Chasewood Academy pt. 1


The door of a non-descript black Lincoln opens with a soft click as an equally non-descript driver holds the door for his passengers. Caitie is the first to step out onto the cobblestone driveway. Justin steps out behind her, looking unimpressed at the enormous academy towering above them. Caitlin stands stiffly in her new school uniform as she waits for her luggage to be unloaded. The driver hefts one bag after another out of the trunk and sets them in front of her. Justin grabs his own bags out of the trunk and shuts it. The driver waits expectantly until Justin reaches in his pocket and pulls out a crumpled wad of cash. Pressing it into the driver’s hand, the driver thanks him and starts to get back in the car.

“Excuse me?” Caitie spits. “Aren’t you going to help me with my bags?”
“Sorry ma’am, your brother’s a shitty tipper. ” The driver replies. Caitie turns to her brother sternly.
“You tipped him?” She asks accusingly. Justin only shrugs indifferently. “Fucking Mexicans…” She mutters as she gathers her belongings.
Their parents had begrudgingly hugged them goodbye hours ago at the airport.

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   It was their third school in two years. The New York Board of Education had them expelled from the state school system. Not a single school east of the Mississippi would even consider their applications. Now sophomores, twins Justin and Caitie and their older sister Emily, a senior, were repeat drug offenders, as well as thieves, con artists, and general trouble makers.
Their parents had given them a choice between a boarding academy in northern California, or eighteen months of drug rehabilitation in Miami. The twins chose boarding school. Their sister took 18 long months of therapy with pill-popping geriatrics. The Parker twins were disappointed that their sister would no longer be a part of their team, but took it as an opporotunity to develop their own teamwork.
Caitie walked stiffly down the hall to her room. Her luggage was being delivered while she took a quick tour of her classes and the nicer facilities that Chasewood Academy had to offer. Occupying over 600 acres, of the northern Sierra Mountain Range, there was a lot to see on her tour. As she neared her door she noticed her it slightly open. The opening tones of Death Cab’s “Title and Registration” caught Caitie’s ear.
“At least the person has taste…” Was Caitie’s only thought. Loosening up and putting on her cheery face, she opened the door quietly.

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   Entering the toom, Caitie was first drawn to her new roommate lying on the top bunk. Head propped up by an excessive amount of pillows, legs bent to support her sketchbook, Caitie’s roommate looked down from her bunk and smiled. Putting her sketchpad to the side, she effortlessly hopped off the bunk to greet Caitie.
“Hi, you must be Caitie, I’m Allyson. Its great to meet you. ” Allyson beamed.
“Same. ” Was Caitie’s only reply. Caitie’s quietness, easily interpreted as being rude, was more a result of her speechlessness in the presence of this girl. One of the most naturally beautiful girls Caitie had ever met, Allyson was what most would consider the “indie” type. Despite the mandatory school uniform, Allyson had certainly found room for expressing herself within the constraints of the standard. Allyson was short, about 5’1”, and brunette with a tinge of red highlights. Her hair was thrown in a very messy bun, held together with chopsticks. Her eyes were deep green, accented by a rebellious, yet adorable eyebrow piercing. Her ears sparkled with tiny silver rings and studs and her neck with an ornate platinum cross hanging just above her cleavage.

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   A naturally busty girl, her top was slightly more unbuttoned to accent her chest, yet modestly so. Her sweater was pulled tightly across her breasts and buttoned just below her bust, then left open to reveal the smallest of diamond belly rings. Caitie cleared her head and smiled at the girl sweetly, bringing her attention back to her stunning eyes.
Caitie cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, still getting used to the idea of a boarding school. ”
“Oh, I understand. I was the same way when I first started here, but you get used to it quickly. It can actually be fun sometimes. ” Allyson smiled, revealing perfectly white and straight teeth. “They brought your stuff in a few minutes ago, I think its in the closet. Oh, and I think your cell phone went off a couple times. ”
“Thanks, sorry if it bothered you. ” Caitie walked over to the closet to find her belongings stacked inside. She pulled out the largest bag and began to unpack.
“If you want, I cleared out the other side of the dresser over there.

