College Days


College dayz

By Lucy

Chapter 1 – A ‘Personal’ tour 

‘BEEP-BEEP-BEEP’ – My eyes slowly peeled open and I slammed the snooze button as I groggily woke up. 5 more minutes I thought. But before I would doze back to my sleep, a thudding noise approached my room . The door flies open, and my annoying older brother pushes me off the bed , “Get your ass out of bed sis, ha-ha” . “Arghhh - fuck you” I manage to reply, as I claw myself up. I drew the blinds open and closed my eyes as I was blinded slightly , I gazed out the window as I always do , and blushed as two cute guys walked past and laughed while looking up at me . Not the best time to see me I thought, but I quickly forgot it and I went over to the bathroom. I got to the mirror, WOW, my hair was a mess, makeover time!

After 30 minutes of me time, I was showered, pampered and ready to start my first day of college . Before I left my room stopped and looked at myself in the mirror and ran my hands over my bum – dam Lucy you are looking fine! I thought to myself. Wait where are my manners I need to introduce myself , we’ll my names Lucy , but I presume you gathered that . I’m 17, almost 18 in a few months – can’t wait! , I’m British , English whatever you wana call it but I have messed up roots , I’m made up of so many mixes , I’m 1/8 Swedish and 1/8 Mexican , like wtf haha . I’m not gona tell you the rest because it would take too long and to be honest I’m not even sure what the rest are. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes and I think I have a good body – and guys think so as well haha .

I was dressed in black leggings which hugged my curvy figure, a white Hollister top which was low-cut, but not too low cut haha , a grey cardigan and white hi-top converse . My hair wavy and with curls , and to top it off I sprayed a few drops of perfume on my neck.

At the breakfast table I screwed at my brother and he chuckled at me – what an idiot .

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   I kicked him under the table and he whined. “Lucy stop it, behave” my mum said in her calm voice. “Excited about college honey?, “Yes mum I can’t wait” I replied .

I was soon in the backseat of my dad’s car on the way to college, I couldn’t wait and was texting to my best friends Krissy and Amber . I was texting so much I didn’t realise we arrived, “where here” my dad said as he hugged me “Joe look after your sister”.

I closed the car door and looked at the thousands of people …WOW. “Lucy you’ll be fine, catch you later yh”, my brother said and he ran over to his friends.

“Hey bitch”, voice said behind my shoulder, I turned around “Amber!” I said while to hugging her “How have you been babe?” – “Good, just got back from Spain, we need to catch up” she replied. Amber is one of my closest friends , I have known her since I was 10 and we get along so well .   She was dressed to impress in a pair of jean shorts showing of her bum, heels and a sexy pink top with her boobs bursting out. I had to admit she was looking quite fly. We were getting admiring looks and even some guys were whistling . “Krissy !” we both screamed as she came with her arms open hugging us . Krissy is also one of my besties , she’s a light skinned black girl and was looking nice in denim jeans and a cute top , but not as ‘COME AND GET ME’ as Amber , if that makes sense haha. Anyway enough of introductions, we made our way towards the entrance , packed with people flowing in .

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We entered the hallway and it was filled with people, I could barely move , the three of us squeezed on , and I suddenly felt a hand squezze my bum . “Oi , if I catch you ! ” I said as I turned around, but I couldn’t see who it was in the mass of people and I was hustled along . Arghh idiots I thought to myself. We eventually reached the main hall and sat down for a boring assembly from the headmaster. Once we got out of the introductory assembly, Amber was drawn away from us chatting to a guy. Me and Krissy smiled at her signalling its alight, and we found a bench outside and sat down “What is Amber like haha, already getting chatted up”, I said. “I know right, at least 5 guys have already asked her for her number” Krissy replied. She got up and shouted at someone “Beth is that you ? Sorry Lucy I’ll be right back , I haven’t seen my friend in ages” . She was gone and I was left sitting by myself , the college was packed with people walking by and I looked round like a lost child , until I saw this cute guy sanding by a fence , I smiled . He smiled back at me, and I blushed looking down in embarrassment – pull yourself together girl I thought. I was on my phone texting Krissy to come back , but before I knew it someone sat beside me .

