College Fantasy


When Charlie was a younger boy, he would always go away for a week to summer camp.   It was always a good time for him.   There was swimming, games, archery, campfires, and everything else that comes with a typical summer camp.   It was his fourth year of going to camp and he didnt know how differant it would be.  
Charlie spent the week doing everything he was used to doing while at camp.   All of the activities, the people, and all of the other things he usually enjoyed while there.   He only had a couple more days left before it was time the campers to pack up and go home.   This would also be the day he met a girl that would change his life forever.   Her name was Meredith.   She was an extremely nice, funny, and outgoing girl.   She was about 5'5 and no more than 100 pounds.   And for her size, she had naturally large breasts.   Not huge, but just that perfect size where they could be just a handful and that was just the perfect size for Charlie.   She was also a counselor and was nearly six years older than he was.   Although Meredith was shorter and thinner than Charlie was used to, he still found himself extremely attracted to her and as they began talking, they found themselves instnatly connected to one another.   The two spent the last couple of days they had together laughing and joking around, and just enjoying having one another.

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    As the last day of camp approached, they began saying there good byes and parted ways, knowing a lifelong friendship had been discovered.
The years passed by, one by one.   Charlie had been with a couple of women, some of whom he had deeply loved and cared for.   Meredith also had the same future.   Although she was at college and he was still only in high school, they kept there friendship strong and even threw in some times of flirting.   This was very interesting because they only actually spoke a couple of times and never saw each other after camp.   There only real conversations were over the internet.   It was around his first year of community college where Charlie had some problems and it was time for him to make a decision.
Charlies girlfriend had just broken up with him and he was torn apart.   Fresh into college and struggling to survive, he knew it was time for him to make a decision.   Go away to college or join the military.   He decided to apply to the same college Meredith was at and if he didnt get in, he would join the military.   Lucky for him, he got in.   It took only a matter of a week for him and Meredith to get together.   Instantly, old flames were rekindled and the attraction Charlie had forgotten about was instantly burned into the forward of his mind.

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    They spent the next couple of weeks going out and having fun together.   After a while, Charlie decided it was time to make a move that was six years in the making.  
The two went out on a date together like usual.   Just dinner and laughing and having fun.   Charlie walked Meredith up to her dorm and walked her to her door.   Meredith invited him in just to hang out for a little while longer.   Of course Charlie took the invite and decided this would be the time to make his move.   As the door closed behind him, Charlie grabbed Meredith by the arm and slowly turned her around and faced her.   There eyes gazed into each other, and they began to slowly lean in to one another and there lips soon met.   The two engaged in a long, passionate kiss.   A kiss they could both tell was long in the making.  
The couple began kissing faster and faster with more and more passion.   There tongues collided with another.   There kisses wet and rough.   They began taking eachothers clothes off.

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    Charlie reached down around Meredith's waist and grabbed her shirt and threw it up over her head, along with her bra.   He cupped her breasts in his hands and slowly began kissing her neck and chest.   Meredith grabbed Charlie by the head and pulled him up to her and threw off his shirt.   They kissed again and Charlie went back to her chest and began kissing her soft, full breasts.   Those breasts he had thought about for 6 long years.   He took her small, pink nipple and placed his tongue around it.   He swirled it around and sucked on it and listened as Meredith moaned his name and forced his mouth on her breasts.   He layed her down on the bed and kissed her stomach.
As he reached her waistline he began to unbutton and unzip her pants while still kissing her stomach.   He pulled her toward him and slowly pulled off her pants, exposing her true, naked beauty.   He stared in awe at her full, shaven, perfect naked body.   It was the most perfect thing he had seen.   Charlie began to kiss her legs and inner thighs, slowly working his way up to her soft, wet, pink treasure.   He began to kiss and lick her pussy all over.   He worked his way around her clit and up and down her lips.

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    Meredith moaned and begged for more.   He kept going on and listening to her moan and tasting her sweet juices.   All of the sudden, she grabbed his head and held it in one spot as her back arched and she lost her breath.   She screamed "oh fuck!" as she came all over his mouth.   As she caught her breath she looked at him and said "my turn".
Charlie layed down on the bed and she ripped his pants off as fast as she could. She kissed him all around his cock.   All the way up and down his long hard shaft.   As she kissed his cock he begged her to take it in her mouth.   Meredith obliged the request and stuck all of his cock in her mouth.   As she did, she swirled her tongue all over the head of his cock and he could feel all of the wetness and warmth from her mouth.   He had never gotten such amazing head and couldnt believe how good it felt.   Meredith continued to suck on his cock and stroke his shaft as her mouth went up and down on his head.  
After becoming harder then he had ever been before, he grabbed Meredith by the head and pulled her up to him.   Charlie spread her legs over him and positioned his cock at the entry point of her dripping pussy.

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    He slowly entered her, feeling every soft inch of her depths.   They both let out a gasp as they felt each others most intimate parts connect.   They slowly rocked together, feeling his cock go in and out of her as she rode him.   Charlie just starred at how beautiful Meredith was.   Her full breasts bouncing in his face.   He took one of them into his mouth and she let out a gasp as his cock hit her g-spot and his tongue grazed her extremely sensitive nipple.   Meredith rode his cock for what seemed like forever.   After so long, she couldn't take it anymore.   She stoped, looked at Charlie and sad "get on top of me and pound me!".  
They switched positions and he inserted his member into her still dripping wet pussy.   He began pounding his cock as deep as he could it would go into her hot hole.   He pounded as hard, deep, and fast as he could.   Meredith moaned and screamed in his ear, begging him to keep going.   They went like crazy animals, moaning and screaming.   After they had been going for hours of sexual intamacy, Charlie felt his member about to explode.

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    As he realized this, Meredith screamed at him "don't stop!  I'm going to cummm!".   They kept going until they both surged into one another, both having an orgasm together.  
As Charlie filled Meredith with his juice, they collapsed on one another.   They layed in bed together, panting and going over what had just happened.   As they layed there and looked at one another, all they knew was that the rest of the semester was going to be very interesting.
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