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  ” Allyson pointed to a large mahogany dresser. Half of the dresser was occupied by a jewelry box and a lamp, as well as several pictures of Allyson with what seemed to be her boyfriend. Caitie picked up one of the pictures.
“Your boyfriend?” She inquired.
“Just a friend… I’m not really allowed to date anyone. ” Allyson said with a slight frown.
“Right, I forgot this is a Christian school. Does he go here?”
“No, he’s in public school back home in Maine. ”
“Maine? I’m from New York. ” Caitie said.
“Wow, and I never thought I’d find another East Coast kid here…” Allyson laughed. “My aunt and uncle live in California, and they highly recommended the school, so here I am. Why are you so far from home?”
“Oh um…” Caitie went serious. “My mother died… Just a couple months ago. ”
“I’m so sorry.

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  ” Allyson said solemnly.
“My dad didn’t take it well. We moved in with my uncle after that. Then some friends in Carolina. My dad finally realized that he couldn’t keep uprooting his kids, so he sent us here on his way to Oregon.
“Oh, I completely forgot. My brother goes here too. ” Caitie brightened.
“Oh awesome! What grade?”
“Same, sophomore. We’re twins actually. ”
“That’s cool. I’ll have to meet him soon, we can all be friends. ”
“Absolutely!” Caitie exclaimed. She reached into her bag and found her cell phone. Opening it, she was notified of a new text message:
-What room are you in? I’m in Blake 114.

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   Come over tonight around 10. -
“Speak of the devil. ” Caitie said softly.
“What?” Allyson asked, looking up from her sketchpad.

“Oh nothing. ” Caitie closed her cell phone and threw it back in the bag. “Y’know, I’ll unpack later. Wanna go get dinner?”
“Sure, gimmie a second here…”
Caitie zipped up her bag and shoved it under her bed. Allyson slid off her bunk, landing next to Caitie and held out a piece of paper.
“Here, hopefully it’s a decent first impression. ” Allyson smiled.
Caitie looked at the paper to find her own face staring back at her. The drawing was beautiful, every proportion correct, the shading soft and delicate, Even the eyes had a distinctly life-like quality to them. Caitie smiled and propped the picture up on the dresser. Turning to thank Allyson, she was already out of the room, walking down the hall.

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Justin  pried open the glowing screen of his laptop. His room finally orderly, bags unpacked, he settled into his computer chair and leaned back. Justin enjoyed the silence. Not having a roommate was far better than constantly having to make conversation. A room on the bottom floor was far better too, allowing him to do what he wanted without disturbing his neighbors under foot. Also managing to get a room in the corner of the building, bordering the bathrooms, Justin eliminated disturbing any neighbors at all from his list of worries. It took him longer than he had estimated to get his window to specifications, but after hinging the bars on the windowsill, it provided all the amenities of a large, screenless window, and seemed to be a standard barred window to the unsuspicious eye.
Justin checked his watch and his schedule, quickly dismissing dinner in favor of settling into his new room and getting some real work done. Adjusting his headphones, Justin booted up iTunes and went to work.
The California sun set quickly in the late autumn, and before Justin knew it, he woke up to the sound of his floor leader across the hall. Knocking on the door across from Justin, the floor leader reminded whoever resided in that dorm that its time for lights out. Justin waited for the floor leader to remind him, but the knock never came. Justin smiled to himself, realizing that the floor leader didn’t know anyone was assigned to Blake 114.
Waiting for her floor leader to leave, Caitie lay in bed, still fully dressed. Hearing the final door in the hall close and lock, Caitie threw off her covers and walked to the door, opening it a crack to look out.