“Krissy what took you so lo-” , before I could finish my sentence I realised it wasn’t krissy , it was that cute guy . “No, my names Nick haha  , and I’m from the upper year , do you have a beautiful name to match your beautiful bum” he said . “Beautiful bum ? I’ve never heard that one before haha …oh wait - are you the guy that squeezed my bum in the hallway ?” I said curiously, narrowing my eyes. He smirked and replied “Haha , guilty I am, sorry I thought it was a marshmallow”.

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   I gazed into his beautiful hazel eyes and I would usually be angry but I decided to forgive him “I’ll allow you this time, but seriously a mashmallow , you need to think of a  better excuse”. “Big white and juicy like a marshmallow,  it makes sense doesn’t it , but I have to say you have the best ass on a white girl I’ve seen , and you still haven’t told me your name”. I laughed “Its Lucy”. He took my hand and pulled me up on my feet, “Come, I’ll take you on a tour of the college”.

People were going to lessons so it became quieter, and after showing me most of the buildings, Nick lead me to a spot behind the college.

It was a small enclosed are which had a couple bushes, grass and a wooden log. “Err what the hell is this place Nick?”. “The best part of the college” he said while he grabbing from behind me so his hands were on my hip. I gasped as I felt something hard between my bum , it was long and HARD . “I think that’s you phone should I get it for you ?” ,I reached behind with my hand and felt it , pulling at it …. it was at this time that I realised it wasn’t his phone . “OMG” I screamed and turned around looking down at his crouch. He had a HUGE boner! It was bulging out of this jeans and I couldn’t help but bite my lip. “Ops sorry babe  ”, he said, but before he could reply my lips where on his . Mmmmm, he wasn’t a great kisser but we just stood there for 10 minutes, kissing , his tongue overlapping mine.

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He sat me down on the log and stood in front of me, so I put my hand on his bulge and began to stroke it slowly, teasing him. “Mmm, I'm liking this, but you're gonna be bare scared when I take out this 7 inch snake !” “Scared?” I replied “Nick , stop being an idiot” . I could feel him getting harder and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled it out. “WOW” I said out loud , holding it in my hands , he looked down and smiled . It was really BIG , he wasn’t kidding it probably was 7 inches . “You like it ? Suck it babe” he said calmly. “Sorry, I don’t do that” I replied while jerking his massive rod . “Oh , that’s cool , this is fine ” , he replied while I slowing began jerking with both hands on it, then sped up working his shaft as it got harder  , “Ahhh yh”, he stopped me , “Stop babe , I bet you loe doggystyle” . I replied with a smile then  got out of my stickey cloths and threw them aside , so I only was in my bra and black thong , while he did the same looking at me with his jaw open . I was still smiling and positioned myself so my hands were resting on the wooden log and my bum was sticking up . “Dam girl , you got bootayyy !” he said and while taking off my thong . I giggled in reply to that , but giggled became sudden gasps as he spanked my bum . I loved being spanked . He played with my bum for a while , spanking it more , kissing it and licking it , and I had to admit I enjoyed it . He then spread my bum cheeks wide and he was about to start when I stopped him.

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   “Condom ! ” I said commandingly . “Oh yh sorry babe” he replied in haste .  I watched him put it on this long dick and he then spread my cheeks for the second time , putting his dick inside my wet pussy . “Ummmm , your so big ” I moaned in reaction , feeling him pumping my pussy from behind . “Ahh yh Lucy” he panted while holding my hips . My hair swang about in the action, and his legs slapped against my thights while he sped up . I moaned loudly , expressing my pleasure and was sure people across the college could hear it , but I didn’t care .
“Nick can you stop , sit down” I commanded him . He followed my orders and sat down on the log , looking at me . I straddled myself on his rock hard cock so I was facing him and he kissed my neck. “You smell sexayy  babe ! ” he said as I started riding him like a horse  . I bounced on his rod , up and down , faster and faster . “My oh my your good” he moaned “I-Im gona cum” . “Yh baby , me too ” I screamed as we both cummed , moaning with satisfaction . I got off him and lay on the soft grass, my God that was good ….

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We cleaned up and changed, he looked at me “I hope you enjoy this year at our College , I’m Nick and I have been you guide for today . That was great by the way , I think I should call you juicy Lucy” he said and winked at me , walking off . I giggled , juicy Lucy , haha its stupid but I like it , I thought , then followed him out .

“Where were you?” Krissy shouted as she saw me in the bench area “You missed our class introduction”. I smiled and replied quietly “Getting a personal tour”.
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