Cheerleaders Gone Wild


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“Allison, huh?” asked Mr. Frost to the young blonde who was about to audition for the cheerleader squad.
“Yes,” she replied. “Can I sign in?”
Frost didn’t answer because he didn’t hear the question. He was paging through his notes.
Allison was petite and very shapely. Her hair was tied in two pigtails and she was wearing a plaid skirt with white shoes and a T-shirt under a light sweater.
The outfit gave her an innocent appearance, but at the same time, it gave her a boatload of youthful sex appeal.
Frost had heard rumors about Allison. Even if she did have talent, it wouldn’t matter. He was more concerned with finding out if the rumors were true.
“Ohhh, Allison. ” he said as recognition showed on his face. His cock started sliding down his leg.

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“Yeah, that’s me. ” Pointing to a big, blue ball that many people use for aerobics, she said, “I brought my ball this time because I missed my last tryout because I forgot my ball. It’s a really important part of my routine. So—”
Frost looked up and interrupted her. He said, “You can’t sign in. ”
“Why not?”
“Because, last year, I heard about you tossing around your ‘pom-poms. ’ ”
He stood and took a step forward while shaking a pom-pom at her. Allison started fidgeting and she couldn’t maintain eye contact anymore.
“What do you mean?” she asked.
Frost could tell from her body language and the nervousness in her voice that the rumors must’ve been true, which was good news for him. He leaned forward, and with a pom-pom held close to his crotch, he said, “Tossing the players’ pom-poms. ”
Allison’s face turned scarlet red. She tried to bullshit her way out of it, but Frost didn’t want to hear it.
“You want to sign up?”
“Yeah,” replied Allison.
“You have to toss my pom-poms.

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She said, “But Mr. Frost, what if somebody comes?”
“Oh yeah, somebody’s gonna come. Me. You know where?”
“No. ”
He laughed and said, “You wanna find out?”
“Yeah. ”
“If it’s gonna make me a cheerleader, why not?”
“Oh, sure it’ll make you a cheerleader because I’m the guy. ”
He started laughing and grabbed hold to the top of her head. He applied about fifty pounds of pressure and Allison was forced to drop to her knees.
“Um, what?” interrupted Frost as he took his clothes off. “You know how to do this. I asked my players. ”
“Oh, okay. I never thought I’d have to do this to be a cheerleader. ”
“Are you kidding me? This is what all my cheerleaders do.
The last word trailed off because he was distracted by the feel of two hands grabbing his shaft and then warm lips closing around his cock head.

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Allison started sucking his semi-erect cock. She felt it stiffening in her mouth. She got it really wet with saliva and grabbed Frost by the ass. He grabbed her by the head, and between the two of them, they were shoving his cock all the way down to the pubic hairs into her mouth.
“Yeah, put some school pride into it,” groaned Frost.
He was holding his shirt up with his free hand so he could watch. The fact that Allison was looking up at him with her baby blue eyes was making it even better.
He talked dirty to her and encouraged her. He assured her that she was doing a good job.
She was getting nastier as time passed on. She’d lick his shaft as she deep throated him and sometimes pull it all the way out, let him see the long strands of spit, and then suck it all the way back in and let her tongue touch his balls.
Allison’s jaws started getting tired. She pulled his cock from her mouth and started stroking it with her hand. She noticed a gold band on Frost’s left ring finger.

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   Frost, are you married?”
Frost pretended to be thinking it over. Then, joking like he just remembered he was married, he said, “Oh, yes, I am. Aren’t I?”
“Do you think your wife would mind?”
“Would she mind? No, she does this all the time,” he joked. Then he gave her a look that said ‘shut up and get back to sucking. ’
Allison was freaky. She liked being treated like a whore during sex, so it didn’t take long for her pussy to start flowing. She was feeling tingly all over.
It’s a good thing that a blowjob wasn’t the only thing that Mr. Frost wanted from her. He started talking a lot of shit about how cheerleaders’ skirts fly into the air, how their legs are always being lifted, and how he needed to make sure she was “alright” down there.
He told her to sit on the big blue ball that she had brought with her. After Allison got balanced on it, he started eating her pussy. It tickled at first, but once she was able to keep her balance without concentrating on it, the tingles started creeping up in droves.
Frost was a wizard with his tongue. He had her moaning and screeching like a cat in heat as he savored the taste of her young cunt.

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It lasted a long time. Allison was glowing when he finally came up for air and wiped her juices off his mouth.
His cock was throbbing. They both knew what was coming next. Now that he’d eaten her pussy, it would be relaxed enough to take on his fat prick.
The problem was that Allison was so stupid. She was still trying to audition to be a cheerleader. She insisted on showing him some of the tricks she could do with the ball.
It ended up working to Frost’s advantage. The trick involved lying on her belly across the ball. Since she wasn’t wearing panties, it left her bent over with her legs wide open.
“Okaaaay,” said Frost as all the possibilities went through his mind.
Her pussy was still covered by her skirt. It added to the eroticism because Frost could imagine what it would look like underneath.
He grabbed her waist.

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   He held her steady. He lifted the skirt, and just like he’d imagined, there was a tight ass with two pouty cunt lips in between.
The lips were glistening. There were traces of thick pussy juice squeezing out of her pink hole.
“Mr. Frost, what are you doing back there?”
“I want to take this off,” he said as he helped her remove her skirt. They were both naked now.
He squatted and eased in behind her. Allison let out a cry of pain when he put his beefy prick on her tender hole. He retracted and tried again at a better angle.
The entry was easier this time, but Allison still moaned. Allison was mostly into oral sex, so her pussy was still tight like a virgin.
Frost was seriously turned on by the amount of friction he felt as he slipped into her. He pulled back and humped her slowly, allowing her juices to spread all over his rod.
It was fun fucking a young slut in this position, but they were too low to the ground.

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   His legs were getting tired, so he stood up and rubbed some K. Y. liquid on his cock.
“Let’s do some floor exercises,” joked Frost.
Allison lay on a floor mat. Frost kneeled between her legs and held one of them really high.
“Ow!” she screamed as he entered her again. It didn’t hurt as bad as the last, but there was still some pain. “Ow, ahh!”
His body was leaning slightly back with Allison’s leg supported on his shoulder. She was spread very wide. He was in the perfect position to see her whole body spread eagle and still see his prick sliding in and out of her. It was like watch POV (point of view) porno starring him.
So hot.
So erotic.
Allison’s head was bucking with every thrust into her.

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   She was whimpering like a baby. Her pussy had adjusted to his girth, so pain wasn’t a factor anymore. Her twat was pulsing, juicing, and tingling immensely.
Frost watched his cock disappearing in her sweet snatch. He was getting excited. His cock was tingling more intensely. He started moaning along with Allison. Sperm was coming up his shaft rapidly.
“Come on,” he groaned. He pulled his meat out, tossed Allison’s leg out of the way, and tried to get his cock to her face.
He was too late. Cum was streaming up too fast, so he pointed his cock at the closest thing to him—her tits—and let it fly. It didn’t spurt, but dripped in long streams all over her breasts.
“Ohhh! Oh, yeah, ohh!” he moaned.
She looked up at him when he was done.

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   He was smiling and nodding at her. He reached for one of the pom-poms and put it on her cum-soaked tits. She had made the team.
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