Catholic teen thinks taking it in the ass is perfect


I was in a little hole in the wall Mexican cafe on the South Side, having lunch with Josie.

We're friends because she's a slut, like me, and because we're second cousins. But she grew up on the West Side of San Antonio, so we didn't spend that much time together in our younger years. Besides, there was this age gap.

She's in her late 30s and I'm in my late 40s. We're about 10 years apart, so we didn't hang with the same cliques.

We were just chismeando (gossiping), and I had my back to the entrance. The cafe had a little bell that rang whenever the door opened and Josie would react - look up - everytime someone came in. So, we're having coffee and waiting for tacos when the bell rings and she looks up and jerks her hand up to her face, like to hide, puts her head down and says, "Oh shit!"

Then she, like, changes her mind, like she's saying, 'So what!' with her body language and she looks up at whoever is coming in.

I turned around and there is this short woman, kind of heavy. She is in a long black dress with crewneck collar with red rose embroidery trim. She has her black hair in a bun. She is muy morena (very dark). I am guessing she is about 5 feet - 2 inches tall, 140 pounds, nice bubble butt. She is in black high heels.

She is with her husband.

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   Well, I was guessing it was her husband. She looked to be near Josie's age. There was a young girl with her, about 13 and with a nice figure.

I thought maybe the man was a Sancho, one of Josie's lover. But I was wrong. Josie waved at the woman. The woman caught the wave and looked and made a face like she had seen a scary ghost. She tried to ignore Josie and of course I saw there was some history between the two - maybe they had fought over another man in the past?

Josie and myself, we were dressed slutty. I was in tight shorts and a tight, torn tank top, sleeveless.
Josie had on a miniskirt and tube top of spandex. We looked the opposite of this woman, who was nicely dressed, but conservatively, and with a large cross pendant on a gold chain resting at the top of her chest.

I asked Josie what that was about. She waved off my question with, "I'll tell you later. "

Josie would occasionally look her way and try to catch her eye, but the woman had picked a table far behind us and sat with her back to us. There was no more contact and I prodded Josie to 'fess up.

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"I knew her in high school," Josie started. "She hanged out with this preppy clique of Catholic girls. Her parents were very strict. She went to Mass all the fucking time.

"She often wore plaid skirts and white blouses, like she was in a private school - even though we were in public school!

"Well, she said she was a transfer. She had been in private all-girl Catholic schools through the eighth grade, but her parents couldn't afford to keep her in Catholic schools to finish out to graduation, so she transferred.

"She was one of these girls that had the fancy quinceanera, you know the kind with all the familia pitching in to make a big fucking deal out of it. She had a debut in a KC hall and everybody came dressed to the nines.

"Well that was all before I met her," Josie said. "I didn't run into her until her sophomore year and she was 16. "

Josie's version of this girl's past continued:

Her name is Anabell. She was a horny little bitch. But she didn't know how to lose her cherry in a proper way.
She was too shy to talk to boys so she never had a boyfriend up to that time.

She would go to confession and tell the priest she wanted to have sex out of marriage.

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   Of course, he counseled her not to commit such a terrible sin.

After we got to know each other - because at one time we were close friends - she told me her idea of having a sexually stimulating time was to taunt the priest through the confession box. She was always telling him how she yearned for boys to penetrate her, how desperately she wanted to have sex, and not just have sex, but to be promiscuous.

Finally after months of these kind of confessinals the priest, he breaks down and tells her that some girls put it to
them in the anus, to preserve their virginity for their future husband. She said that he warned her that this violated
the spirit of the religious laws regarding extra-marital sex. But that if she could not control her urges, it was
a compromise with the flesh that would spare her the shame of having a future husband find out that his bride was not a virgin.

From that point, she began to fantasize about offering her asshole to boys, but she was still too shy to do anything about it.

It was around this time that I started noticing her, because she was always looking my way.
Well, I already had a reputation. I was two years older and a senior. I got kicked off the cheerleader squad for getting caught fucking football players on school grounds. And EVERYBODY knew about that!

