Topic: Playgrounds aren't just for kids I guessI met Cody the way most people meet people, through a friend. We first met at the mall, where I saw him with my friend Matt. Cody had straight black hair, pale skin and was tall and muscular with two lip rings, which I always thought was really sexy. He was 17, two years older than me, and I had a feeling he was interested in me because of the way he checked me out when he thought I wasn't looking, and the way he teased me and called me cute. One day I called Cody and asked him if he'd like to come over, and he said yes, so I got ready for him, wearing my sexiest red lace g-string and shaving my pussy, in case I got lucky, which is what I planned to do either way.
So Cody came over, and we went for a walk towards a playground, where Cody thought it would be funny to chase me around and tickle me. The tickling made me really horny, and having him so close to me and his hands wandering everywhere made my pussy wet, and I felt my G-string dampen with my juices. He had me pinned down underneath him on the playground when I surprised him by lifting my head and kissing him seductively on the lips. He pulled back, looked at me, realized what was going on, and lowered his face to mine, where we started kissing passionately for a long time, hands exploring each others bodies. Cody slid his hand underneath my shorts and started rubbing my clit, and I pulled him closer to me, gasping in pleasure against his lips. I reached down to his jeans and found his cock, which was getting harder and harder by the second, and grabbed it through his pants and started feeling him up. He groaned and undid his zipper and moved my hand to his boxers. I slid my hand down his boxers and found his hard thick cock and began stroking it while he rubbed my pussy. "Mmm you're so wet baby, I wanna fuck you so bad" he said in my ear, and I hated to say it but I told him we couldn't fuck in broad daylight on a playground so close to my house. "Baby I'll call you tonight and we can sneak out and continue this" I told him, as I continued to rub his dick and him rubbing my pussy. He slipped one finger, and then a second, into my tight dripping pussy and moved them from side to side, and I moaned so loud, it felt so good.

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   He suddenly sat up and lifted me up with him, and said "Babe let's go over to the picnic bench in the trees so no one will see us". So we walked over to the picnic bench hidden behind some trees and he lifted me onto the table so he could fit between my legs. He kissed me again and licked his way down to my neck, where he started biting and sucking on my skin until I was gasping for air because of the pleasure. My pussy was soaking my G-string as his long fingers slid inside me again and stroked my G-spot over and over again and sent shivers through me and made me moan and sigh loudly. " Oh my god baby don't stop, it's so good, don't stop" I told him, as he lowered his head to my tits, lifting my shirt and unclasping my bra, and started flicking my hard nipples one at a time with his tongue, taking one into his mouth and sucking hard, and I knotted my fingers through his hair and gasped "Oh my god baby holy shit that's so good oh my godddd fuck baby keep going and i'll suck your dick so good mmm fuck". He moved his fingers faster inside me and i moaned so loud he had to cover my mouth with his free hand. "Fuck your pussy's so nice" he said and moved his head lower, leaving a wet trail with his tongue down my stomach to my pussy, where he started softly licking around my lips and my clit until I couldn't take it anymore and pushed his face right on my wet pussy and he started flicking his tongue over my clit until I started shaking from the pleasure and had to bite his hand to keep from screaming. He looked at me from between my glistening thighs and stood up, unzipping his jeans again. I knelt down and took his cock in my hand and began sliding it up and down his shaft while I took his sack in my mouth and sucked on it, making him moan and breathe hard and slide his hands through my hair. I moved my mouth up to his cock and swirled my tongue around his head while looking up at him, and then I took his whole thick cock in my mouth til his head hit the back of my throat. I gagged, but he liked it since it made my muscles tighten around his hard dick, and he started moving back and forth in my mouth while I played with his balls with my fingers. I sucked and licked him for about 10 minutes when he suddenly grabbed the back of my head and started moving it back and forth faster and faster on his cock. "Fuck babe I'm gonna cum in your mouth keep sucking me baby" he said frantically, and I quickened my pace and soon I could feel his balls swelling and his breath coming in hard gasps and he cried "Fuck fuck fuck I'm gonna come oh fuck baby I'm gonnna cum!" and he emptied his load down my throat which I took in two gulps before letting his cock out of my mouth.
Topic: Fucking where the children play. Later that night, I called Cody around midnight and asked him if he wanted to sneak out and meet me at the playground again, and he said he would, so I snuck out of my house to meet him and we walked to the playground, with him whispering in my ear how always thought I had the nicest ass and he wanted me since the day he saw me.

