Camryn: C08


For those who disliked Corey from the start.  
----- 8 --
I knocked on my neighbor’s door.   I could hear Corey running down the stairs.
It had been two days since the unreal time I had with Camryn.   My parents insisted that I spend some time with them over the weekend, so no visiting the neighbors than.   It was Monday though now; they had to work, and so I got my free time with Camryn and Corey – kind of.   I was so incredibly nervous that day, unfortunately.
Camryn was off with her mother at the dentist.   She was getting a cavity filled.   She was also going to tell her mom about the pregnancy.   We both knew that we couldn’t hide it and we figured it would be best to get it out now.   Maybe my recent incident would buy me some pity.   It was easy for me to agree with her on telling so soon, but now, now I wished I was in my room on the floor slowly dying.   I wanted to die; the anxiety was killing me.  
Oh God, why did this happen?  It was all Corey’s fault.   Everything bad somehow revolved around her.

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    It was hard to stay mad at her though; she never meant to do anything bad.   I could forgive her for everything, everything, except maybe this.   Why?
Corey opened the door to great me.
She didn’t know about the pregnancy.   Over the phone, Camryn and I agreed that she shouldn’t know; she might accidently slip up and tell early.   I was supposed to tell her, that day, while Camryn told her mom.   We didn’t want Corey hearing it from her mom and panicking; confessing to everything that had happened between us three out of some sort of fear.
Corey pulled me into the house and shut the door.  
“We only have about an hour left alone so we have to hurry,” she said anxiously.  
An entire hour left; I was in no hurry.   I could tell her everything in five minutes.   I really didn’t want to tell her now and sit in awkward silence for an hour.   Might as well do what she wanted, I had more than half expected this.
She skipped to the kitchen entry and threw a book onto the table before running over to the couch while pulling the clothes from her body.   I walked behind her.

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    She jumped onto the couch completely naked.
“Corey,” I started, “can you just suck me today?”  She could see the fear in my face.   If her mom flipped over Camryn’s pregnancy, she might rush Corey to the gynecologist and the last thing I wanted them to find was my cum inside her.
“I just want to try something new and different, that’s all.   I thought you might want to try and outshine Camryn on sucking me. ”  She looked at me, she tried looking through me.   “Here, I’ll start. ”
I dropped to my knees and pulled my face between her legs.   She was so small.   Putting my penis into her wasn’t bad, she was soo tight; I would get pleasure from it even if I was asleep.   Licking her down there, it was different.   Oh well, she was so small, I would just be licking a crack, it couldn’t be that bad.
I pushed my mouth into her slit, opened up and licked up its entire length.   Her entire body tensed and shivered.
“Wow, I like different a lot!” she gasped.

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I continued licking her tiny crack.   Her entire body was shaking, almost convulsing.   I pressed my lips in an O around the slit and pushed as much tongue contact into her as possible.   Then I randomly began lathering her vagina with it.   She began humping into my mouth.   Her hands were on my head pushed me into her more.
I was breathing warm heavy breaths from my nose onto her as I continued coating her entire reproductive organ with my hot saliva.   Her humping was becoming more violent.   I rubbed my left hand up her stomach to her chest.   Gently, I just held it there, holding her naked body back into the couch.   She must have found the feeling amazing.   I just grazed over her two nipples with my outstretched fingers when the struts into my face became most violent.

    She began moaning wildly.   In my palm, I could feel her heart beating maniacally.   Her knees were flapping in and out as she kept bucking into my mouth.

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    Finally, she slowed and stopped.   Her legs fell limp to the sides.   I sucked my lips together and kissed her slit.   It was completely soaked.   It was my saliva, but now it tasted a little different, something new was added in it, just a faint taste.   I gently kissed from her vagina, up onto her stomach.   I continued up her chest and onto her neck.   I lingered there.   She seemed to like my kissing there.   I kissed around several places, all over her neck before moving up her chin to her lips.
    Her tongue instantly locked into my mouth.   It was if she was searching for something in it.   She licked my teeth and my tongue clean before pulling off.
    “So that’s why you like being sucked, it feels that good,” she spoke.   Her hands pulled up to my belt.

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    “Just pull down,” I said, “I keep it on loose enough so I can just pull them up and down.   It’s annoying messing with my belt every day. ”
    She looked happy enough and grabbed the sides of my shorts and ripped them down with my boxers.   She looked at my penis and smiled.
    “I see that you liked that almost as much as me. ”
    I blushed a bit.   She stood up and pushed me over to the couch.   I sat down.
    “Lay down. ”
    I complied.   She climbed over my legs and her mouth pounced on my penis.  I stared down at her bobbing head.   All I could see was her hair.   I wanted to see her body, her naked body.
    “Turn around,” I said.

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        She pulled off.
    “Hover over my body, not my legs. ”
    She looked at me, then smiled.   She climbed off the couch and then back on, over my chest.   She picked up my penis with her two small hands and looked down between us.
    “Is the view better now?”
    “Much. ”
    She moved her top hand down over her lower one grasping onto my organ and then pushed it into her mouth.   She was soo hot.   That felt soo good.   I couldn’t understand why I liked her body so much now; it was like I was on some euphoric drug.
    From her bobbing chin, down her non-existent breasts, past her almost concave tummy, and too her glistening vagina, my eyes rolled over her.   Her slit was inches from my mouth now.   I wanted to lick it again.   I reached my arms up.
    Corey gasped as the cool aluminum from my splint touched her back.

