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Dane unleashed spurt after spurt of hot semen into this enthusiastic mouth. After he came, he left his wilting cock in, savoring the first blowjob he'd ever received. And savoring the first blowjob he'd ever given. He carefully unbent himself from his contorted position, a veritable pretzel of self-love. With his back against a wall, he was resting on his shoulders and head, with his lower torso and legs bent toward his face. Taking care not to spill his own cum from his mouth he let his limp penis slip out, shiny with semen and spit. Now on his back, Dane slowly stroked his cock, almost in a congratulatory manner. But the strange urge he had to taste all of his own sperm which began at the first taste of his precum, had suddenly vanished. Now he was left with a mouthful of lumpy, warm, salty cum. For minutes, he sloshed it around his mouth debating whether to spit it out or swallow it. Should he swallow? After all, this was his first successful self-suck. With eyes closed and a grimace on his face, he gulped it down. "Ah," he gasped for air. That wasn't too bad, he felt. And certainly the right thing to do after months, which seemed like centuries, of stretching exercizes and yoga classes. Dane, a high school senior and not at all popular with the girls, had resolved to get his dick sucked one way or another.

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   If it wasn't going to be a real girl, then he'd have to take matters into his own hands. Or mouth, he thought and laughed out loud. It's not that Dane was hideous but at 5'10" and 140 pounds, he was a tad bit too lanky for most girls' preferences. And while other guys at school were jocks or into weight lifting, Dane found company in his telescope. Or rather, his telescope brought company to him. He often jerked off while watching his neighbors fuck at night. He would turn off his lights, open his curtains and set up his scope so he could see their nightly sex sessions. They didn't seem to care who saw, and why should they? She was 5'4" with light brown hair, and perky 34 B's with big, hard nipples. And what Dane enjoyed most about her was that she kept her pussy shaved smooth. No little tuft of hair at the top. She was in great shape for a woman of 35 years. The lady's husband was about Dane's height, but thicker and muscular. Dane had always admired the man for his physique which seemed right out of a Soloflex commercial. Which was impressive, considering he was in his early 40's. But what Dane admired most about his neighbor was his penis size.

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   While Dane had an about average 5 incher, his neighbor had what in Dane's estimation was an 8 inch monster. His wife seemed to enjoy it very much. As he lay on his bed in the afterglow of his self-induced orgasm, he fantasized what it would be like to get an actual blow job from a real woman. Then he thought about the finger he slipped in his ass just before cumming. He'd never done that before, but did it ever feel good. Just then he was startled by the sound of his doorbell ringing. "Shit," he thought, quickly throwing on his clothes. "I know mom's expecting a package today, and they won?t be home for another couple of hours!" He looked in the mirror, fixed his hair and checked to see that there were no telltale signs of what he'd just done. Then he hurried down stairs. Peering through the peephole expecting the FedEx man, Dane was shocked to see his neighbors, Tim and Lori. "Fuck! What do they want?" he wondered. "Did they find out I watch them?"He opened the door and put on a weak smile. "Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas.

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   My folks aren't home now, but I'll tell them you stopped by," he muttered. As he was attempting to close the door, they interrupted him. "Dane," Lori quickly said, "That's okay, we wanted to talk to you. "Dane gulped, afraid that they might be here to bust him on his voyeurism. "Okay, uh," he hesitated, "come on in. "As they entered, Dane noticed that Tim was wearing a tank top and short sweat pants. He could make out the outline of Tim's big cock through the material of the sweats. Lori had a white t-shirt covering her braless boobs. Her nipples, as large as Dane's pinky finger from the first knuckle, were erect and straining at the t-shirt, aching to be free. And her smooth, toned legs were topped by a loose terry cloth pair of shorts. The neighbors sat down on a couch across from Dane. "Hey, man, we gotta talk," said Tim in a fatherly tone. Not sounding angry at all. Dane was put at ease by his neighbor?s tone of voice. But as Tim started talking again, all Dane could notice was the head of Tim's cock peeking out the bottom of his sweat shorts.

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   And suddenly, he felt himself getting hard, so he grabbed a nearby pillow and threw it in his lap. And looked up just in time to hear Tim finish what he was saying. ". . . long it has been going on," Tim said. "Well?""Well what?" Dane managed to squeak out, hoping no one noticed he was staring at Tim's cock. "Tim wants to know how long you've been sucking your own cock," said Lori. "What?" Dane blurted out. "Huh? I. . . I don't know what you're talking about. ""Oh come on," Tim prodded, "we just saw you. Upstairs? Just now? You left the curtains open, man.

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   We saw it all. ""Please don't tell my parents," Dane pleaded. "You're not going to tell anyone are you?"Tim moved over the the couch that Dane was sitting on and put an arm around the youngster. "Naw, man. Of course we wouldn't," he reassured Dane. "We just never saw anything like that. And we like to think we've seen everything. ""Or done everything," Lori added. She uncrossed her legs, giving Dane and her husband a clear shot at her shaved privates. "But it looks like was haven't seen it all. And Dane, we want you to show us again. Up close. "Dane stammered and hesitated. He'd never had sex with anyone before. Hell, he'd only just today gotten his dick sucked, and that was by himself! Now, here was an audience demanding to see him do it again.