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   I started getting wet already from his confessions and when we were close to the park I grabbed him and started kissing him hard and fast, our tongues swirling around in each other's mouths, his arm holding me close to him by the waist and his other hand playing with my tits and pinching the nipples. We climbed up the stairs of the playground, never letting go of our make-out session, and he lay me down on the floor, lifting his face away from mine and pulling my tank top over my head, exposing my perky little titties. He started with one, taking it into his mouth and sucking on the nipple like he had earlier that day, and massaging my other tit with his other hand. I moaned and gasped, the guy really knew what he was doing. "God baby I love it when you suck on my titties just don't stop please baby" I said, and I took his other hand and slid it down to my PJ pants. Cody pulled my pants down and took his mouth away from my tits, only to start pulling my G-string down with his teeth, looking at me hungrily the whole time. "I wanna eat your pussy so bad baby, do you want that? Do you want me to lick your sweet pussy and make you scream?" I nodded frantically. "Fuck yeah baby I want it give it to me baby please my pussy is aching for your tongue all over it!" I said between moans as his tongue circled my clit and lapped at the dripping wetness leaking from my hole. "Oh my god baby your pussy tastes so good" he said before sticking his tongue in my cunt and fucking me with his tongue, driving me crazy with pleasure. I felt like I was in heaven, I'd never met a guy who loved eating pussy as much as Cody did. He licked my clit over and over again and I couldn't stop myself from crying out, my legs started to shake and I cried: "OH MY GOD BABY I'M GONNA CUM FUCKK DON'T STOP DON'T STOP I'M GONNNA CUM FUCK YEAH EAT MY PUSSY BABY" My eyes started watering as the orgasm got stronger and stronger, the feeling was unbearable it was so good, and I unleashed a flood of cum that he licked up right out of my soaked pussy. I shuddered and moaned loudly as he licked the wetness from my cunt and when he was done he kissed his way up to my neck again, took my hand and brought it to the rock hard boner he had in his pants. I rolled him over on his back and straddled his hard cock and leaned over and bit his neck. He went crazy, breathing hard and groaning loudly as he grabbed my full ass and pulled me closer to him. When I was done getting him hot, I growled in his ear and slid down to his pants, rubbing his bulge with my hands and mouth until he started squirming with need, and I said "Baby you know you want me all over your thick cock, you know you want it in my mouth and you want me to lick it and suck it real good, but you know I'm not gonna make you cum, cause I'm not done with you yet".

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   He smirked at me and I undid his pants, releasing his hard cock from the confined space, and pulled down his boxers, exposing his cock to the cool night air. "Mmmm your cock looks so good baby" I said as I grabbed it and moved my hand along the length of his shaft and then taking him all in my mouth. Cody put his hands on the back of my head and started moving me up and down his dick, moaning and groaning and telling me how much he loved my mouth on his hard cock. Just when he started speeding up the rythm, I took his cock out of my mouth and climbed on top of him, grabbing his dick and pushing it into my tight pussy. "Fuck Cody your cock is so big, I'm gonna take all of you in me tonight no matter what" I said as I slowly slid his dick into my pussy, it felt so good I gave in and just forced the rest of him into me, crying out at the pain and pleasure of being instantly filled by his thick hard cock inside me. He grabbed my ass and started moving inside me, but I wanted to take charge so I lifted myself off him and slammed back down on his bulging cock. He moaned so loud at that, so I did it again, and again, and then I just rode his cock, leaning forward and sucking and biting the soft skin on his neck as I fucked him. When I bit him I felt him shudder underneath me and he grabbed my ass harder and moved me faster and faster until we were both panting and moaning. "Oh my god baby your pussy is so nice, don't stop riding me baby" he whimpered at me, so I kept going, until he took me by the waist and turned me around so I was in reverse cowgirl, and then he sat up and made me go on my hands and knees so he could fuck me from behind, and the feeling of his cock rubbing my G-spot sent me screaming out in ecstasy, crying " FUCK OH FUCK BABY FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK YOUR LITTLE WHORE BABY GIVE IT TO ME POUND ME BABY". He didn't need to be asked again. He grabbed my hips and began pounding me, driving his cock harder and harder into me, faster and faster, until I screamed " OH FUCK CODY I'M CUMMING FUCKKKK". My pussy clenched around his cock, and started dripping cum onto the floor of the playground, moaning and crying out from the intense orgasm. Two minutes later, he started really pounding my tight pussy, going faster and faster until he said " Baby I'm gonna cum, I wanna cum inside you, please let me cum inside you or on your tits" and I told him I didn't want to risk getting pregnant so he could bust on my tits, so he just continued plowing me, his hard cock sliding out and ramming into me over and over again until I felt him start shaking and he yelled at me to get ready, then he pulled out and I turned towards him and squished my tits to his throbbing cock as he busted all over my chest. He collapsed beside me, pulling me to him. "That was the best fuck I've had in a long time" he said, and he kissed me softly,then we got up and dressed, and we snuck back into our homes and did it all again the next night.

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