Breeding slave part -2


hearing  my father down stairs i wake up and head down  to breakfast. my father is busy preparing breakfast and doesn't see me come in i kneel as i have been told to do and after a bit of time passes he notices me and he tells me to come to the table for breakfast and that he has something to tell me.i eat my breakfast as he tell me what it is that he wanted me to know. he says kim i know that this will come as a shock to you but i hope you will understand i am planing to use you as a breeding slave once you are trained enough and your training will start after breakfast today. He sees the look of fear in my eyes and reasures me that it will be ok and i slowly calm down.we finish breakfast and we head up to his room he lays me on his bed as he gets out the things that he will need for my first training session then he gently binds my wrists so if i get scared i won't be able to get away he lays next to me and gently starts to rub my body to help me to relax he then grabs my tits in both hands and gently squeezes them. i moan softly as my Master plays with every part of my body. he then  takes a vibrator and says that he will now get me use to being fucked with objects other then cocks. he lubes up the vibe and gently starts to fuck me with it and after a bithe sees that i have become wet and says what a good lil slut you are my girl as my hips start to buck.
to be continued
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