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  "But I just came," Dane explained, hoping that would dissuade his visitors. "I don't know if I can do it again. ""Don't worry, man," Tim said, patting his young neighbor on the back. "Lori knows how to wake the dead, if you know what I mean. "With that, the sexy lady from next door came over to Dane and began rubbing his already hard cock through his pants. "I think someone is underestimating their cock," she teased with a smile. Lori then undid Dane's shorts and began jerking him off. With her other free hand, she slipped her husband's penis out of his shorts and worked both of them simultaneously. Dane sat back stiffly, enjoying the touch of a woman's hand on his dick for the first time. While both men sat and had their cocks pulled, Dane glanced over and saw up close the monster he had only witnessed from afar. It looked even bigger than he thought it would. As his cock hardened to levels he'd never experienced before, he was conflicted. Was his excitement due to a woman?s hand on his cock? Or was he excited to finally see that huge member up close? He always thought himself straight, always fantasized about fucking women, yet here he was fascinated by Tim's throbbing hard on. Lori leaned over and took the head of Dane's cock into her mouth. Instantly, his attention was diverted away from Tim and he began to moan out loud.

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   "Ohhh. . . Fuck that feels good. "As her tongue traced the ridge of Dane's cock head and flicked at the piss slit, Tim got up and went behind Lori. He worked her shorts down and began fingering her pussy. It was nearly dripping with excitement. "Yeah, yeah," Dane encouraged his neighbor's hot mouth. "Ungh. . . gonna. . . cum.


  ""Alright, stop sucking him, hon," Tim commanded his wife. "We want to see him swallow his own load. "Obeying her man, Lori let Dane's cock spring free from her mouth with a pop. "Now strip down and let's see you do your thing, kid," she ordered the young boy. Dane removed the rest of his clothes and leaned upside down against the couch, using it for support. Then he let the bottom half of his body slump forward over his top half. Squeezing his body closer together, he picked up where Lori left off. Sucking on his own member in front of these people had him hornier than ever, and he went at himself with a passion. "Damn, look at him go," remarked Tim. Having an audience made Dane self-conscious about his scrawny body and comparatively smaller penis. But he kept on sucking his own hard on, hoping to please his new friends. He felt a moistened finger tip tracing the rim of his now exposed rosebud. He couldn't see whose finger it was, but secretly he had hoped it was Tim's. Soon the finger was replaced by a tongue, cleaning his sphincter, tasting the essence of his asshole. He could tell by the smooth chin that it was Lori, and she began tongue-fucking him.

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   She worked her tongue deep into his rectum, all the while pushing his own dick further into his mouth. He was now halfway down his shaft, and was at his physical limit for bending in half. What would it be like, he wondered, to deep throat his own cock? The thought brought him closer to cumming as he imagined sucking a hard steely cock down his throat, feeling the length of it run along his tongue. Lori removed her probing mouth from Dane's asshole and, having lubricated it well, replaced it with her left index finger. It slipped in effortlessly, thanks to generous portions of her saliva. She slowly fucked in and out of his ass with her finger, enjoying the tightness of his virginal ass. Lori then used her middle finger as well, filling the young boy's ass as never before. Seeking out his prostate, she gently massaged his hidden erogenous zone. That was more than enough for Dane. He began spurting his cum into his mouth, but this time he surprised himself with the amount. Lori's milking his prostate must have produced more than the last time, because poor Dane began to choke and gag on the hot salty treat from his own loins. But he was unable to remove his cock from his mouth because Lori was still finger-fucking his ass, pushing him in half. To his surprise, the fingers in his ass were withdrawn quickly and replaced immediately by Tim's monster cock. He tried to scream, but was muffled by his own cock and sperm. "Mmmrmph!" he moaned, as Tim wasted no time in raping the unsuspecting boy's tight ass.

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   The 8 incher slamming relentlessly into his ass made Dane want to cry out. But he wasn't sure if it was to scream "No!" or "Yes!" His prostate, heretofore undiscovered by the young 17 year-old was now being battered by Tim's fleshy manhood. This had the effect of giving Dane yet another hard on. "Look, baby," Lori squealed with joy,"he likes taking your cock in his ass. He's getting hard again!""You like that, you little fag?" Tim asked his neighbor, slamming into him harder. "I saw you looking at my dick earlier. Well, now you're getting a better look at it, with your brown eye. " Tim laughed cruelly. Dane was still folded in half, still sucking his own cock, hard again from his helplessness. Unable to swallow all of his cum, he had let it drip down his upside-down face, over his cheeks and onto his forehead. Lori between Dane's folded body and began pinching his nipples. Dane was being raped, used, manipulated by this cruel couple. But he was loving it. Tim pulled out of Dane's ass and knocked him over. "Now get up, boy," he barked at the youngster.


   "You like sucking your own dick, huh? Guess what? Now you're going to get a chance to suck a real dick. "Dane crawled over to Tim, who sat on the edge of the couch. He was horny again and had the taste of his own cum in his mouth and that made him hungry for more. Taking as much of Tim's cock into his mouth, Dane nearly gagged on the scent and taste of his own ass on Tim. But strangely, he quickly grew used to it and began sucking his ass juices off of this big cock. Try as he might Dane could only get the first 4 inches in his mouth before it hit the back of his throat. He felt Tim's hands grasping his head on either side, then heard Tim's voice. "What are you waiting for," Tim asked. "Deep throat it, bitch. "Tim plowed forward with his hips and pulled back on Dane's head, shoving his cock into Dane's throat. Dane could hardly breathe, but managed to get a breath of air in between thrusts. He thought he was going to pass out until he felt Tim's cock surge and shoot a load of cum down his throat. He was saddened for a split second that he wouldn't be tasting some Tim's cum, when Tim pulled out further and finished cumming into Dane's mouth and onto his face. "Lick it up, and clean me off good you pervert," Tim ordered. Naked, bruised, violated and covered in cum, Dane did as he was told.

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   He enjoyed every last drop of Tim's cum, savoring the taste. Before today, Dane had never had sex, and now here he was the willing fuck doll of his neighbors. He smiled as he limped to get his guests some towels. .

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