So, this little bitch, she's looking at me all the time when we pass in the halls. I sneered at her often.
I was thinking that this stuck-up bitch is looking down on me, thinking she is better than me, that I'm trash and she's all high and might 'hija de la Madre Santa. '

One day, she walks right up to me while I'm at my locker and before she has a chance to say anything I slam my locker door closed and I says to her, "What the fuck do you want, bitch? Why you always gotta be lookin' down on me?"

She blushed and apologized and said, "No, no, no please don't take it like that.

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   I'm not looking down on you. I I was just wondering, hoping that um maybe we could hang out with each other -- not here in school, because you're . . . "

"I'm what? What?"

"Well my friends would, they wouldn't understand. "

"They wouldn't understand that you're hanging with the school whore? Is THAT what they wouldn't understand, because I think they would understand it just fucking fine. What is this. You setting me up for some rich-girl game to humiliate me?"

"No! oh God no," she said. She looked around, she was all nervous and blushing. And she says, "Can we please talk someplace else. Can you meet me at the Dairy Q on Commmercial after school. Please!? I promise I'm not trying to do anything bad to you. "

And she ran off. I figured, what the fuck? And I went there. I met her after school.

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   I was curious. She's there at
a booth, waiting for me. When I go sit in front of her, she asks me if she can buy me anything. I said I didn't need
her charity, and what's this about.

She finally starts opening up and says, "I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but I'm kind of shy with boys and I have this reputation and you have, um, another kind of reputation and I'm very shy with boys. "

"You already said that - the shy with boys part," I reminded her.

"Yes, yes. Sorry! Ummmm, I . . . I want it. "

"You want what?" I asked. "You want boys?"

She nods her head to mean yes.

"You want me to help you get a boyfriend? You want me to hook you up with somebody, cuz I gotta tell you girl the boys I know, they ain't nice boys. "


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   You don't understand. I don't want a boyfriend. I can't have a boyfriend. My parents won't let me. And, and I can't let a boy put his thing in my, my . . . "

"Your hoo-ha? You can't have a boyfriend and you can't do it?" I said and shook my head, and I said, "I can't help you, baby sister, cuz my boys, they put their 'thing' as you say in the 'hoo-ha. '"

She blushed and got out of her seat on her side of the booth and came around and made me scoot down and sat next to me and whispered in my ear.

"I want boys to put their thing in my asshole. The priest told me that wouldn't be so bad. But they can't be my boyfriend! Just boys that, that want to put their thing in a girl's asshole. "

Well, that made me blush! And I said, "Uhhhhhhh . . .

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  . shit! You are serious? Cuz that's some fucking weird business, girl. "

She looked at me with this straight face that just made her look comical given what the subject was, and says to me, "I am completely, completely serious. " Then she clasps her hands and pleads, "Will you help me? Please, please, please!"

"The priest said that? That it was okay like that? You gots to be fucking with my head!" I said.

And then she goes into this long conversation about her sexual appetite and her talks with the priest and I'm thinking like the more this story goes on the more fucked up religion is sounding to me.

But in the end of it, I decided we could be friends for awhile. I was kind of looking forward to bringing this rich girl
down. I mean, shit! She was asking for it. I didn't even warn her about the hit her reputation would take. She knew what she was doing, as far as I was concerned.

So, I went home and got on the house line - this was back before everybody had a cell phone - and I'm calling up my homies and spreading the word about this rich girl I know that wants to do a gangbang up the fucking ass. And they're all like, 'No way! Who is it?'

And I'm saying her name. I don't give a fuck. She wants me to put a sign on her asshole, this fucking culita is open for fucking business -- I ain't got a problem with that.

It takes me 15 minutes to line up four boys and one of them with a big truck.

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   I figure, six in the car. All we need is
a place and some dope and make a party. I called her up and tell her it's on.

"What's on?" she asked.

