It was the start of summer vacation and I just finished my sophomore year, so I'm sixteen and always horny. I have a fit body, I'm a football player, and I grew 8 inches just this year and I'm now almost six feet tall. This summer my sister and her best friend from college were staying at our house this year. My sister is nothing special but she picked one of the hottest girls I've ever known, Brittney. She was nineteen, beautiful shoulder length brown hair, big warm brown eyes, a huge white smile, and a perfect body: she was petite, 5'3-4, immaculate long legs, tight and perfectly toned abs, and two perfect sized perky tits. I know this because as I got home my sister and her friend were in the pool splashing around. "Hey sis. " I said.

"Hey there little brother, glad schools out?"

"You have no idea, I've been ready for summer vacation since spring break ended. "

Brittney then said to my sister, "That's your LITTLE brother? He doesn't look to small. " As she said that she grinned up at me and then laughed. "Lets get out of the pool and watch a movie. If I stay in here to long I'll prune up. " As Brittney lifted herself out of the pool I could see the water rush off her perfect curves and I got a look at a lot of clevage. She smiled again, "don't stare too long, or you might get some ideas. " Then she touched my bicep with her small soft hands and whispered so my sister couldn't hear, "not that I don't have some already.

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I sat down between them with some popcorn and joined them to watch the movie. Brittney was wearing a tight white tank top showing off her tight little body and black spandex shorts that hugged her sexy somewhat muscular (from cheerleading in high school) thighs. About half way through the movie I stole another glance at Brittney and saw that she wasn't wearing a bra and I could see one of her erect nipples showing through her top. My 7 and a half inches were immediately hard and because of it, the popcorn bowl lifted and slid down and away from Brittney. It was just my luck that at that exact moment Brittney had reached for some popcorn and brought her hand down right on my cock and squeezed. She looked down at my stiffy and then up at me, "Impressive, most men take weeks to get this far with me. " Instead of letting go though Brittney just kept rubbing my cock through my shorts. I was shocked, "my sisters right here an-"

"Oh she's a deep sleeper, don't worry about her. " I looked right and sure enough my sister was sound asleep. Then I felt her pull down my shorts and reveal my stiffy and balls.

She slipped off her knees and started massaging my balls and slowly stroked me off. I sat there looking at her gorgeous smiling face as she stroked me off and wished she would suck on my cock. I had never had a handjob, let alone a blowjob or sex. But I was too close to give up now. As the thoughts raced through my mind she leaned forward and licked up the front of my shaft and then slipped her lips around my shaft and began to bob her head up and down at blinding speed.

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   She was downing my whole girth with ease.

"Do you do this often? You seem really, REALLY good at this. " As I said that she deepthoated me and sucked for a solid 10 seconds before pulling off.

Brittney smiled and said "Not super often, but enough. You're pretty good endurance-wise, most men can't last this long in my mouth. " As she said that she leaned lower than before and took both my balls in her small moist mouth and simultaneously jacked me off with both her small skillful hands. It was like heaven it felt so nice. "Ahhhhhh, I'm gonna cum Brittney. " She sped up jacking me off and opened her mouth wide as I released the biggest load of my life into her mouth. She swallowed it every drop and licked her lips. She then cleaned off the few drops left on my cock. "MMMM, your cum tastes really good. Do you want to take this upstairs?"

 "Uhhh. . .

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  umm. . yeah. Definitely. " I nodded dumbly. She laughed and took me by the hand and led me upstairs like a chiar.

"Which room is yours?" I pointed too mine and we went in and closed the door. "Not bad" she said as she hopped on the bed and looked around seeing my dresser, desk, bed, random football stuff, etc. "So, will this be your first time?"

"Uh-huh" is all I could get out.

She smiled again, so warm and bright. "That's good. I'll take it nice and easy then. " I took off my clothes and joined her on the bed. We kissed, it was soft and sensual. Her tongue explored my mouth and my hands felt down her side and squeezed her perfect little ass.

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   I kissed her neck and she moaned softly, "I like that. A man should never forget to kiss the neck. " Together we pulled off her white tank top and discarded it. I saw her perfect tits, capped off by two errect little pink nipples. I gently gropped her right breast, it was a handful. I took my fingers and rolled her nipple between them. Then I bent down and kissed it. I then began to massage, kiss, and, lick, all over her wonderful, soft boobs. "MMMMMmmmm, so nice. Your making my pussy SO wet" she moaned. Speaking of which, she stood up and removed her spandex shorts to reveal the rest of her tight body, including her sexy ass and tight little twat. "Are you ready?" Brittney asked.  

" Ohhhh, I am VERY ready for this. "  She grabbed me and pushed me down on the bed and positioned her clit over my hard cock. Slowly, she lowered herself down to my waist.

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   She was SOOOOOO tight even though she wasn't a virgin.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!! You're so big and THICK! too. " she moaned. She started to bounce up and down on my cock coming down to my waist each time and slapping her ass to my balls. I began to rock my hips to match her thrusts while I watched her tits bounce in rythm to our movements. "OH YES!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!!!" I did exactly as she commanded and took over. I got up and pushed her onto her back and slammed hard and fast, continually increasing my pace and my strength. Soon she was moaning louder than ever. "Oh yeah, right there, I'm gonna CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!" Her body convulsed, her chest thown up against mine, her pussy clamped down on every inch of my cock and she covered me with her warm juices.

"I'm cumming TOOOOOOO!!" The added pressure of her pussy, plus her glorious juice soaking my cock, along with her wonderful breasts being thrown up into my chest had pushed me to the edge. I pulled out just in time and released an even bigger load than before all over her abs, breasts, and some even all the way up to her face. "THat was AMAZING. " I said through heavy breaths.

"Yeah, that was fucking amazing. And your first time too, damn can you please a woman.

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  " She cleaned herself up as we sat together in orgasmic bliss for a long time, just enjoying each others presense before we got dressed and went to bed.


THis is a true story, so if you want more about her, I have plenty of stories of me and Brittney.


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