Comforting Devie


I walked onto the screened in back porch of our home and went down the steps into my room in the basement. I opened the door and sitting on my bed was Darrin’s 12 year old sister, Devra. She had her head in her hands and was sobbing so hard that she was visibly shaking. “Devie, what’s wrong”, I asked. She jumped like I had shot her, and began wiping her eyes. “I’m sorry Mike”, she blurted, “I just wanted to be alone, and your room was the only place I could find”. She covered her eyes and started crying again. I hate to see my sisters cry and standing there with her sobbing was breaking my heart. I put down my school stuff and walked over to the bed and sat down. She looked up at me and tried to smile but couldn’t quite make it happen. On instinct I reached out and pulled her to me, holding her close to my chest and letting her cry all she wanted. She felt so small in my arms, except for her height she didn’t look like a 6th grader. Devie has long, straight, brown hair that hangs to just above her butt and the most expressive brown eyes I have ever seen. She is so slight of build that she could easily pass for a tall 4th grader. I held her close to me without squeezing too tight, afraid that I might break her if I did. As I said earlier, I was very shy around girls, but this felt so natural and I could visualize myself holding several of the girls in my class like this.

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   My shirt front was soon soaked with her hot tears and I could feel them running down my chest. I stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head, and was overwhelmed by the wonderful smell of her. I looked down and her skirt had ridden up to mid thigh. I let out a audible moan as my cock jumped in my shorts and began to harden. I couldn’t believe the feelings holding this little thing was causing in me. “No! It’s wrong”, I tried to tell myself, willing my half hard dick to disappear. I noticed that her sobbing had all but stopped. I looked down and her eyes were closed and she was breathing deeply. Damn, I had put her to sleep. Picking her up I laid her out on my bed. Doing this had caused her skirt to ride up, exposing the little pink panties she was wearing. My dick jumped in my pants again. I reached up and pulled her skirt down, my hands grazing her panties and thighs as I did. I turned, ran to my bathroom and beat my meat for all it was worth. “Wow”, I thought to myself, “I accomplished a lot of first today, held a girl close, kissed a girl,(even though it was the top of her head), and touched a girls panties”.

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   I could almost die happy. I cleaned myself up and headed up stairs to find out what was making Devra so upset and number one on my list, what was for supper. Mom was standing at the stove frying chicken when I walked in. She looked up and I could tell she had been crying also. “Mike sit down, we need to talk”, she softly said. We sat at the kitchen table and she told me how Coach Shay had passed out in the shower this morning and been rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He wasn’t expected to live 6 months. Devra and her little brother would be staying with us for awhile and Darrin would be staying at their house to take care of things while their mother stayed at the hospital with their dad. Now I understood what was wrong with Devra. I told Mom about her being asleep on my bed and went off to call Darrin and try to be there for him. At nine Devie was still sleeping in my bed, so Mom told me to set up my roll-away and sleep on it. After setting it up I grabbed a clean pair of sleep shorts and headed for my shower. I was just getting lathered up when the door opened a crack and Devie stuck her head in asking if she could use the toilet. “Sure, just don’t flush and cause me to get scalded”, I replied. I heard her giggle and tell me not to worry she wouldn’t.

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   I couldn’t help myself as I watched her through the crack in the curtain, lift her skirt and pull her panties down. I couldn’t see anything else but could hear her pee splashing into the toilet. “Hey”, I yelled, “Who let the cow in here?” “What?”, she asked. “Well it sounds like a cow peeing on a flat rock out there”. I replied. “Very funny” she said with a laugh as I watched her wipe herself , pull up her panties and go out the door. I got out of the shower, dried myself and shaved off the three hairs that always seemed to be growing on my chin and went out into my room expecting her to have gone upstairs to sleep in my sisters room. No such luck. She had changed into some short pjs and climbed right back into my bed. “Oh well” I thought, “its just for tonite”. I set my alarm and crawled onto the roll-away, ready for some sleep. I was just about to doze off when I heard Devie call my name. “Mike, are you awake”?“Almost”, I said. “I’m scared, will you come over here with me for awhile”? I got up, walked over to my bed and sat on the edge. “Don’t worry Devie, everything will be alright”, I told her, “I will be right here”.

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   She grabbed my arm and held on for dear life. I just sat on the edge of the bed nodding off. Awhile later I heard a soft voice ask, “Will you hold me like you did this afternoon”? She pulled my arm until I was laying behind her with my arms around her chest. She squirmed around trying to get comfortable unconciously rubbing her nylon clad butt against my ever hardening dick. I was in both heaven and hell with her doing that. Here I was in bed with a girl who only wanted to be comforted and all my dick wanted was comfort of another kind. After I heard her breathing slow, I drifted into a fitful sleep, with dreams of cute girls rubbing my cock. Then it happened, I had a wet dream and came all over the front of my shorts and some of it seeped onto her butt causing a big wet spot. I unwrapped myself from her and headed for the bathroom to clean up and try to figure out how I was going to wipe off her bottom without her knowing I was doing it. I took a damp rag and tried to rub the spot but everytime I rubbed she would push her little butt back against the rag and I was afraid I was going to wake her up. Finally I gave up and hoped that it would dry on its own and not leave a sticky mess for her to find. Now I had a choice to make, should I crawl back into bed with her in case she woke up and discovered me gone, or as embarrassed as I was, should I get on the other bed. My little head won out over my big head and I crawled back into bed behind her and let her snuggle back against me again. I slept that way the rest of the nite until my alarm went off and woke both of us up. She rolled over and with an embarrassed smile on her face, leaned up and kissed me softly on the lips and told me thankyou for keeping her safe.

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   What an idiot I felt like. I had rubbed myself off on this innocent little girls bottom and enjoyed it immensely and here she was thanking me for it. No way was I or am I today big in the dick department, but the tent in my shorts at that time looked huge to me and I had to pee really bad. How was I ever going to get to the bathroom with her not noticing it. She solved the problem by jumping up, saying she had to pee and running to the bathroom ahead of me. It seemed like she took forever and a couple of potted plants in the room were beginning to look real good as toilets when she finally came out fully dressed and headed up stairs. I stepped in and released a stream that seemed to go on and on. When I finished and turned around there on the floor where the little pink panties she had on yesterday and her short jammies. I bent over and picked them up. I had never touched a pair of panties that had been worn by a girl and these intrigued me. I turned them inside out and looked at the little cotton crotch that had so recently been snug against Devie’s pussy. I slowly raised them to my nose and inhaled. Oh they smelled so good. An aroma that I had never had the pleasure of smelling, but a smell that was immediately familiar to me. Something told me to stick out my tongue and touch it to the fabric.

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   I was hooked. Nothing ever tasted so delicious to me. I stole those panties and hid them in the back of one of my drawers, knowing that they would be a part of many jackoff sessions. I dressed and went upstairs ready to start the day and trying to figure out how I was going to be able to survive with Devra staying with us for awhile. I wanted her to be mine but had no idea of how to go about making her mine. I know the first part of this story doesn’t have much sexual content but it is just the setup to the story. Let me know if I should continue or give up. .