"YOu're little coming out party, bitch. That's what's on. "

"So soon? Already?" she says, all surprised.

"Hey sister, it ain't hard to find boys. You just didn't know that yet. What do you have sexy to wear, you should put
on something hot. "

She didn't have nothing sexy to wear. we talked clothes for awhile and she gave me the story on her wardrobe. It was all Mother Teresa shit, except for those Catholic school girl clothes. I knew the boys would be into that shit. "

"Just wear one of your Catholic school girl outfits.

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   Do you have an old one that fits kind of tight, from when you were younger?"

She did, so I said, "Wear that!"

She had us pick her up in the mall parking lot in front of J. Z. Pennies, cuz she couldn't be seen getting in a truck in
front of her saintly mother with trash like us. It was a Saturday afternoon and she lied to the mommy about spending the afternoon with a close friend - who it turned out was covering for her.

As soon as she got in the truck I introduced her as, "Anabell, the girl that wants to get gangbanged in the ass!"

Her jaw dropped and she screamed, "I do not!" and she hit me in the shoulder and blushed and we had a long conversation on the way to our destination that was mostly a playful argument between me, the boys and her about her fine ass and what it really needed.

And she was fine, too. This petite little, slender waisted girl with a bubble butt ass and nice tits. Once she got to
the mall, she took her black and yellow plaid Catholic girl skirt, already a size too small, got a pair of scissors and
carefully snipped away three inches from the hem. When we got her in the truck, her plaid school uniform skirt was a skanky little frayed miniskirt.

And she was not wearing those black and white leather Buster Browns. She had 3-inch high leopard print heels. That was her idea of sexy. They didn't go with the outfit, but we were all picturing her bent over with her bare brown asshole gaped open and seeping cum, and those high heels on the bottom end of that scene were fucking hot.

She would occassionally ask where we were going. I told her, "Somewhere safe, where your parents will never find you.



That would scare a lot of girls, but she kept looking around at all the boys, and I was literally holding her hand
and feeling her nervous energy. She kept squeezing my hand and I finally thought, hey, she needs something to relax her.

"You ever smoke MJ?"

She was clueless. I pulled out a stick and lit it and got her to open her mouth. We kissed and I blew THC into her lungs.

It was a long drive and we didn't share the joint. The boys lit up from their own stash. I kept putting smoke in her
lungs. She kept going on about how she had never done pot before.

It didn't take long to have her giggling and hungry. We went into the county. We pulled up next to a chainlink fence
that was supposed to bar visitors to an abandoned county park. The boys had cut the fence before and we crawled inside and went into the public restroom, which was boarded up, but we had busted into it before.

I had done several gangbangs in there. It was nice to have another girl along.


   I was looking forward to having her be the center of attention for a change. Let the rich girl be 'popular' this time, I thought.

I should introduce the boys. They were all jocks, all seniors. And two were skaters. They brought their boards on the pretext that we were just going to go boarding in a park. That was something we thought of early, to divert her

Three of the boys were 18 and one was 19. They were all huskies - linebacker types with thick thighs and broad chests and fat cocks. They were all the kinds of boys that would make a girl like this - stoned as she was and desperate to experience sex for her very first time - horny, horny, horny.

My homes were Juanito, Spider, El Chino and Victorio. I started it off by going down on Victorio. I unzipped him as he stood against the cinderblock wall of the men's restroom and I started jacking and licking his cock.

After a couple minutes, I asked Anabell if she wanted to join me. She was stoned and horny, but she was shy about putting a cock in her mouth.

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   I said, "Suit yourself, sister, but you're missing out. "

The other three boys surrounded her and started touching her. And she watched me squat and finger my clit while I gave Victorio a blowjob.

Victorio's buddies were crowding her, trying to touch whatever she would let them touch. She was resisting, but they were strong and Juanito and El Chino held her still while Spider fingered her pussy. She had her skirt up and her pink panties were exposed. I would check on her every minute or so and he was getting her wet. She kept saying 'Don't!' and they kept taking 'don't' for 'yes!'