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        I lifted it up and using my arm from that hand, I guided her bottom to my face.   This time, she gasped as my tongue made new contact with her reproductive organ.   I could feel the hot air from her gasps running down my saliva soaked penis.   Corey’s little hands held firm my organ in her mouth.
    I pushed my tongue harder and harder into the crack my mouth enveloped.   I broke through.   Corey moaned so loud onto the head of my penis.   She was amazing.
    I licked up and down the inside of her vagina.   The tip of my penis rested on the roof of Corey’s mouth as she hummed down it.   I released a humming moan into her split apart hole, releasing tiny vibrations all the way up her tunnel.   She began squeezing the base of my penis with her hands hard.   Her butt pushed back.   She was humping my face again.
    I pushed my hips up a few times to give her the clue to not forget about me.


        She caught on and quickly resumed sucking me.   She was devoted to me now; she wanted to make me feel Good.
    One of her hands retreated from my shaft and I could feel her playing gently with my testicles.   Each time she dropped her head onto me, I swear she was going a little deeper.
    My tongue licked and suckled at the tenderest of skin just inside her barely used vagina.   It was amazing, it was so smooth, glazed in a sweet fluid; it was intoxicating.   Her humping into my face was only making the whole thing hotter.   The fact that the same little girl was sucking my cock made every muscle in my body weak.   I was going to explode, and soon.
    “Mmm mmmmm mm mmm. ” I’m going to cum; that’s what I wanted to say.   Speaking into her vagina wasn’t very effective.   She groaned back in bliss.   I tried one more time.  
    She jammed her slit into my mouth and pushed all her weight into me.

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        Slowly she began to gyrate into my face.
        I could feel her vagina pounding inside.   My tongue could feel it.   Liquid dripped out of her.   Her natural girl lubrication was dripping into my mouth.   She was having an orgasm on my tongue.  She was sucking my penis like the greatest piece of candy in the world, an innate reaction to just live through the orgasmic high she was having.   Her tongue rolled around my shaft.
      I immediately began spasming and inseminating her mouth.   My hot cum fountained into her; down her throat, over her tongue, into the roof.   She began choking and coughing.   I remained suckling her dripping girl organ.
      I squirted line after line of sperm into her mouth.   She eventually stopped coughing and began collecting a pool of it in her mouth with her throat closed.   My penis was basking in a sauna heated by that little girl’s mouth swooshing my cum through her teeth.

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          My streams of sperm turned into pulses of ooze.   Her mouth though was still sucking; it was like that was all she knew how to do.   Pushed into an amazing orgasm in the midst of doing that one thing pushed her to continue in a broken loop.   A comfort object that she was playing with when so much happiness filled her.   She wouldn’t let me go.
      I started to hear her gulping it down.   I pulled my tongue from her body and licked up the remaining sweet liquid on her.
      “All clean down here,” I said.
      “Just give me one minute,” Corey gruffly responded onto my soaking penis.   Immediately after she spoke, I felt her mouth pull off my shaft and her tongue vacuum around the base of my penis and over my balls.   I rolled my eyes.
      She lifted her butt up off me.   I looked down between our bodies to find her staring to my face as she licked the side of her hand clean.   Damn, how did I get so lucky?
      Corey crawled off of me.
      “We better get dressed,” she said.


          “Oh, Camryn said you had to talk to me about something. ” 
      I grunted a ‘yeah’ and sat up, remembering all the hell my life was about to go through.   As I stood up and pulled my shorts and boxers up, Corey put on her panties, shorts, and shirt.
      “Oh crap, I was supposed to give Mr. Youngs his book back before mommy got home today,” she said.   I was getting anxious now.   I just wanted to blurt it all out and get it over with.   I didn’t know I could flip from a sexual high to a near anxiety attack so fast.
      “Please hurry up, this is important,” I said before quivering, and reapplying my shirt.
      “I just have to run across the street and back, just one minute. ”
      She ran to the table to pick up a book and skipped to the front door in her bare feet.   She opened it and ran outside.   I wanted her to hurry up so bad.   My gut was killing me.   I needed to get this out.

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      I started getting a bad feeling.   What if their mom pulled in when Corey was still outside?  Shit.   I really had to calm myself.   I was making myself want to vomit in distress.  
      I heard the sound of tires rip into the pavement outside.   A dull thump.   I exploded my torso around to look out the front window.
      Oh My God!  My mind and body separated.   I burst from the couch and flew to the front door.   I exploded from the house like a mortar shell.
      I sprinted into the road before the stopped car.   Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!  I picked up Corey.   She wasn’t moving.   Her arm was deformed; shattered, something.   She wasn’t moving.

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          Fuck!  Fuck! 
      Was she breathing?  I couldn’t tell.   She looked dead.   Half her body was turning purple, maybe black.   Fuck! 
      “COREY!!” I screamed, “COREY!”
      I looked up to a girl not much older than me.   She held an open flip cell phone in her hands.   She was speechless.   She was crying.   She was standing next to the car.   The driver door was open.   The car was empty.   She was the driver.
      The sound of some other fucking girl was nagging over the phone.
      I dropped Corey.   Fuck!
      I stood up.   I walked to the stupid fucking girl.

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          I grabbed the phone from her and flipped it shut.  
      The girl stared at me.
      I slammed the phone into the side of her head under my palm.
      “FUCK YOU!!  WHY!!”
      I dropped the phone to the ground and threw my fist into her jaw.
      Someone grabbed me.   They pulled me away.
      “FUCK YOU!!!”
      People started coming from everywhere.   Two were holding me down.   Two more were checking Corey.
      I wanted to fucking kill her.   Why?  Why her?  Why us?
      e. l. hanes
      Please send all feedback to hanes_el@yahoo. com.   Thank you for reading, only two chapters left.

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