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It was almost time for Jennifer and Julie to get home from school. They lived, with their foster parents, in the mobile home next to mine and were both in their teens, hotter than hell and looked like they were in their 20s. They would come over to use my computer and I always wore skin tight shorts that were so thin you could see right through them. So they didn’t have to sneak peeks at my swollen cock and balls I would ask them if they liked my shorts and that gave them permission to look all they wanted. I couldn’t take it any longer and really wanted them to catch me jacking off. I left the front door unlocked and knew they would walk in if I didn’t answer. I pulled up my favorite porn site and selected “Big Cock Anal Teen Creampie”. I got naked, gave my cock a last minute stretching with my cock pump, put on my cockring, lubed up my very swollen cock and started stroking it. I had put on my headphones, with the volume turned all the way down, so I could hear them when they came in, but could pretend I hadn’t. I was getting so excited just thinking about them walking in on me and catching my jacking off that I had to slow my stroking way down to keep from cuming too soon. My computer desk was on the opposite wall from the open door so I would be facing away from them, looking at my computer screen, if they came to my computer room to see if I was there. I turned my computer chair to the right and was jacking off with my left hand. This would give the girls a totally unobstructed view of my swollen cock and fat balls as I stroked myself.

I was barely stroking my cock because the intense tickling had already started in my very sensitive cockhead as I heard the girls knocking at my front door. I stayed quiet as they knocked again. I heard the door open and Julie call out my name and ask if I were there.

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   I heard the door close behind them and my eyes went to the small round mirror, I had hidden back on my computer desk, that gave me full view of the open door behind me. Then they were at my computer room door with a gorgeous teen girl I had never seen before. They stood there frozen like a deer in your headlights. All three of their mouths had dropped open and their eyes were as big as saucers as the look of total shock, on their faces, sent me over the edge. The intense tickling, in my cockhead, was completely off the charts and shot down through my cock and into my balls. As if all the stars were aligned, the guy on my computer screen pulled his huge cock out of the sweet teen’s ass he was fucking and shot his first jet of cum back into her still open asshole. Just as his second jet of cum shot he slammed his big cock back into her asshole all the way to his balls and was giving her a cum enema. In the mirror I saw all three girls ignoring what was on the computer screen and had their eyes glued on my hand sliding up and down my cock. With them staring at me jacking off I was gone. I felt my cum boiling up out of my balls and said out loud,


Three squirts of cum landed across my chest and stomach. I heard their new friend give out a loud gasp in surprise as they watched me cuming all over myself. Jennifer quickly put two fingers to her friend’s lips to quiet her. After the three squirts my cum just oozed out and ran down my hand onto my lower stomach at the upper base of my cock. I kept stroking my cock, even after I stopped cuming, and the tickling in my cockhead was so intense, as my hand slid up and down over it, it was almost painful.

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   My whole body was jerking involuntarily with each stroke of my cock and I said out loud,

“Man, my fucking cock feels so good. I love to jackoff. I wish I had a cute teen girl that would let me fuck her in the ass. Oh fuck! It’s getting late. I better get cleaned up before the girls come over to use my computer. I could get in trouble if they caught me doing this. ”

In the mirror I saw Julie grab Jennifer and their friend and pull them away from the door. I took my headset off, cleared the porn site off my computer, picked up the cum rag, I kept by my computer desk, and wiped my cum off myself. When I was all wiped off I got out of my chair, when out the door and headed down the hall to the bathroom, pretending I didn’t know the girls were there, to get a wet wash cloth to get the lube off my hand and my cock. I heard a wolf whistle come from my living room and Jennifer shouted,

“NICE ASS MISTER!” I quickly ducked into the bathroom faking surprise and embarrassment. I poked my head back out the door, look up the hall into the living room where all three girls were sitting on the sofa in full view of the hallway, and said,

“My God! How long have you girls been here? If you girls had come down the hall, to my computer room, you would have seen something that would have been very embarrassing to me. You should have let me know you were here. ” Jennifer replied,

“We just walked in and did call out as we opened the door, but I guess you didn’t hear us. What were you doing that would have been so embarrassing, masturbating? If you were, that shouldn’t embarrass you. All men do it and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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   I’ve even caught my Foster Dad doing it a little time. You don’t have a woman in your life, right now, and all men need to relieve the sexual stress that builds up, isn’t that right Julie? Oh! This is our friend Carol. I hope you don’t mind if we all use your computer today? We won’t be a bother, I promise. ”

I told her I didn’t mind at all and said her observation about me masturbating was very correct. I said she was wise beyond her years and said it was an excellent way to relieve stress and it was something I did quite often. I told them there were sodas in the fridge and asked Julie if she would fix a rum and coke for me. I thanked them for being so understanding and ducked back into the bathroom, wet a wash cloth and started wiping off my still very swollen cock and balls. With me still being naked, in my mobile home with three gorgeous teen girls a room away, there was no way my hardon was going down.