I didn't suck Victorio for long. I wanted all those cocks cumming up her pampered ass. So, after about 10 minutes, I stood up and walked over to her. She looked like she was about to freak out.

I told the boys to leave us alone. And they didn't give me any shit. I started hugging her and patting her round
brown behind and telling her everything was going to be fine and everything was going to happen just like she wanted it.

She said she changed her mind.

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   She couldn't go through with it. She said it felt all wrong and that she made a mistake.

I giggled and told her it was too late to back out. I told her it felt all wrong because it was all new. None of this
was like anything she had done before and it would feel weird until she got used to it.

"But let me tell you sister, and this is a promise. Once you get used to it, you are going to LOVE it sooo fucking
much you won't ever want to stop. I swear on my grandmother's grave. "

I started necking with her and rubbing her pussy, and I got down to business, about how it should go down. I told her she wouldn't see their face. Mine was the only face she would see. I would hold her close to me through the whole thing and no boy would do her pussy. She was afraid it would get all out of control and they would rape her precious cunt.

"Just the ass?" she kept asking. "Just the ass?"

"Yes, baby sister, just the ass, just like you been dreaming it would happen, only better, way better.

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I pulled down her panty and put it in her purse. Every now and then the boys would yell if they could come in and she would shudder and I would yell back, "Not yet! I'll tell you when, dammit!"

I had her sit down on a toilet and told her to relax. I opened her coffee thighs and licked her clit. I started chewing
on it kept telling her to relax. She got into it. I get her real wet. When she started jerking her hips at me, I figured
she was close to ready.

I kept eating her virgin pussy and I kept talking to her. "How you feel sister? You getting close, aren't you?"

She was real close to her orgasm. But I didn't want her to have it. So I stopped. And she begged me not to. And I said, "If I make you cum, you won't do them. "

"Yes I will," she insisted.

"Uh, no.

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   YOu won't," I insisted back. I told her, "It's time to bring them in. "

She made a scared face, but then she calmed down and nodded her head yes, and I yelled out, "It's soup, homies!"

I switched places with her and sat on the toilet and I made her put her arms around my neck. I had my mouth to her right ear and I kept whispering that everything was going to be fine.

She heard feet and boys behind her started complimenting her, "Day-umm, fine ass!"

"Who's going first?" she asked me and she tried to turn her head to look.

I pulled her hair and told her not to look. "It don't matter who goes first, sister. All you should be thinking about
is you've got boys . . . boyssss with cocks to open up your asshole. "

And then I thought, "Shit, wait!"

Everybody froze. I went to my purse and got out a small tube of handcream and gave it to Spider who was right behind her. "PUt this on your cock and work some up her asshole with your finger. Be gentle, it's her first.

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He laughed and started fingering her anus with handcream. She whinced. I whispered to her and held her. She stayed bent over, resting her upper body weight on my shoulders.

Spider started finger fucking her ass. She opened her mouth, making a soft, "ohhh. "

I told her to kiss me. Our lips locked and we were tonguing. He put two fingers in, giving me the sign with his other hand, and she started kissing with more emotion.

I got a hand under her blouse and massaged her breast. I got my fingers into her black hair, holding close the back of her skull, kissing her mouth, tonguing.

I heard Spider slapping his cock on her ass cheek and he was still working two fingers up her asshole. Then he pulled his fingers out and pocket the tip of his cock in her pinching, dark brown virgin school-girl, Catholic sphincter.

He pushed! She moaned and bit on my bottom lip. I pulled her hair.

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   She let go. I said, "Relaxxxx, baby sister. "

She nodded her head yes and went, "Uhh!"

Spider gave her short, stabs. She went, "uh . . . uh . . uhh . . . uhnnnn. "

I asked if it hurt. She said yes. I asked if it was too much.

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   She said she was okay. I thought about reaching for her
clit, but I held back. I thought, 'No, don't let her enjoy too much too soon. Let her suffer, little rich bitch!'

