Carolyn in the Morning


CAROLYNAt this time of my life, I was seventeen, and studying for my ‘A’ levels.   It was a bright spring morning, just after 7. 30 am. and my parents had just left for work, after waking me.   I had the regular early morning, waking, hard on - at that age the hormones are coursing around like a jet-plane with the after burners on - and was just starting to relieve it manually, when the door bell rang.   I quickly left the comfort of my bed, putting on a cotton dressing gown, and went down stairs to see who it was. When I opened the door I found it was Carolyn - my then girl friend, who lived three doors further down our quiet cul-de-sac.   She was wearing a white shirt, with and short wrap around grey pleated school skirt.   “I saw your Mum  and Dad leave, and thought I’d make sure you were awake”, she said.   I pulled her into the hallway, and closed the full-length frosted front door. Carolyn was about five feet four, barely fifteen, with light brown - almost blonde hair - reaching to her shoulders.   Although she was slightly plump, she was no way fat.   Her breasts were full and heavy. My morning erection had not completely subsided, and now rapidly stiffened.   Carolyn was standing up against the hall wall, and we started to kiss, with the enthusiasm of young lust.   One hand moved to her left breast, whilst the other clutched her right bum cheek.

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  It was immediately obvious that she was not wearing a bra.   This caused my prick to stiffen even more.   I opened her shirt and used both hands to softly stroke her soft milky white breasts.   Breasts with the translucent skin of the young, showing fine blue veins under the skin.   I lowered my head to them and took the nipple of one of them in my lips, teasing it to erection, gently biting and sucking it and ‘strumming’ it with my tongue.   The other was not left out, and I lightly pinched the nipple and stroked it and the surrounding area. We were becoming rapidly excited, and Carolyn reached down to stroke my cock that was now stabbing into her.   I moved one hand down to cup a buttock under her skirt, and found she was not wearing knickers either.   This definitely acted as a spur to quicken the pace of our lovemaking. My other hand came down to stroke Carolyn’s sparse pubic hair, tease the vulval area and labia, which had already started to become engorged.   My ministrations made them even more obvious, and her vaginal fluids rapidly covered my hand, arousing me even more, with its provocative scent.   Carolyn was making whimpering noises, showing she also was aroused.   My fingers set to work rubbing her outer lips, and using the other hand to finger fuck her, whilst rubbing her clitoris with my thumb. Carolyn, had meanwhile stopped caressing my cock - which was fortunate as much more would have caused me to shoot my load - and whilst stroking her own breasts with one hand, she extracted a condom from her shirt pocket.   As she was doing this, I unhooked the catch on her skirt, which dropped to the floor.

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   She excitedly said “ Now, fuck me now!” She tore the packet open, then knelt down and ran the rubber onto my cock, quickly giving it some tongue strokes.   I rapidly lifted her to a standing position, and copping both buttocks in my hands, put the tip of my prick to the entrance of her plump, pouting, love lips.   With one quick thrust I had entered her, the warm, wet flesh tightening around my cock. Thrusting rapidly, she quickly moved to match my rhythm of my thrusts.   Our fucking was in no way prolonged, and soon Carolyn was shouting she was coming.   I come at the same time, and we collapsed on to the floor.   I slid out of her, though being young, and with the hormones on overdrive, I was still erect. Being erect and with no condoms downstairs, I grabbed Carols hand and pushing her towards the stairs, slipped off my dressing gown, went up stairs, telling her to start running a bath, whilst I went to my room to fetch some rubbers. Entering the bathroom Carolyn had removed her shirt, and we hugged and kissed.   My cock had only wilted slightly. and sprung back to attention.   Whilst kissing and stroking her breasts, I told her to get on her hands and knees.   She did this, stopping to kneel in front of me to put another condom on, and rub my cock to full length.   She then turned and knelt on the bath mat, raising her arse in the air. I now knelt behind her, and before entering her from behind, I finger fucked her cunt with one hand, and caressed her left tit with the other.

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    Carolyn again started to breath rapidly, and whimper with excitement.   I now stopped finger fucking her, and thrust my cock into her well-lubricated cunt.   This caused Carolyn to thrust back onto my prick, and we soon built up to a rapid pace.   My right hand was now rubbing her clit, and the other her tits.
    I then noticed the bath was rapidly filling, and I reached out and turned the mixer tap off.   Carolyn shouted to me to keep rubbing her clit, not realising why I had stopped. I went back to rubbing her little pink love bud.   Soon she shouted,” I’m coming, I’m coming; oh fuck, quicker, quicker, fuck me quicker!”  Which I was pleased to do, and with increasing speed, thrust into her, now holding on to her hips. After about 15 strokes I too was coming. I now shot another load of come into a rubber, and Carolyn collapsed from her kneeling position onto the floor, having orgasmed too.   Recovering , we drained some of the bath water, and got in, pouring water over each other and soaping our bodies; me concentrating on Carols tits and cunt, and  she on my prick, stirring it to life again. Facing one another, my bare cock nudged her cunt, and Carolyn with her open legs either side of me moved forward slightly and I entered her.   This was before AIDS, and having come twice already, we took the risk of going bare back, and trust me to come outside her cunt.   We slowly rocked to and fro, this time gently working to a climax.   After a while Carolyn stared to come, biting my shoulder and neck.

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        I was not far behind, and pulled out of her and onto her belly, my cock pointing skywards.   Carolyn now moved back a little, and kneeling over me, put my cock between her full, wet breasts, and with her moving gently, brought me to a third climax, shooting my come so that it hit her under her chin.   After washing the come from my cock and her chin and neck, we got out of the bath, and dried and talced each other.  . The time was rapidly passing - we both had to get to school.   Carolyn ran down stairs, and holding her shirt, retrieved her skirt pulled out a bra and knickers from her school bag - which in my excitement I had not seen her drop on the hallway floor - when I had pulled her into the house. Whilst and getting dressed, she looked up the stairs at me with an enormous grin on her face, put her red and grey tie, and told me she’d have to make sure I ‘got up’ in the morning more often, and left. After this I was ‘woken up’ most mornings after my parents left for work - though we never fucked three times in a morning again. The chap across the road always gave us ‘funny’ looks after this episode - may be due to the frosted glass in the front door?  I am now in my forties, but still remember my early morning ‘wake up’ calls, and the memories still make me very erect. 1359 words.
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