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I sat there in church hardly able to keep my mind of  TaMarc. Just thinking about the size of his dick and if it would be able to fit inside of me. Earlier that day we was playing around and and he lifted me up and i loved the feeling of his big arms picking me up. I wanted to feel him inside of me so bad,i loved the feeling of my legs spread open just for him around his waste. Finally church let out and i was so happy because i had to pee so bad. So right as im about to leave Travis mom asks him to walk me home,i wasnt sad or happy because all i knew rite then is that i had to pee really bad. So he walks me home and we were friends so we traded numbers. So after i used to the bathroom i just layed in my bed and thought of him and it drew my hand down towards my pussy as i slowly rubbed it because just the mere thought of him touching me made my pussy wet. So i rubbed and rubbed and fingered myself till i came and drifted off to i heard my phone ring i picked up the phone thinking it was my sister i was so happy when i relized it was Travis. "Hello"I say"Hi Gia"TaMarc says. He sounded so sexy. "Wassup its 2:30 why are you calling so late?""Umm so were u sleep?""Yea but im up now so wassup""Do you think you can meet me in the park up the street?""umm my parents are sleep so i guess so""ok ill see you when u get there"So i slip on some shorts and a wife beda and my flip flops and go to the playground. Surprisingly i see him sitting on the hood of his car. So i walk over and he guides me to get in the car with him. "So wassup wanted to talk?"I saySo then he kisses me and i just was so shocked i didnt know what to do. So he leans in to kiss me and i kiss him back letting his tounge seek the inside of my mouth.

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  So i dont know what came over me but i just straddeled his lap and starting kissing him more wildly and passionate then ever. So he starts sucking on my neck and pulling my shirt over my head,he starts slowly kissing my breast(seeing as i didnt have a bra or undies on). I just let him do it seeing how i loved the touch from him. So he sits the seat back and starts kissing my stomach and my hips then he searches around for my clit and slowly starts rubbing it. "o yeah that feels good"i say "it does"travis saysSo then he slowly starts to finger me and licking my clit. Then i just come so hard it covered his face and he just licked all of it up. So then he leans up and kisses me tounging me heavyly. Evan tho i could taste my juices in my mouth it didnt matter,i was kissing him so it was all good. So then i guess he wanted me to return the favor but i didnt mind. So i happily got down on my knees to let him sit down and slowly took his dick out his pants. I slowl start to kiss the head of its making sure to massage his dick too. So then i take my tounge a lick the shaft of it. I hear him moan slightly as i take my tounge and circle it around the head of his penis. Then i started sucking on the head of his dick letting him slowly rub my nipple. So then he takes my head and slams it down on his dick its hurts a little but i didnt care,just the taste of his dick made me want it more.

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  So i start to deepthroat it letting him guide my head to the was he wants it. "Damn baby im about to come"Travis saysSo i start to deepthroat it,and i start to go faster,sucking it harder and harder until i feel his warm,goey cum rush down his throat. So he pulls me on his lap pulling a condom out. "Put this on me"Travis saysSo he starts sucking on my neck putting passion marks on my neck. So he pulls me up on the tip of my dick letting his dick rub on my pussy. He slowly starts to enter me. "Shit your so fucking tight"Travis saysSo he takes my hips and pulls them down as he trusts forward letting me feel all of his 10 inches. "ahhhh"I say. "are you ok?"Travis says "Yes"So he slowly starts to rotate my hips into his dick,until i start rotating on my own while hes putting passion marks on my breast. So he lays the seat back and lays me on the bottom. And enters the head into me and starts slowly putting it in. Then when it gets all the way in he starts grinding on me and i rub my clit. After about 10 min im on the verge of comming. "Im about to come"I saySo he starts speeding up making me shudder with every thrust. And i love every minute of it.

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  After about ten more minutes of him slowing down he turns me on all fours and starts to rip me apart putting his whole length in me and me loving it. So he thrust forwards coming. "Shit baby"I say"I love you"Travis says"I Love. . . . . . . . "Suddenly i wake up. "Damn it was only a dream"I scream. So i get up and go to the bathroom and i hear my phone ring. "Hello"I say"Hey wassup with you"The Unknown caller says. "Whos this""Travis""O hello"An instant smile comes across my face.

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  "So i dont know if its true or not but""But what?""Well someone tells me you like me""O""Is It true?""Yes. unfortunly""Y is that unfortune?""Because i know u dont like me back""Thats the thing if i didnt like you back i wouldnt have asked you about it""O so you do like me""Yea i you want to be my girlfriend""Yes did u evan have to ask""O ok good but i have to call you back""Ok bye"Bye baby"He called me baby i cant believe it. I actually have travis as my boyfriend. I just layed back on my back thinking of the many pleasures to come. . . . . . . . . . . .

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