Spider had been fucking her ass with one hand on her hip. Now he was holding her with both hands. I told him to hold her tight, he was letting her bump forward too much, which would stress her leg muscles and back.

He complained, "So what? How do you know that?"

"Because you do the same to me, asshole. You can be a lousy sex partner sometimes. And you need to learn to take some criticism, Spider. "

He held her tighter. I started hearing his upper thighs slap her ass and upper thighs, and the recoil was more
manageable. "That's better!"

"Nnnnn!" Anabell cried. "How . . .

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   how much of his it . . . how much is in me?"

I sighed, "Baby, it wouldn't hurt to say 'cock' once in awhile. We're not in elementary school anymore! Spider, how

"I got more than half into her," he said.

"Four inches," I told her. "He's about 7. "

She looked at my eyes and whispered, "Thank you. Thank you for helping me. "

I wanted to laugh and tell her how fucked up she was, and how much worse she was going to be, but I spoke like an angel, "Oh baby sister, you're welcome. You sweet girl! Does his cock feel good?"

She smiled and nodded yes. I said, "Say it then. Tell the boy, you like his cock. "

"Mmmm," she made a mischievous face and said, "I like your cock!"

"Want some more of it," Spider asked.

She said, "Yesnnn I want more.

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And Spider plunged. He put it all up in her. And she moaned and clawed my back. I pinched a nipple and pulled her silky thick black hair.

"Yesss," I said. "Get it on sister. You gonna learn how good raunchy sex feels. Move your hips for him. Work that
fine cock. "

She made one jerk and jammed backward as Spider came forward and she felt the thrill and sting of participating, of being a more active part of her own deflowering.

"Oh!" she groaned.

I whispered to her, "I'm going to tell him to spank you now. "

She looked at me with a question mark. I nodded 'yes' like I was asking her permission. She smiled and nodded 'yes' back.



"Spider, slap her ass. Give the bitch some Spanish lessons," I ordered.

"Ha ha. Whatever you say, Josie," and we all heard a loud slap of boy hand on girl ass and Anabell squealed out an big, "Eeeee!" and Spider pumped cock into her and I told him to do it again.

He slapped, he plunged, she squealed, I pinched her nipple and Spider said, "Toma mi verga perrita!"(Take my cock little bitch!)

He was gaining momentum. Moving in her deep and picking up speed. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, watching carefully for her reaction. My intent was to get her out of her clothes.

She was really into the fucking now. And Spider began spanking her as he fucked without prompting from me.
He kept telling her in Spanish to take his cock, and Anabell was starting to talk back.
    She would say, "Si, si give
    it to me!"

    I got her out of her blouse. I unsnapped her bra and it fell on my lap. All she had left to cover her skin were the
    pumps and skirt and that sterling anklet with the heart charm. I wanted the anklet for myself.



    Spider started moaning. He said, "I wanna cum on the bitch's face. "

    Anabell gave me a look of alarm. I said, "No, she wants it up her ass. "

    "I want the face," Spider complained.

    "Cum up her ass you greedy pig. Jeez, be grateful for what you got, homey. She's rich girl virgin and you broke her in!"

    He said, "Fuck!" and he started pounding her all out.

    Anabell cried, "Ohhhhh oh oh oh it hurts ohhhhhhhh oh oh ohhh!"

    I said, "He'll be over real soon, baby sister. "

    "I'm cumming!" Spider said. He grunted, "Rrrrrr!" And said, "Fuck on this, perrita!"

    He was spurting up her asshole and that was making me so horny I had the urge to suck his cock clean, but I had the sicker urge to get her to suck his cock clean.

    After he spent himself, he pulled out and she whimpered. She was breathing hard, exhaling into my face. I told her to "turn around! Get on your knees. Spider rub your cock on her face.

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    She knelt and he tried to get her to suck it. She kept her mouth closed and I figured it was too much too soon.