The next thing I knew Jennifer was standing in the bathroom door with my rum and coke in her hand. I saw her in the mirror before I turned to face her and when she first walked in her eyes went straight to my hard cock and fat balls. With her eyes glued on my package she said,

“Julie and I agree that even though the thin shorts, you wear all the time around us, gives us a good idea how big your cock and balls are we were both very surprised to actually see how big you really are down there. You see we lied to you. We did come to your computer room door and we all saw you finish jacking off and cuming all over yourself. We had no idea men actually squirted that much. Do you always cum that much?”

Then Julie and Carol joined her at my bathroom door and Carol said,

“Please don’t be mad at us.

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   We didn’t mean to spy on you doing that to yourself, but when we walked in and saw what you were doing we all froze and just couldn’t take our eyes off you. I have never seen you in the shorts Jennifer is talking about and yours is the first man’s cock I have ever seen, other than pictures, and I can’t imagine one being any bigger than yours. I can’t take my eyes off it right now. When you made yourself squirt my little Kitty was on fire. I’ve never felt anything like that before and I play with myself all the time. Standing here this close to you with you still naked and your cock still really huge she is on fire again. ” Julie said,

“I know Carol. My panties are soaked through to my shorts and I agree with Jennifer. Your cock and balls are much bigger than I imagined they were. Oh! And I love the way you keep yourself all shaved down there too. It looks so clean. Not all hairy like I’ve seen our Foster Dad’s. Plus you’re circumcised and that makes the head look so much fatter and I’m sure you are so much cleaner down there too. ” I turned to face them so they could have a full view and said,

“Well Girls, since we’re confessing, I guess I should too. I set you girls up.

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   Julie and Jennifer, I have fantasized about having you girls walk in and catch me jacking off for so long I couldn’t take it any longer. I had my headphones turned all the way down and heard you girls knock, open the door and call out to me and I just stayed quiet. I was hoping you would come looking for me and catch me jacking off and you did. I have a small mirror hidden on my computer desk and I saw you girls come to the door. I was surprised to see Carol with you but when you all got that wonderful shocked look on your faces I just didn’t care and wanted you all to see me cum. When you girls had your eyes glued on me stroking my cock and I saw that guy’s big cock cuming in that teen girl’s asshole I was gone. I can’t remember ever cuming that hard or that much before. I’m sorry I tricked you. ” Jennifer said,

“Apology not accepted Mister. If you want us to forgive you, for tricking us, you have to do more than just say you’re sorry, don’t you girls think so too? Julie and I had been planning to get you into a conversation about masturbating so we could ask you if you did, which we were both hoping your answer would be ‘yes’. Then we were going to ask you if you would let us watch you as a project for our Sex-Ed class, which was total bullshit, we just wanted to watch you do it. We were pretty sure, since you always had a hardon when we were over, you wanted to jackoff in front of us, but because of our age you were afraid to ask. We figured if we suggested it, it would be OK. Unfortunately you just beat us to it, but we still want to watch you do it, don’t we girls. Not just the quick thing you just did for us, which by-the-way was amazing, but nice and slow with you taking your time.

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   Maybe even letting us touch you some and even teaching us how to do it for you. Oh! Please? Julie and I have both been so wanting you to do that for us since we first saw you in your see through shorts and got a look at that gorgeous cock of yours. Please say you will, PLEASE?” I said,

“Jennifer, you and Julie are right. I have wanted to do this from the first day I saw you two gorgeous girls. Sometimes, when you guys were over and really looking at my cock and balls, I got so turned on I almost came without even touching myself. That huge wet spot was from all the pre-cum my cock was leaking. I did it this way so, if you didn’t like it, it would be an accident and I could say I was sorry. Now that I know you do like it my answer is for sure YES! I would love to have us do it as often as you girls want. "



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