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“Hey, where are you going?” Allyson hissed.
“Bathroom… Don’t wait up for me ok?” Caitie looked both ways down the hall before silently slipping out into the hall. Heading for the door at the end of the hall, she slowly tried to open it, as to not disturb the rest of the hall. Her idea had worked: mailing tape over the door latch to make sure she wasn’t locked out. It was only a temporary solution, but she’d get her brother to hinge the bars on her window within the next day.
Still hearing people close on the grounds, Caitie kept low to the wet grass, gracefully hurrying to the boy’s dorms. Her brother’s window was not hard to find, and with him holding the bars, not hard to get into either.
Caitie carefully swung her feet over the windowsill and slowly dropped until she found the floor. The room was dark, only the light of the moon to light the outline of her brother’s face. No words were spoken. Her brother held her tight around the waist, forehead against hers as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. The kiss grew progressively more aggressive as Justin squeezed her, shoving his tongue in her mouth. She met his tongue with hers, sliding her hands across his shoulders, caressing his face before unbuttoning his shirt. Justin moved his hands lower, cupping her ass and pulling her onto her tiptoes as she ran her hands over his chest and arms, slipping the shirt off.
Justin pulled her on top of him as he fell onto his bed.

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   She sat up and began to take off her sweater, then her shirt. Justin sat up, facing her chest, kissing every inch of her chest that wasn’t protected by her black lace bra. Reaching behind her, he effortlessly removed it, letting it slip off her breasts as he followed the curve of her breast with his lips. Feeling his tongue brush over her nipple and his lips close around it, Caitie breathed in sharply and let out a slow sigh as she shut her eyes. Justin’s other hand moved up her body, taking her other breast in his hand and caressed it. Caitie felt a familiar rush of pleasure between her legs as her pussy flooded with an intoxicating aroma.
Shoving Justin flat on his back, Caitie gracefully turned around, shoving her pussy in his face, her skirt falling open to reveal her cute pink folds. Justin smiled eagerly as he felt his zipper undone and the button of his pants undone. Pushing his pants around his knees, Caitie held the base of his cock, keeping it straight in the air as her tongue ascended his length and across the head momentarily before her lips wrapped around his hard dick.
Behind her, Justin lapped furiously at her sweet pussy, pushing his tongue within her opening then withdrew, flicking it across her clitoris. He continued to focus on her clitoris, manuvering his tongue around the hood as she wriggled her hips, shoving his dick deeper in her mouth, then letting it pop out of her mouth before she ran her hand up and down it a couple times before shoving his entire length back into her throat. Justin’s eyes shut tight as his lips clamped around her pussy and continued to stroke her clit. Feeling an all too familiar pressure in his groin, he pushed her off of him and flipped her on her back, finding his dick pressing at her opening.
Sucking on her neck, Justin pushed deep within Caitie in one push, feeling her nails rake across his back lightly. His movements continued slowly, rhythmically, his breath quickening as Caitie bit her lip and moaned quietly.

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   Justin’s pace quickened as his sister’s wet pussy tightened around him, drawing him deeper. His lips met hers in a passionate kiss before broken by Caitie’s moan of pleasure. Watching her breasts bounce, Justin threw his head back and forced himself to go harder, to the delight of his little sister writhing on the bed under him. Hugging herself tight, her breasts pushed up and together, she exploded into her first orgasm of the night, eyes wide and mouth open. Justin smiled as he continued pumping his cock into her.
Pulling the covers over them, Caitie straddled his cock, teasing him by only allowing the head in, then dropping down quickly to accept his entire length. Placing her hands on his chest, she moved up and down on his dick, her hair brushing his neck and face as Justin pulled her head to his and kissed her. Justin wrapped his hands around her back, helping her bounce on his cock. His quiet hums of pleasure quickly turned into aggressive grunts as he forced his cock inside her harder and faster, his muscles tightening and breathing halting as his body went as rigid as his cock, cumming inside his sister with a sigh of relief. Caitie smiled and kissed him softly, her hands tracing his arms as she snuggled her face into his neck, falling asleep.