    "Just rub it on her face, Spider. She'll do ass-to-mouth after she's had more experience. "

    Her spine was upright and her ass hooked out just a little. I saw her gaping asshole dripping out cum. It made me so fucking hot I wanted to jump on Victorio. Then I had an idea and acted on it. I grabbed a fistfull of Anabell's hair and wrapped it around Spider's cock and used to like a rag to wipe his cock clean.

    I was losing patience with her. I didn't want to be nice anymore.

    There were three more boys, young men really, all very impatient to take their turn.

    They called me over and Anabell cried, "Josie! Where are you going?"

    I said I would be right back. I stepped out with them.

    "We want to be alone with her," Victorio said.

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    I started rubbing his cock and said, "Mmmm, I wanna be alone with you. "

    He pushed me off, "You're hot baby, but we came here to break in that rich bitch. "

    "I know baby, but I have to be with her. We can't have her freaking out. She's okay with me around. If I leave her
    alone with you, what if she cries rape?"

    We talked and came to a compromise. I would stay in the restroom, but one of the boys would be on each end of her.

    I said, "I told her I would hold her through the whole fucking thing. "

    "Give her some more pot, she'll loosen up," Juanito said.

    I went back in. It was just me and Anabell. She sat on my lap and I sat on the toilet and we smoked a joint and had a nice talk about everything that happened with Spider. The pot had its effect. She was associated getting stoned with sex and I was rubbing her pussy.

    I started talking about the priest and I accused her of wanting to fuck the priest.

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       She denied it, but I kept pushing
    the idea and she finally broke down and said she thought about it. We laughed and kept talking about sex and fucking and cocks and cum and I kept describing what her gaped ass looked like with Spider's cum dripping out. I fingered her ass and found some sticky cum and sucked it off my finger in front of her and asked her if she was ready for more yet?

    She said, "Yes! Haa ha ha mmm!"

    I got her to stand up and we held hands and I walked with her to the entrance. I wanted to see how brave she was. I pulled her to just outside the door. She was out in the open and it was later afternoon and warm.

    She was in a short plaid skirt and high heels. I admired her anklet there and asked if I could have it. She gave it
    to me, gladly, while the boys complimented her figure and made her feel sexy.

    They were putting their hands all over her and she was loving the attention. She was mildly stoned, very horny, feeling liberated and safe.

    Boy fingers were on clit. Boy hands were on tits. Boy hands were grabbing ass, pushing girl shoulders and turning her around and bending her over and fingering ass crack and ass hole and she was giggling at it all.

    Victorio pulled out his cock in front of her and I intercepted and started sucking him.

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       He said he wanted her to do it. And Anabell said, "It's ok. I'll suck his cock!"

    She reached out. I passed it to her. She held it. She looked at it. She smiled at me. She looked at it. She kissed it.
    She opened her thick red Latina lips and put his cock in her mouth. She was stoned and horny.

    She closed her eyes and moved steady and with good rhythm. She reached between her legs and started fingering her clitoris. I pushed her hand away and fingered it for her. She moaned.

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       I looked up at Juanito and said, "Now," and pointed at her ass.

    I lightly slapped her brown ass cheek. It was young and firm and only bounced once.

    He easily opened her up. Her sphincter had closed up, but the muscle memory was fresh. She relaxed and took him with a slight moan and continued sucking Victorio's cock.

    I stayed knelt under her bent over body and kept fingering her pussy. El Chino stood beside Victorio and complained, "Don't hog it all homey. I'm tired of fuckin waiting!"

    Victorio pulled back and Anabell took the cue like a pro and grabbed El Chino's dark cock and started sucking it. I
    took her free hand and put it on Victorio's and told her to jerk him firm while she sucked El Chino's.

    She was all into it. She was turning into a fucking whore and I was loving it. The little ass whore.

    Juanito gave it to her as good as Spider. Spanking ass and stuffing her cock-loving asshole.

