College Antics Pt II


Wednesday's lesson passed without us having even the slightest chance to touch each other, as the teacher had the bright idea to split the clas up into groups to do research on something-or-other. Naturally Cheryl and I were in different groups. Thanks Miss.
My feelings of anticipation mounted as Friday's lesson approached - whenever mine and Cheryl's eyes met in the common-room my dick would start twitching at the thought of him possibly gettin some female attention. People joke about the dick having a brain, but I think all it's lacking are eyes, then it'd probably be it's own person!
At last. Friday. I got to the lesson early so I could have my laptop set up before Cheryl arrived, making as much time for 'exploration' as possible. She looked stunning when she entered the room. She sat down next to me and, quick as a flash, took a hanful of my dick and squeezed gently. It happened so quickly that if I hadn't seen it, I don't think anyone else did. Grope and go, it was. A good start to the lesson, then! The teacher started the lesson just then, and she was constantly facing the class; I actually got quite annoyed.
Eventually she started writing on the board, and before I could signal a "coast is clear" to Cheryl, I found her hand groping my crotch; she seemed a lot braver than I had been with her. She kneaded and fondled the general vicinity of my penis which quickly sprang into erect mode, growing to its full length. Cheryl must've noticed it doing so before I did, because she quickly grabbed it and started to play with it. Just then the teacher began to turn back to the class, so we returned to our hard-at-work poses.

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When next we had some privacy I fended off Cheryl's hand, instead putting mine on her legs, and immediately travelling up to her hips, and across to her crotch, where I got straight down to stroking her vagina through the material of her trousers. I noticed that she was reclining a bit more now, and that her eyes were closed - now, cheryl has a habit of falling asleep in sociology, we all do; but she seems the only one not to try and be sly about it. Unfortunately, this frequently draws the attention of the teacher. I carried on stroking her, and she started making noises; the stereo-typical moans of pleasure. Not loudly, but just enough so as to make me worried that she would get loud enough to warrant the teacher's attention if I continued stroking her. As such, I stopped stroking her crotch, and instead I returned my hand to my own lap, where I slowly undid my zipper, nudging cheryl to get her attention.
After a bit of indecision on her part, she slid her hand inside my jeans, and undid the buttons on the front of my boxers. Finally getting some one-on-one attention, dicky boy sprang up into the gap and into Cheryl's hand. My dick was by now sticking right up out of my trousers, with Cheryl's hand firmly about my shaft, moving slowly up and down.
At this point I decided it would be a good idea to stop, as things could get extremely difficult if the teacher turned around in the next few seconds to the sight of Cheryl holding my dick.
I must have been psychic - the very second I finished doing up my fly and returning my hands to the keyboard of my laptop, she spun on her heel and dismissed the class; I couldn't believe the class had gone by so quickly.

Pt III coming soon, which includes the addition of another classmate, one who DID notice Cheryl grabbing my crotch.

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