the bigger of the two. Sally insisted on doing her nightshifts and I wasn't going to stop her as it give Claire and I free reign.

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   Soon she had learned how to give me head and she wasn't adverse to having her anus rimmed before I brought her off with my mouth. She was always on at me to go all the way with her but I resisted believing her to be too young. Tragically Sally was killed in a road traffic accident after we'd been married for only a couple of years. I'd legally adopted Claire but a couple of weeks after her mother's death Claire slipped into my bed. I could tell at a touch she was naked! It was the first time she'd done this since Sally died. "Guess I'd better do what you like most, what Mom would have done. " She said softly as she reached for my cock, he rising instantly to her touch. "Come on Bob, time for us to fuck!"I threw off the covers a gazed down at my 'daughter'. "You sure?" I asked. "Never surer!" she replied smiling up into my eyes. Horny as hell, I rolled on top of her and took her, penetrating her only with my knob that first time but that first inch or so was enough for her to work some magic on me and soon we were both cuming in spades. As I lay down next to her she said "Next time, give me him all, just like you would have done for Mom!" So the next morning when I woke to find her nibbling at my cock, I rolled her over and did just that, thrusting my entire length up her beautifully tight cunny laying into her hard. She was with me all the way thrusting back at me and gyrating her hips making my knob rub round her insides. I was deliberately slow in cuming holding off for as long as I could manage making Claire cum time and again, keeping her on an orgasmic plateau for an age before I just had to let go in her. When it came to sex, Claire was at least the equal of her mother and that's saying something!Like I said I worked from home and, so long as it had a broadband connection, it really doesn't matter where that is so we moved away to the other side of the country to a place where no one would know us or bother us.

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   Anyway Claire and I fucked like rabbits and it wasn't really all that surprising when she wound up in the family way. We discussed all the options, she was not for a termination or having the baby adopted! Nor was I. Since Claire could dress to make herself appear much older than she really was, I got her a new birth certificate through some seedy contacts who I always knew would come in handy some day and married her. The registrar raised an eyebrow when we appeared before her but since all the paperwork 'appeared' kosher the ceremony went ahead anyway. Which leads us back to today, Claire had caught me with my dick up a young Girl-Scout's rear and was even now eating my load from her cunt. I got behind my wife and took her, letting her have my all as she ploughed into Becky's recently deflowered cunt using three fingers from each hand stretching the girl wide. All three of us came together, me jetting into Claire as she gasped out an orgasm just at the same time as she got Becky off. The three of us collapsed onto the bed. Instinctively I sought out Claire's breast and latched onto her nipple drinking in her sweet fluid. Becky followed my lead doing likewise on the other side and the pair of us drank from Claire until she had nothing more to give. Realising the time Becky jumped up and ran back through to the hall to pull on her uniform (undies being stuffed in her bag I noted!). "I need to go!" she declared. I duly signed her job sheet, put some money in her envelope and got a 'job done' sticker (on my now limp dick!) in return! "Can I do a job for you another time?" she asked. "Any time!" I assured her as I saw her out. I went back through to Claire.

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  "She was sweet! Come and tell me what happened. " Claire demanded. So I got onto the bed beside her as she sucked my cock back to life I told her the story of Becky before she climbed on top of me, shafting my cock into her tight cunny to give me the ride of my life, proving who the best lay in the world was. . .

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