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       El Chino and Victorio kept taking turns giving the girl cock and balls to suck, lick and kiss. And I kept giving her instruction.

    "Now lick it. yeah. Now tell him you love his cock. "

    "Mmmmm I love your cock!"

    "Tell him you lick licking his balls. "

    "Yes, I love licking your balls!"

    "Tell all of my homies you wanna be their slut. Tell them now!"

    "Nnnn umm slurp. I wannt be your slut!"

    "Yeah, girl, tell them the truth. Tell them you love gangbanging. "

    "Uhhhhthe truth?"

    "Yes. the truth. What do you love, what? Do you want a boyfriend, or do you want boys to fuck your ass all over town?"

    "Nnnnn I want boys to fuck my ass all over town!"

    "I'll fuck your ass bitch, perrita cochina! (dirty little bitch)," Juanito said as he pounded Mexican cock up her
    rich, pampered Chicana ass.

    And pretty soon it was just, "Nnnnnnn nnnnnn!"

    Everybody was just moaning. The boys and Anabell, all on the edge of cumming.

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       She came first, squirting on my hand like I busted a water balloon.

    Then Juanito pulled out and jacked sperm all over the top of her ass and into her skirt which was draped over her back.

    Victorio pulled away from her face and pinched his cock hard. "Damn," he said. "I came her to scrape corn cob up her ass. "

    I laughed. But he managed to keep from cumming. El Chino didn't care. He growled at her, "Chupa la mia, puta!"
    (Suck mine, whore!)

    She sucked and sucked and looked up. I told her to kneel, now that Juanito was out of her asshole. "Kneel and suck El Chino til he cums in your mouth, girl. Let him cum in your mouth!"

    Her emotions had taken over her senses. I had made her cum a bucket. She was in a stoned sexual frenzy. She pumped El Chino's cock with all her strength.

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       "UmmmssLum ummmssLum ummmssLumm!" came her slurping moans. I was watching a slut being born. I was amazed with myself.

    She sucked cock. El Chino grunted, "Ehhh hija de puta!"(Daughter of a whore). And he came, spurting in her mouth. She didn't swallow. His cum came spurting down her chin and onto the ground what didn't fall on her chest and brown tits.

    When he was done, he pulled out and she pushed what cum she had in her mouth out with her tongue. I knelt and kissed her and licked up cum.

    Spider knelt down behind her to finger her gaping ass. "Four fingers!" he said, noting how easily his hand went up her slutty ass shithole.

    Anabell giggled as he fingered her. Victorio said, "Look at you! You so happy to be our fuck bitch, ain't you?"

    Anabell laughed and said, "What's wrong with that!?"

    "Nothing's wrong, long as you having a good time. You having a good time?"

    "Yeahhh!" she said.

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    "I wanna be alone with you, baby. Can I get you alone inside?" Victorio asked.

    I watched her reaction. She bit her lip, but showed no signs of anxieties. She shrugged her shoulders. That shoulder shrug in such a situation. Then I knew, she was on her way. She was 'puttita perdida' (a young whore who has lost her way).

    She stood up and walked into the restroom and waved goodbye to me with a smile.

    I stayed outside with the other boys and we listened. Victorio was the oldest and most experienced. Anabell didn't know it but he had a reputation for making sluts. He would talk dirty to her throughout. He would get her to do things that she didn't want to do. He would bend her to his will.


       He would make her dream about him, obsess about him.

    He would fuck her long and fuck with her head longer. We heard her screams. We heard her begging. I heard him to do her what he did to me.

    He would demand her pussy. He would get her to beg him to take her pussy. He would tear open that cherry and make her think she was in love with him.

    If he could, he would knock her up. He didn't give a fuck. He was only 19 and he already had impregnated six girls from all over the West Side. He was a macho fuck with a huge ego and a thick cock to match his ego.

    He would stretch her beyond her limits.

    Thirty minutes passed. An hour passed.


       Ninety minutes passed. All through it he fucked her and made her beg for more. He told her he loved her. He told her wanted her more than the others. He told her that she belonged to him. It was all a lie, but she believed every word. He sounded so sincere, so intense, he was so incredible.

    She came out of the restroom hugging him for dear life, and he hugging her like she was the most special woman in the world. She was crying. She had been crying a long time. She was bleeding, streaks of dried blood were between her thighs.

    She kept turning into him and kissing him and asking him if he loved her. She said she loved him. He said, "Of course I love you. Didn't I tell you a hundred times that I love you?"

    And with that he would smirk at us with her face buried in his chest and his fingers running down the crack of her ass.

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    She came out naked. Not even the skirt or the pumps. It was dark and she was naked and in darkness. She was a lost girl.

    El Chino saw the sight, and said, "Jesus. He fucked her up good!"

    We all nodded yes. She got in the truck naked. I asked, "Why didn't you get your clothes?"

    She sat there, not answering. I looked at her. She was jittery, not wanting to look at me. She sat on Victorio's lap,
    obsessively pawing at his crotch. "It's my cock. It's my cock. It's my cock?" she whispered at him.

    "Yes baby.

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       It's all yours," he said.

    He was playing head games with her and she was too fucked up to see it. I sighed and said, "Okay, I'll go get your clothes. No need to thank me, anybody. "

    I went to the restroom. It was dark and I had to fumble around to find them. I knew I had her panties in my purse, and I was wearing her anklet.

    There was a blouse, skirt, bra and pumps in there somewhere. I found the blouse in the toilet. It was swimming in urine. The skirt was completely ripped; it was useless.

    "Jesus!" I said. "He really fucked her up. "

    I found the pumps on the cement in front of the long urinal. The heel of one was broken; how did that happen?
    The insole of the was bloody; she must of been bleeding from her hymen and still had it on at the time.

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    I came back with nothing. I looked at Victorio and yelled,"You asshole motherfucker! You owe her some new clothes, you godamm motherfucking bastard!"

    He was unrepentant and fingering her pussy and making her suck his tongue. But I ordered Juanito to take us to a strip center. I took Victorio's wallet and emptied it. He had $36. I said, "That's not enough!"

    I make them all contribute and went in with $98. I got her a plaid skirt and blouse, a bra and that wasn't enough left for good shoes. I found her some decent leather sandals. I went back to the truck and got her dressed.

    I told Juanito to drive us to her house. Victorio said, "She ain't going there. "

    We had an argument. He wanted to take her to a bar and show her off.

    "What?" I yelled. "What, are you crazy, Anabell.

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       You wanna do that. "

    She was sheepish with me. She didn't want to do anything that Victorio didn't want to do.

    "I should have never left you alone with him. Sister, he is playing with you. He don't love you. He just likes to
    make whores. He'll make a whore out of you AND he'll get you pregnant, and then he'll dump your stupid bitch ass in the street!"

    She shrugged.

    "That's it!" I said. "I am the fuck out of here. "

    And I got out. I couldn't reason with her. She 'ran away' from home that day. She shacked up with Victorio for two weeks without telling her parents where she was or what she was up to.

    I learned later that Victorio was pounding it to her hard every night and day - fucking the hell out of her.

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       She wasn't
    going to school. She was not to be found. She was in Victorio's bed for two weeks.

    Then he took her to a street gang party. He hooked her up with bad men. Men who make whores work their ass off. She did a gangbang for three nights straight. She was on her way to a life of sucking down cum for a living and she was finally getting the picture.

    That brought her to her senses. She wanted to go home. Victorio told her that she couldn't. She was his.
    She tried to leave and he beat her.

    Still, she ran off the first chance she got. Her parents tried to press charges.

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       But there was no evidence.
    She was all cleaned up by the time she split. And there were dozens of boys willing to say she was a cum pig slut.

    She wouldn't cooperate. She was pregnant. She couldn't help send the father of her child to jail. It ended there and her parents had her give the baby up for adoption. She had a son.

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